[UPDATE 9:13 a.m.]Snow in the Mountains

6 " of snow

[All images by Polly Kinsinger]

Snow fell in the mountains of eastern Humboldt and western Trinity last night. Some places are reporting 6 inches when only a half inch had been predicted.

This was only in the highest mountains though. Hwy 299 is unaffected. [See update below]

According to a Facebook post put up by the National Weather Service here in Eureka around 6 a.m.,

Snow levels have fallen to around 3000 feet and snow is now falling on highway 36 over South Fork Mountain and other high elevation locations in southern Trinity County. Chain requirements have been issued by Caltrans over the passes on highway 36. Some snow accumulation is also expected in other high elevation areas of Northwest California, but snow is not expected to impacted other numbered highways outside of Trinity County. Snow showers will diminish later this morning. If you are traveling this morning, use the forecast to make travel plans and check road conditions with Caltrans before venturing out.

Did you get wild weather where you are? Snow, rain, or wind—Mother Nature got a bit crazy and used most of the tricks in her bag somewhere in Humboldt last night. Please share a photo with us if you have one.

6 " of snow img_20161123_072253746UPDATE_hdrUPDATE 9:13 a.m.: Caltrans is warning, “We’ve got signs up on Route 299 at Berry Summit advising motorists to watch for snow! Slow down and be aware that the road may be icy.”



  • That thunder this morning sure shook my house (Eureka)! The wind and rain was crazy up until about 7:00 am.

  • long live marijuana farmers!

    beautiful pics, as always. the top one really captures the stoic and statuesque power of a trusty SDR model ruler, standing strong in all its regal glory against the most crippling elements of torture our humble hills can deliver innocent victims. but whats that? clearly an orange extension cord in one of the pics? and an irrigation line? those proove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an indoor non-bio-diesel powered chemically manufactured bootleg marijuana operation and an extremely dangerous drug processing lab must be nearby. i was going to praise such simple beauty in photography, only to be punched in the face with pirate politics. happy wet wednesday!

    • What in the world are you smoking?

    • I met a person this one time that used an extension cord to plug in a strip of heat tape at the top of her well before the line went underground. Or she was running an illegal chemical plant in her yard. Hard sayin not knowin…

    • I can tell by your infallible powers of detection you must be some kind of drug task force chief or at least a CIA operative. What you see there is a 14 gage household extension cord that may even be industrial enough to carry enough power for a refrigerator. Definitely a few household lights at least. Under it is a 3/4 inch poly water line. With a doozy like that not only would you have drinking water in your cabin and water for dishes but these people might even be able to do laundry. When is law enforcement gonna put a stop to this? What are my tax dollars paying for anyway???

      • i heard …
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  • Beutifull! Thanks!
    Wishing everyone a early happy thanksgiving, be safe out there and hug your loved ones.

  • Came over South Fork ridge down to the ranch last night, heaviest snow I ever saw. Zero vis, even at 5mph went off the road several times with a full last load of supplies for winter including 5 leaking gas cans with no relief from the sloshing fumes. It was a hoot.

  • Thunder scared the crap out of me.their were dozens of hits in Humboldt.That snow is most awsome looking.so clean and refreshing.be careful please,while driving so you can enjoy your Holiday.Please hug your loved ones,and please pray for the family’s who have lost their children this past couple of days Bless you all

  • G-ma your so nice the world needs more people like you!

  • Looks like a broken benchseat heater to me. Nice pics and we need the snow.

  • My dog and I were scared to death this morning around 3 am. We held each other tight. Loudest thunder I have ever heard. There is still a pile of hail at the bottom of our downspout that hasn’t melted yet! Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone!

  • If you know someone who stubbornly has to get their Christmas Tree every year on South Fork Mountain no matter what, talk them out of it this year. Some yahoo will lay tracks with a monster truck and it will be a clusterf#ck trap. Locals are getting out tomorrow so there will be none of us to yank you out like the day after t-day 2011…and this year it will be several days of blizzard you will be stuck in.

  • We have friends in Mad River, just down the road a few miles from the clinic!!! They called this morning to say they got their first snow of the year also!!! IIRC the last time we had an La Nina weather pattern it was an unusually cold & snowy Winter that year!!! Hoping my recall is faulty!!!

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