7.2 Quake in Nicaragua; No Tsunami Threat for Our Coastline

map of 7.2 quakeAlthough a tsunami warning has been issued near Nicaragua following a 7.2 quake off the coast there, our state does not need to be concerned according to the Office of Emergency Services. The agency tweeted there was no tsunami warning for California. The quake struck at 10:43 a.m. our time. Details are still coming in and it isn’t know what damage has occurred.



  • Damn Chinese, diggin’ in our continent.

  • 7.2 is pretty significant. Bet their third world infrastructure took a hit from that one. Good luck folks.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Suspicious Observer’s on YouTube have shown an uncanny ability to predict quakes, region specific.

    This movement began with New Zealand, bounced around, and the Eureka quake was hand in hand with Nicaragua.

    Check the site out.

  • Seems like there have been a lot of large earthquakes in the last few months: New Zealand, Italy, Japan, etc. Something going on?

    • Yes, it’s called plate tectonics.

      • Ah. Yeah. Got that, Jack. Thanks.
        What I am asking is: If there is a recent pattern of large earthquakes, what could be causing the increase of intensity and frequency?

        • Shift happens!

          The folks who study the san andreas fault have been giving warnings of lots of movement at the southern end of the fault over the last few months.
          More than usual i should say. Lots of conjecture on whether its releasing pressure or building to a big snap.

          If they knew in advance for sure when a big one was gonna hit they wouldnt be able to publicly say so as it would cause chaos. They do have a 10 second warning system tho, enough to get to a hopefully safe space. New zealand, japan, argentina, now this makes me think we’re gonna have a 7.something soon too.

          Be prepared! There are so many good things online to help, from govt agencies to folks who wrote what they learned after going through a big natural disaster. Being prepared can help take the fear out. I learned to keep a watch and paper maps in my kit, good chance cels wont work at least for a little while, and shoes under/near the bed in case of broken glass in the house.

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          Solar plasma…

        • There’s no way we can fracking know that! Oh, wait…

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