Standing Rock: If We Pray Together; A Letter to the Editor

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Native american painting tom YamamotoHello Everyone,

There’s an event at the Mateel Community Center tomorrow, Saturday the 19th in support of the water protectors in North Dakota. There’s a link at the bottom with all the information.

If we pray together with clear intention, we are likely to create significant change in the world.

I’m kneeling down at Standing Rock Creator Watch Over Me
Our children need fresh water and clean air to breathe
It’s a human right
Corporations stealing it for their greed Indian nations know look out for our children’s children’s children
So I kneel down in prayer at Standing Rock
Creator Watch Over Me
All people of the world peaceful is the way
Let us pray together
Let our children have fresh water and clean air to breathe
Peace keepers Warriors protectors help us make this happen
The spirit world will help us
Our prayers are strong together the Creator’s watching over me I am a ghost dancer
All Nation’s one family
Girlfriend said so

Tom Yamamoto



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