[Vehicle Recovered] Who Burglarized an Elk River Home? $3000 Reward

Ford platinumA home on Berta Road in Elk River was broken into and the theft discovered today. This firefighter’s truck, a 2015 Ford 550 platinum superduty, with the license plate #NCFIRE1 was stolen!!! Also taken was a Yamaha Raptor, a Honda Pioneer, six chain saws, four generators, eight pumps (all were Honda and Stihl!!

There is a $3000 reward for information about the thieves,  according to the vehicle owner, Jason Belt.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE: The truck has been located.



  • Always seems around Christmas time there is more crime. Also everyday here seems to be something. Almost seems like we live in a big city as much crime as we have

  • Love to find them for Jason. He’s a great guy and didn’t deserve this shit. Good luck buddy

    • If he’s such a great guy maybe he should remove the comments he made on his Facebook page referring to his ex as a whore and saying homophobic shit such as it can’t be faggot thieves because fags don’t steal guns.

      Oh and the bit about prying the teeth out of the thieves mouth with vice grips was nice also.

  • Measure Zs lining someones pockets

    It’s time to start policing our own neighborhoods. The lack of assistance from the sheriffs is crazy. A drive by shooting on kneeland road a few nites ago, they were like eh, who cares. Break in after break in with no fingerprinting or follow through.
    Our crime is going up dramatically due to many factors, one of which is the word is out that the cops do barely anything here. Crime in San Fran is off the charts (thanks to facebook and Google for the gentrification) and there are experienced criminals coming up here to steal. Undoing skylights and coming in through the ceiling, going under the house and removing floorboards to get in, prying doorknobs off, and putting motion sensor cameras on the side of people’s driveways to document their movements have all happened in the last month and none of those were pot related. Thieves took jewelry, silver, etc.

    It’s time to let thieves know they are risking personal harm by breaking into people’s houses here. We need to bring back the practice of asking people what they are doing on your road, in your neighborhood, etc.
    Dogs are great but many end up being shot by thieves. If your not comfortable owning a firearm get a bb gun or a rock salt gun or at least some mace. Arm yourself somehow, and don’t think the cops are gonna show up unless u have a grow&cash that the cops can bust and take your cash and sell your confiscated items at their police auctions.
    I do know someone whose home was broken into 6 times and reported it each time and finally got a sheriff who fingerprinted the 6th time and he got her stuff back so I guess keep trying if you feel like it. I gave up reporting anything anymore, it’s a waste of time.

    They know which neighborhoods are being targeted, and they won’t send anyone to patrol, it sux and makes everyone on edge. If you’re not on your neighborhoods nextdoor.com site I highly recommend joining&/or getting one going, it’s how I hear about breakins in my neighborhood.

    • Spot on! And I just signed on to nextdoor.com, thanks to you. af

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Exactly. When seconds count, the police are only minutes, hours or days away. Or, it’s not their jurisdiction or it’s after six, or they already handled one crisis today, or fuck you hippy. Judged by 12 or carried by 6.

      That said, you can’t walk across your yard and blow someone away just for going through a dumpster. Take pictures, tell ’em to leave, call cops. Unless you get assaulted, then we go back to 12 or 6.

  • Your not looking for just one person here but multiple. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was 5 people in on this job. This was not your spur of the moment rip off job either. This guy was stalked and then hit….hope they catch all involved!! So fucked up!! If anything I hope they get wicked karma.
    Sorry for your loss…people can suck so hard!!!

    • Agreed. Probably someone who came inside to repair something, or knew it was a gold mine for tools and equipment…

    • So devastating! Some heads need to roll! I saw that truck at Walmart a couple weeks ago & was noting how badass it was. Hope it goes back to its rightful owner. Humboldt county has seriously become the Disneyland for criminals from all around the world. Our pathetic law inforcement needs to get their priorities straight and get their asses in gear!

  • Last night I was almost to Eureka when I believe it was that truck came flying past me on the right when I was in slow lane, yes it was not in a lane and it was flying it almost made me wreck and same for the car in front of me,, I was so pissed

  • Tweaker thieves running amok

  • So sorry.hope you find who did it.thieves suck!!!

  • After all the shit this guy talks about so so so many people on a regular basis it is not a surprise that someone had enough

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the people he testified against in court and sent to prison… I won’t mention their names as it’s only speculation

  • Firefighter in the side

    Firefighters make a ton of money these days. Just look at what was stolen. I’m in the wrong biz.

    • He is not a fire fighter, he runs a fire support crew. They clean up behind the fire fighters on the big fires, cutting trees and mopping up.
      Someone said on Facebook that the rhino was found in his yard. Way to go tieing up the precious time of our much needed law inforcement, for your childish games. I hope he gets charged with fraud and losses the rest of his eqipment.

      • Well, if it was on Facebook, then it must be true. No need to investigate, just ask anyone on Facebook. Trial by Facebook would save millions.

      • Life lived by fakebook

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Fake Book! Love it. I am so Damn glad I never got involved in that mess. The web has reached a point of critical mass and sucks more every day. Trying to stick with it but wow.

      • neighbor that knows

        Holly Carr..the rhino and truck both were returned to his lower house the police had to vin check and enter them into the system. They both were stolen [edit] so no fraud or wasted time. Congrats on the HCSD for doing their job!! [edit] I live across the fence line and spotted the equipment. [edit]

        • this is Holly CARR , I never made one comment on this til right now , please get ur facts right before using someone name , I don’t know who Holly is on here but it isn’t me sorry to disappoint you ,

  • Holly, you’re ridiculous, I can promise you his rhino isn’t sitting in his yard. Also if you have something you need to express about Jason, have the balls to put your name, your whole name. He works his fucking ass off for everything he has. & to everyone with the shitty comments he does more than fires, he owns respectable businesses. Focus on the thieves and not the hard working man.

    • I know more about him than I care to wish I’d never met him. And I find it rather funny that you didn’t put your f****** name either.

      • Is it me or does ‘Sick of Tweekers’ sounds a lot like 3rd person Jason?

      • Love it the neighbor that knows!!! Lol hide behind facebook isn’t that what you do Jason?! Get a Life!!! You reap what you sow . .

      • Please stop use my name , I never posted anything on here til right now this morning , please stop using my name , you should find out who the holly on here is first before just thinking it was me , thank you and please stop using my name

  • Well on his FB post he said only his ex knew which door had no alarm, start with her and her friends

  • Thought the same thing…Inside job or someone followed him home by listening to public conversation. Be careful everyone. Many new criminals in our midst that are from out of the area. If your armed…great, if not I suggest you do ASAP !!! Is only the beginning and more criminals are headed are way. The police are overwhelmed and have tight budgets because of Sacramento. Thank them in person for what they do. You may need them one day too.

  • Sounds like a made up story just to draw attn to those he wants. .

  • Well said truth! If he put it on Facebook it MUST be true! What about his thousands of dollars in cameras he gloats about having all over Facebook? Wouldn’t you get a picture or two at least?

  • Wow, somehow he just found his truck on his own property… so glad he wasted law enforcement time and kym kemps time for his own strange twisted drama. I wish someone would get this guy for fraud…pathetic.

  • Wonder if he lost next years contract and thought sympathizers would get him back in the door ? Another theory…. just saying.

    • neighbor that knows

      Next year contracts? I just got off the phone with him. You better do your math. He has 7 contracts that don’t expire until 2018. You people shoupdnt talk if you don’t know the truth! Btw contracts are viewable to PUBLIC. Look them up smart guy

  • Well this would make for a great episode of “HumCo”. I think it airs after “The Kuntdashians”.

  • What a fake ass story and to not posting the truth again shame on you Kym, come on a $3000 reward for a $100,000 truck [edit—I’m extra careful about allowing anonymous people to accuse a named victim of a crime of illegal behavior. I will keep deleting these types of comments. Kym]

  • Well he has made multiple fake police reports on every ex he has had so this really isn’t surprising . . .

  • Old news he got plenty of attention!!!!!

  • Oh this guy the biggest [edit] in the county Jason belt at least he got his truck back even though it never left his property along with the rest of his stuff it’s good to know that he got his truck back in time to go hand out 100 cheeseburgers 25 turkey meals to the homeless and post his receipt and pictures of it on Facebook

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