[UPDATE] Car Crashed Into Garberville Motel

A car crashed into the Humboldt Redwood Inn on the south end of Garberville at approximately 2:36 pm. The Toyota Sequoia smashed through a window and a door before coming to rest.

Below are photos from Shanda Centeno.
Car into building 20161121_144832

UPDATE from the CHP:

On 11/21/2016 at approximately 1430 hours, a 2002 Toyota Sequoia, driven by See Yee Xiong [age 63 of Fresno] was traveling northbound on US-101 south of Garberville, CA. While exiting the freeway, Xiong failed to negotiate the off-ramp and allowed the Toyota to run off the east roadway edge, travel through a group of bushes and collide with the Humboldt Redwood Inn, 987 Redwood Dr. Garberville, CA 95542. The Toyota came to rest against the Office and Room #3 of the Inn. The driver was momentarily trapped in the Toyota but eventually he was able to exit the Toyota of his own free will.

As a result of this collision, Xiong sustained minor injuries and was transported to Jerold Phelps Community Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Alcohol and/or drugs do not appear to be a factor and this collision is currently under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office.

Aftermath of the accident

[Photo by Tim Teats]

Car into motel

Aftermath of the accident. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • “I’d like 6 hamburgers and 6 Cokes.”

    “You want fries with that?”

  • Has anyone ever rented a room here? I have tried for years calling, knocking on the door, and reserving a room on the internet and I’ve never gotten a response. I need to stay in town sometimes and I thought it was probably the cleanest hotel there, but no one ever answers. Is this a cover business?

    • They are open. Tou have to call after 3 or 4 pm. And no its not a front. Nan is rolling over in her grave just for the thought

    • They don’t open until 5 pm I think

    • Seriously it’s a dump !!! Honestly the bestwestern is as good as it gets in town….and even then it’s nothing to get excited about

    • Nancy: I’ve tried a couple places up there, and the Best Western is the one I recommend: Quiet (in back) decent hot breakfast (free) and afternoon wine and snacks (also free) hot tub (clean) the mattresses are comfy, and the wi-fi works. The House-keepping staff are particularly helpful.
      I joined the BW “points” club, and there’s a decent discount for on-line reservations.
      I’ve had some bizarre experiences staying overnight in the area (although never as radical as this) and BW has been consistently A-OK. af

  • Dude, it’s legal now. We can do it public.

    Did you see how that building jumped in front of us?

    No way, that was dope…

  • Accelerator pedel got stuck?

    • Doubt it. This guy might just be another person driving too fast for his/her abilities and/or the vehicle’s limitations. All the high center of gravity SUVs and pickups that try and take turns too fast end up wrecked. That’s physics, folks.

  • It won’t be a bad thing to get those 3 or 4 rooms remodeled… I remember the last time I stayed there when the road washed out and they needed it then!

  • Unintended acceleration? Not an Audi so . . . nope!

  • It’s probably a Humboldt State student. It looks like the same car that perforated the wall.

  • They left their key in the room

  • The title made me think it was the Garberville motel… this is not.

  • You guys are funny..hes 63,ftom fresno ,maybe loco,so God Bless us all!

  • Said the Toyota to the door,
    Does Yee See see what I see…

  • Too bad it wasn’t a rig. That motel is not real nice,[edit]
    It would take a pretty hard right turn to hit that building, but the fencing Mr Xiong was carrying may have been too heavy for his ability to drive…

    Hope yr not hurt, sorry about the crappy hospital they took you to. Hopefully if the crash didn’t kill you the hospital won’t either. No guarantees, but the crash was probably less of a risk to your health!

    The Motel belongs to the brother of the JPH COO. They frequently house employees there, which seems like a conflict of interest to me… Naughty!

    • You sound like a disgruntled former employee who needs to let it go…

      • Don’t have time for disgruntled, busy working in a REAL healthcare facility capable of staffing and management. Most hospitals run through lots of employees, JPH more than most. Hundreds of people used to work there, many only for a few days…
        Remember: the poorest quality employers are the ones who will really need help…

        SHCHD is a big old mess, and not worthy of support from the taxpayers of the district.

        • Since you seem to enjoy making blanket, and derogatory, statements about SHCHD please fill us all in on some of these facts that you may be privy. What reports do you have access to that provides you with such pertinent information? Or, as I previously stated, are you just a disgruntled former employee with nothing better to do than to try and cyber bash your former employer? If you are truly working for another healthcare facility why do you still harbor such resentment towards SHCHD and feel the unrelenting need to attack SHCHD in every article that slightly references them? Move on and let it go.

        • Open forum, say what you like.

          If you are a publicly funded healthcare facility, but you hire only women, turn over 60% of your staff every year, make up lies about people, consistently operate with regulatory deficiencies and inadequate numbers of trained, licensed, competent professionals, and manage your finances by firing staff, it is possible that the folks you throw away will not be happy. Live with it or retire.
          You can fire people but you will be unable to change their opinions long run, and guess what, in a broken small town you are quite visible.
          Stop trying to limit what people say, it makes your operation look even worse. Your reputation is already very poor.

          • OH, and fraud is fraud, corruption is evil, and illegal is, well, illegal. And CMS is watching. Tell your administrators to keep breaking laws and thinking it’s OK because you are “Critical Access”. Critical condition more like.

            If this makes you mad, try some of the local “medicine”, widely available in the streets of Goobsterdam.

  • And whose interests would that be conflicting? That’s kinda ridiculous.

    • Pay attention: the COO’s brother. Try to keep up. The business generated by the housing of district employees is directed to a relative’s motel by an officer of the district hospital.

      Google conflict of interest. Also see: Corruption.

  • Why is the debris strapped down to the car? Did they need to transport it that way?

  • I hope nobody was sitting in the drivers seat. those are pretty big tooth picks.

  • There is a BIG hidden secret in the auto industry…it’s called ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! I know…you thought that was just about FLOOR MATS and sticky pedals, or “driver error,” right? That’s certainly what TOYOTA would like you to continue to believe, BUT DON’T!

    These ultra-complex new engines are completely computer driven. Software is needed to control the throttle system. You THINK you are giving gas when you press the accelerator, but you are only SUGGESTING this to the computer. In electronic SUA cases, the throttle software may be glitch-prone and NOT do as you wish.

    What happens then? Well, the glitch may (and has for countless SUA victims) result in an OPEN THROTTLE situation. The brakes become INEFFECTIVE in these situations and crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes have resulted.

    What does the automaker say? They hook the vehicles up to the computer and declare NOTHING WRONG! They cite the EDR which has erroneous data and say YOU were NOT braking. They point the finger at you based on AGE, GENDER, MEDICAL history, prescription meds, etc. YOU name it, they’ve TRIED it!

    Get the picture? And you THOUGHT the GM issue was big? Think again! This cover-up of ELECTRONIC SUA is scandalous and very well-orchestrated.

    Why even a WHISTLEBLOWER has been legally harassed by Toyota as it does NOT want her Toyota internal docs posted online anymore. The automaker wants to intimidate and SILENCE her. It doesn’t want the PUBLIC involved, for goodness sake!

    • That’s why I drive manual transmission vehicles: I would just downshift into second gear or even go into neutral but you automatic tranny people can do that too. I still think this guy was driving too fast for his and his truck’s abilities. But your post is excellent. Thanks.

  • Maybe it was a self-driving car that decided it was time to turn in for the night?

  • the Asian man was going to fast and should be cited for wreck less driving

    • No. His driving DID result in a wreck. Did you not see the photos? Could you ask for MORE of a wreck? I think you really should take back your reckless comment, humkid.

  • One of the best places around! Stayed there many times and was referred by Best Western. It has clean rooms and a really good vibe.

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