Hash Lab Raided in Rio Dell, Say Police

This is a release from the Rio Dell Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Rio Dell insigniaOn the evening of November 21, 2016 Officers from the Rio Dell Police Department conducted a probation search in the 300 block of Wildwood Avenue. Officers recovered marijuana, and multiple items used for manufacturing hash oil including; butane, glassware, and concentrated cannabis. Raymond Phillips (31 of Rio Dell), and Holly Upshaw (33 of Rio Dell) were arrested for operating a drug house, and manufacturing hash oil. Officers conducted the probation search based on complaints from local residents regarding excessive traffic in and out of the residence, and observations by officers of known drug users frequenting the location. This is all the information being released at this time regarding this investigation.

“If you suspect that there is hash lab or other drug activity going on in a neighboring residence, please contact the Police Department.” Police Chief Graham Hill urged residents.



  • Well done RDPD!!

  • Again with pot really work just a little harder graham I know you are a good cop ,and you know as well as I do there is a hell of lot more meth ,and heroin houses in REO . ,and you know who were , and how long they be peddling this poisen .in your town . be the first to drive it out of REO ,but you have a ruff roard to hoe .that’s when you look the other way to long well Graham be a great cop show the other police chiefs how Its done go all Buford pusser on them it is a small town .,leave the pot alone lot bigger fish put there shoot when. I was Running amok in REO back in mid 90s you guys were up my ass ,all I was was doing was trying to get laid . . again graham you know what you got to do .this last bust quote un quote. Watch the show cops they can show u what to do

  • Rio dell is full of drugs , low life system suckers , I feel sorry for you people that work everyday and have to live there , may you get out of that cesspool fast

    • Most towns and cities today are full of drugs, not just Rio Dell. Most of the people who live here are not “low life system suckers”, and do not “have” to live here but choose to. What “cesspool” in Humboldt county do you reside in? You might want to learn something about your own town or neighborhood before you degrade someone else’s. A few bad citizens does not represent an entire town.

  • People choose what they want if it is drugs, no matter where you live it is everywhere,my son and daughter in-law live there and they don’t have any problems!! The police are doing their best its just scumbags that want there fix ,and yes they will find it any where, not the towns fault.

  • All in all many have never been in a third world country we have it easy here what many don’t realize, when it comes to people’s safety these volatile house explosions are great concern to the safety of the public in general. You could be on the up and up and still be included in the barbeque , I’d rather go out in a different fashion than that if i had it my way. I don’t believe people have a right to put other neighbors safety in jeopardy. That tells me the people have no respect for the community , people, or there so far are inbred to care!

  • We just need the feds to come into rio dell and clean up the weed and hash and this place would become a nice little town again. I WILL PUT IN A CALL TO A GOOD FRIEND, your welcome shitty

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    If one of these hash labs in Rio pops off a meth lab, the chain reaction of nearby meth and hash labs could create something similar to Meteor Crater in Arizona.

    This might not be a terrible strategy with weed moving to Central Valley, because tourists could visit the crater and see tweaks in a caged, zoo like setting.

    Maybe it’s better to convert Rio into a crater for future tourism?

    It kinda sucks anyway, if it’s worth something in the future then it should be discussed and worked out.

    Visit Rio Crater! One mile deep and toxic as a melted nuke plant!

    That slogan and accompanied setting might save post weed Humboldt.

  • Rio Dell has the lowest crime rate of Humboldt, and has some of the friendliest officers. Graham is always willing to chat, and I’ve had the other officers stop and offer me assistance doing simple things like unloading my motorcycle off my truck. Yes, I’ve been pulled over for petty things, but I know it’s a screening process to get the undesirables out (in both my cases, it was always smiles and waves; where my experience from Eureka PD is a bit more gruff and accusatory).
    They’ve done a lot to change Rio Dell around, and I applaud and will support them in any way I can!

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