6.9 Quake Strikes Fukushima, Japan; No Tsunami Warning for West Coast

A 6.9 quake shook Fukushima today. (Some sites are reporting this as a 7.3 quake. However, the quake strength has now been revised.) This is the same area that suffered the disastrous quake and tsunami in 2011. A tsunami warning was issued for Fukushima, this could be between three and ten feet high. However, the West Coast of the United States is not expected to be affected.



  • So sorry for them.im praying for them,they have lost so much their already.

  • Bad luck living in Japan hope the whole nation doesnot sink beneath the sea .

  • “Sept. 8, 2016—Shikoku Electric Power Co. has resumed commercial operations of the 890-megawatt Ikata 3 reactor after completing all regulatory safety checks. The reactor has been generating electricity since Aug. 14.

    “This is Japan’s fourth power reactor to restart commercial operations after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident resulted in the idling of all the country’s nuclear reactors. ”

    So the inexorable march to extinction goes on…. af

  • Damn new zealand, argentina and now japan. Those plates are on the move, get your earthquake kit and family emergency plan together and ready to go.

    Some of the best preparedness information Ive found online is from folks who have gone through big natural disasters and learned certain things the hard way and are sharing in the hopes others will not have to go through what they did. Namely titles to land, car, etc kept in safety deposit box instead of home and keeping an actual watch with you &/or your kit, we all depend on cel phones to tell the time these days!!

  • I think you have to go to 7 to be listed as a major quake. 6.9 is a strong quake but well short of something that would cause severe damage. Unless you lived in a mud hut.

  • Kym: Did you mean “three and ten feet” or meters? af

  • The question is… who’s fault is it??? Heh.

  • It’s sure a good thing they got that Fukushima nuclear thing under control and cleaned up before this happened! I mean, there has been absolutely nothing in the news about Fukushima so I’m sure the nuclear meltdown got remedied- right?

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