Accident Temporarily Closed 101 Southbound

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA multi-vehicle accident shut down the southbound lanes of Hwy 101 near Trinidad just before 6 p.m. today. As of 6:45 p.m. one southbound lane has been opened back up. The California Highway Patrol Incident page states that three people were injured in the accident but all are up and walking.



  • I drove through this right around 6pm, there was a school bus, a regular city looking bus, and 5 or so vehicles involved. Plus 4 or 5 police vehicles, a firetruck, and a tow truck. Looked like the damage was not too bad but traffic going southbound was a MESS.

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  • G-ma
    Anybody who loves kids and dogs has to be great, but there is a large part of humanity that doesn’t deserve your love. You are an interesting person and I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving!

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