[UPDATE: Safe!] Trapped Hikers and Their Rescuers Trying to Fight Their Way to Safety

Rescuers and the couple trapped at the Devil’s Punchbowl in Del Norte County have changed plans. Because of the incoming storm, the decision was made to break camp and hike through the dark and the snow to the trailhead, explained Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department.

On Tuesday, the couple notified law enforcement that snow had trapped them in a remote location of northeastern Del Norte County. On Wednesday attempts were made to save the couple by helicopter but poor weather conditions halted the operation. Today a six man crew hiked into the area bringing in supplies. Because it had taken so long to hike in, the first plan was to make camp. However, due to the incoming storm, the six rescuers and the hikers are headed out tonight. The hope was that they would be in to the trailhead by 11 p.m. As of 11:18 p.m., we have not heard that they have arrived.

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UPDATE 8:37 a.m.: All parties made it out as of 10:30 last night!



  • I’m praying really hard.6 rescuers,plus the couple will be home soon!!we have the best emergency crews anywhere!!God bless you all

    • They’ll be fine.

    • Perhaps you can explain to me, a non-believer, how you think praying works. Let’s assume that God exists and is omniscient. That means (s)he already knows about the situation (and everything else). In God’s mind, those people are or are not deserving of being rescued. Prayers, especially those of strangers, won’t change that, will they? Does the survival of these people really hinge on how many people ask God to save them? Or is it that God is NOT omniscient and has to be informed of these things? I’ve always been curious what’s going through the mind of people who pray; perhaps you can enlighten me.

  • There is an interesting book I have titled “Missing 411 The Devil’s in the Detail” by author David Paulides, the subject matter gets into cases of lost and missing people under mysterious circumstances in or around areas coined with the word “devil” in it and many times search and rescue team efforts are inhibited by bad weather plus other strange anomalies. California is a hot spot with many clusters of these types of cases and I have heard the author mention of a possible community of minors that mysteriously disappeared out the Gasquet area if I’m not mistaken, now Im not saying this is one of those cases but the recipe could be there, I would like to share this information with our communities because there are so many of these types of cases in our ares and many go cold and if our local authorities can’t take action then we should, positive prayers and good vibes for this planet and those involved in this serious situation

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Devil’s lettuce is a cause, but serpentine in the water doesn’t help.
      Look how long it took Josh Lacey to get justice.

    • David Paulides is a also a very serious bigfoot enthusiast. Check out his web site (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/home.html). He published two books on bigfoot, one of which is called The Hoopa Project, which I have read and is pretty entertaining. He’s now retired from his research on bigfoot because he claims to have proven that bigfoot exists. His theory is that bigfoot is not an animal but a reclusive tribe of humans.
      Another interesting Paulides fact is that he was an Officer with the San Jose Police Department until 1996. He was charged and indicted for a misdemeanor crime that involved falsely obtaining autographs while fraudulently misrepresenting his position within the police department. His tenure fell short of the requisite 20 years required to retire and he was forced to leave with only 16.5 years. His last duty assignment was in the Court Liaison Office. Most likely he left voluntarily in lieu of being prosecuted and given an option to quit.

    • The only mystery involved in this case is the mystery of the missing common sense.

  • What a tremendous effort on the part of the rescue workers. I expect once these people are recovered they will offer a voluntary donation to help cover the cost of their rescue?

  • any updates?

  • In the best of weather, the Devil’s Punchbowl hike is harsh. To do that hike at this time of the year is just plain foolish. I’ve hiked to this lake many, many times, and it is not for the faint of heart. Glad they are ok, but I hope they learned a lesson. The Wilderness is unforgiving to those without a clue.

  • Yay their safe.thats what matters most!!God Bless our emergency crews,you are the best

  • G-ma they made it out? I haven’t heard any reports

  • It says at the bottom of the story.thank god right.good out come

  • g-ma got it! 😉 now lets focus on this shroom hunter and hope we get the same outcome

    • I agree so much.please everyone be careful out their!!let’s find the mushroom picker soon,it’s cold out with a new storm!!

  • Thank god she’s safe!!!

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