In Yesterday’s Shooting in Ukiah, Resident Who Claims Self-Defense in Shooting Transient Arrested

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. Please remember that all persons are presumed innocent unless proven guilty:

 On 11-21-2016 around 11:20 hours the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch received several calls of “shooting in the area” and one call from a male who identified himself as Steven Ryan.  Ryan advised that he’d just shot a person near his residence in self defense.  Officers from the Ukiah Police Department and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and ambulance personnel responded to the scene, located in the 220 Block of East Perkins Street in Ukiah.  At that location a 20 year old male victim was located deceased in the driveway, from what appeared to be one or more gunshot wounds.

Steven Ryan was detained for questioning by responding Officers and the Sheriff’s Detective Unit was called to the scene.  The location is a large rural property owned by a local vineyard with numerous rental houses and apartments on the property.  During the investigation it was learned the Suspect Steven Ryan lives in one of the rental houses.  Ryan and the victim got into in a verbal argument over a possible trespass situation after the victim was seen rummaging through a waste disposal bin on the property.  Both parties may have approached each other where numerous shots were fired by Ryan with the victim being struck by one or more rounds from a large caliber handgun.

Ryan, who had initially been one of the callers to report the incident, claimed the shooting was in self defense.  The investigation led Detectives to believe the shooting may not have met the criteria of a “justified or self defense” shooting.  Ryan was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on an open charge of murder.  His bail will be set at $500,000.

An autopsy is currently being scheduled to determine the exact cause of death and or the full extent of the victim’s injuries.



  • If it’s okay to shoot someone over a verbal argument….half the people I associate with would be dead.

  • Shot the guy for going through his TRASH BIN? What was he storing in there that he had to kill to defend? Lock him up in the depths of San Quentin.

  • One RD to mame would be enough not several shots . Dont mess with the garbage man.

  • This is total bullshit!!! so now we have to let the bums rummage threw our shit ? i hope he walks free…

    • Wow! TC wants a law that allows people to execute anyone removing cans or plastic from a garbage can; justifying the execution of a 20 year old. You’re as clueless as the idiot who thinks he has the legal right to use deadly force to defend garbage! Maybe you can become pen pals in San Quentin.

      • Easy, M, I think he just wants it de-criminalized. Lol. Besides, it was probably more about him having uninvited guests trespassing on his property and making a mess and from the looks of it, refused to leave. But still…

      • We don’t really know the whole story here. I hope, by the fact that the shooter was charged, that it was a hothead with a gun overreacting, and not a citizen who felt threatened.

    • Stealing recyclables from a trash can is a rarely prosecuted misdemeanor. And you think the shooter should walk free?!? We don’t have “stand your ground” defense here. Move to Florida, clown, and shoot anyone you want.

  • Have another glass of wine, 50 caliber?

  • My advice to Mr. Ryan. Call Marci Kitchen’s attorney immediately! You’re going to skate like Kristi Yamaguchi.

  • 800 Pound Gorilla

    Thought this sort of stuff only happened in the evil weed industry. Wait, it’s already spreading to the wine industry. Quick we’d better devise regulatory action and implement a cultivation tax

  • You never know what happened the guy could have easily been coming at him in a threatening manner. So what he’s supposed to wait to get the shit beat out of him or even worse stabbed or some shit like that before he fired at him? These bum’s now day’s carry all kinds of weapons and dieses!! Two to the chest one to the head is a lot better than dead as long as your the holding the gun.

  • You liberal critics are so fast to defend the “poor down trodden” and accuse the person using the gun for personal defense and number one enemy of the world. Why not place yourself in Ryan’s shoes and see what your pathetic cure is . Gonna blow a whistle to scare him off like you do for bars and lions? How about just let the bum attack you and beat you up just for the fun of it? Invite the bum inside for some mushroom soup and a suck on the bong?
    No one knows the full extend of what happened so stop attacking Ryan and wait for the facts.
    You people are losers!!!!

  • He was a good kid who was down on his luck. Think about his family, nobody deserved to be shot several times for rummaging through garbage. Why did he go inside grab his gun, go back out and confront him instead of calling 911?? It’s disgusting to defend the murderer without any compassion for the young man killed.

    • His name is Deshaun Christopher Davis. He was not homeless. He was born and have relatives in Ukiah including his grandfather. His mother and younger brother and sister live in Clear Lake. His mother is married to my nephew. His 2 younger siblings are my biological niece and nephew. My brother and his wife and the younger children’s father has just arrived in California to be with their devastated grandchildren. Deshaun was probably looking through the dumpster for cans and recyclables to go to Clear Lake. I cannot believe that this young man was murdered over freaking garbage. It can’t possibly be that serious to kill somebody over. If you thought you were in any kind of danger, go back in your house and call the police!

      • thank u. this is dashawns Auntie Tonnetta . ive been on every blog and lots of people are saying the same thing that he was a threat. my nephew was not a violent person.and if he said anything it was to tell the man wat he was doing and why. and if he was approached with a visible weapon he would have asked for his life or ran. so i wonder did he even have time to speak since he’s not here to say anything.. rip nephew. will miss u. auntie Tonnetta..😇😥😙

        • My condolences to you and your family. I met Deshaun when he was about 5 years old. I lived in California 25 years. I have always seen people of many races going through dumpsters and garbage cans looking for cans and recyclables to sell for money. The garbage cans and dumpsters are owned by the city. There is no justification for killing this young man, none! He has a younger sister and brother and his mother who are devastated by his death. Whoever would have thought you could die over trash? In this most political climate of hate with this election, one would have to wonder if this was a hate crime. Deshaun is a young black man and the killer is white. If he felt threatened,he was home. Real simple close the door and call the police.

        • I am so sorry for your loss, positive energy to you and your family.

        • Hi Tonetta and all family and friends of De’Shaun, I live in Mendo county on the coast and feel so sorry for your loss. I would like to support you in some way, including I am contacting lawyer friends in the Bay Area for advice or more. I hope you will contact me,

        • I am So sorry for your loss. I saw De’Shaun’s photo on another blog and he had a beautiful smile. I know he will be missed. I am praying for justice and peace for your family.

  • Typical 2nd Amendment nut. I believe in the 2nd amendment too, unfortunately there are many physically weak, but heavily armed dominant males who use the 2nd amendment and handguns as backup when they decide they are “right” in a disagreement, many of these young or old dominant males will escalate a situation they would normally “let go” especially if they are armed with a 45 caliber handgun, expect to see more of this kind of violence and male aggression as Trump gives many Americans the idea that we need to “just get them out of here”…. would this violence had escalated had there been no weapon in this mans hand??? Send him to San Quentin, he can then try his violence unarmed against other inmates. It is always the weakest among us who draw a gun at a fist fight, the first warning someone has a gun is when a small little guy keeps acting tough and pushing his male aggression and violence… be careful folks, these are dangerous times being inflamed by a racist and violence spewing president elect… the world is more dangerous than ever before

  • Details emerge, Press Democrat,
    “A 62-year-old Ukiah resident shot and killed a homeless man digging through a dumpster near his rental home and then called 911, claiming he fired his gun in self-defense, Mendocino County sheriff’s officials said Tuesday.

    Despite those claims, Steven Ryan was being booked on suspicion of murder in lieu of $500,000 bail at the Mendocino County Jail after investigators have found no evidence the unarmed 20-year-old transient man posed a threat during the encounter, Lt. Shannon Barney said.

    “He claims self-defense, and our opinion is that self-defense doesn’t apply,” Barney said.

    The deceased man’s name was being withheld while officials notify his family, Barney said.

    Monday from the vineyard property on the 220 block of East Perkins Street just beyond city limits to the east of Highway 101. Ryan rented one of several small homes on the property and had no involvement in the grape-growing operation, the lieutenant said.

    Ryan reportedly saw the 20-year-old man looking in a dumpster used by the vineyard near the rental housing on a large dirt driveway and yelled for the younger man to “get off the property,” Barney said.

    “They walk toward each other, then a shooting occurs,” Barney said.

    Detectives estimate Ryan fired his gun multiple times while standing about 40 feet from the homeless man. The younger man was struck several times and was found slain in the gravel driveway, Barney said.

    The precise number of shots fired would be determined during an autopsy, tentatively scheduled for later this week, Barney said. Barney said the area around the vineyard property has a known homeless population. He said he didn’t believe the men knew each other. Neither man had significant prior contacts with law enforcement, Barney said.

    “It was not a clear-cut self-defense case,” Barney said. “People do have the right to defend themselves in some circumstances. We will include all his statements in our report, and ultimately the District Attorney will decide” how to prosecute the case.”

    Looks like the old geezer walked out with a loaded gun in his hand ready to be judge, jury and executioner of this 20 year old kid.. stick him in San Quentin and throw away the key, Ukiah is full of these 2nd amendment aggressive old republicans…. why did he aggressively confront the kid with a gun, it’s obvious; so he could shoot him and claim self defense. THROW AWAY THE KEY…

    • I am a republican whom fully believes in my 2nd amendment rights. But, I also believe this man shot an innocent kid hoping to find a few bottles or cans for recycling. Your comments at the end of your post are judging every republican and that makes you no better than the man that pulled the trigger in this case!

  • Seems a little got 20 comments and not a one looking for why.this guy wouldn’t have called 911 if he didn’t feel he was somewhat what does the law say?”people do have the right to defend themselves in some circumstances”.just what are those circumstances?the old guy obviously got it wrong.I’m not clear.what are those circumstances?

  • The old guy couldn’t see, has dementia, and slipped off his medicine, probably thought he was back in Vietnam, who knows , sounds like he just needs some mental help,nor cal local try to be a little more positive

  • Sorry ,you seem to miss the point. It’s not whether the old guy was a whako or not.It seems like he was misinformed…self defense. I believe a person should have the right to defend themselves.The question is how to do that in California without going to jail.It should be commen knowledge.Otherwise it seems like a setup for this kind of thing happening over and again.
    All that said..what is the law…for outside the home?

    • One day I found two raccoons that had gotten stuck in the dumpster and couldn’t get out .So I put a long board inside so they could get out and I left. If I had a gun that day, I may have shot them . One thing for sure I would not have gotten down inside the dumpster.. But with a gun in your hand you just want to f*** something up.
      When I was a child I had a BB gun and I used to shoot birds for fun . Then I got older and understand the value of life & living things and the stupidity of that act. Timing is everything and right now that’s too much hate in the air.
      I have read a lot of just jacked up comments from some people that just want to talk but I knew De Saun . The saddest of the matter is that man can find peace and comfort in laws and amendments to carry out foolishness and selfishness with no love for Humanity.

  • De’Shaun Davis did not deserve to die. The man who murdered him needs to be held accountable for his actions. We need to make sure that there is justice. I am So sorry that a young Black man can be murdered in our county for no reason. This is a tragedy.

  • Wow pretty crazy down that way by Ukiah. First lady gets shot dead for stealing a car. Sounds like she was brandishing a weapon so she brought that on herself I guess. A son shoots his father and his brother in the middle of 101 leaves the father dead in the brother dying. I drove past there wondered what the hell was going on now here’s a guy shooting somebody for going through his garbage. To constitute the right to shoot somebody they have to be threatening your life and if you have the ability to get away then you did not need to shoot the person. If that guy didn’t have a gun the shooters going to prison. Come on Ukiah you can do better than this

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