Rural Mural, a Symbol of Unity Between ‘Hippies’ and ‘Hicks,’ Trumped by Vandal

Mural defaced with word "Trump"

A mural has been defaced with scrawled graffiti. [Photos provided by Andrew Thomson]

A beloved community mural on Bell Springs Road by the Island Mountain Road junction has been defaced with graffiti reading “Trump,” explained local resident, Andrew Thomson. “This mural was created by [a] landmark nonpartisan cooperation between “hippie” culture and “hick” culture, a monument to neighborhood unity and against the culture war.”

Thomson explained that the cinder block building was abandoned a long time ago by AT&T. “For many years [it was] a target of vandalism, intentional car fires, etc.” he said. “The property [it is on] is owned by longtime local rancher and non-hippie…. A local artist named Luke created [the mural] with help from locals. This was the first time [the rancher] and the Hippie culture interfaced in a positive way. It was a sign of unity and peace within the neighborhood.”

Thomson said the mural was symbol of two diverse communities within the Emerald Triangle learning to work together to change something ugly to something beloved. “A few years ago the artist and the rancher came together to solve a community problem with beauty and art,” he explained. “Today someone decided to attack that symbol of peace and unity with Trump.”

“[T]his is an attack on the whole neighborhood including [T]rump voters,” said Thomson, “and I object to that, as I hope everyone will right, left and center.”

But Thomson isn’t giving up on beauty. “We are going to fix it,” he wrote. “People wanting to help fix it can email”

Ride safe mural

Another side to the Island Mountain mural.



  • Well that is a bummer. The one we have 10 miles up the AP road from Bridgeville got graffitied years back and someone had started painting over it with flowers and looks so much better. I wish I knew who it was so I could thank them. I am no artist.

    • This mural looks like nothing but camouflage meant to cover up the apathy, coercion, ignorance and greed of the parties that have sold this county out. Lipstick on a pig. Nice lipstick though.

  • How shitty….some people have no soul.

  • What is deal with the graffiti , “ZERB” I think it is, along 101?

    Why do the owners of the property vandilized not immediately paint over the crap? Some of it has been up for yrs now.

  • Some [edit] spray painted Hillary 2020 on a fence in Friutland.
    Filthy communist.

  • “Today someone decided to attack that symbol of peace and unity with Trump.”

    Trump supporters are a symbol of America’s attack on peace and unity. Even more so than Trump himself.

  • There’s some real jerks around. I’ve never seen so much littering, graffiti, garbage, bad driving and general disrespect ever in my over 40 years of living in Sohum. It’s sad.

  • Shame shame shame. Hopefully the new re-imagined mural will be as beautiful or even better than the first. It was a lovely idea. Kudos to the artist.

  • I agree with Eastside

    • I agree with eastside. Garberville and redway were shockingly trashy last weekend when I drove through. I don’t go through there often, in the last ten years.But I have spent a lot of time there 15 years ago. It had a very different vibe. Trashy and junky. Soooo many big trucks and douchey gro-bros. Too bad it used to be a pleasant place.

  • The owner is my cousin Dick Drewry.

  • Got to agree with B above, who correctly states about peace and unity….”Clinton supporters rioting, burning and looting are a great example of peace and unity.” As far as being open and objective it always amazes me that the liberal left are some of the most if not the most closed minded and non-objective folks around.

    Lets just support the new president and hope he does a good job, even if you did not vote for him, it would still be good for all if he did a good job. Who cares if he is left, right, middle, do a good job for citizens and we will be happy.

    • I think most opponents agree, it’s not a left right issue with Donald trump. It’s the fact that he lacks the temperament to be president. I would much prefer a mitt Romney or other principled conservative who knew how government works. Trump is likely going to get us in big trouble with his thin skinned attacks on people who slight him. He’s not presidential material.

      • Here we go assuming again, and when one assumes they make an arse of themselves

      • The people of this country have elected Donald Trump to be president of this great nation, sorry if you disagree and most likely feel you are smarter than average but the reality is luck always wins over intelligence

        • No Don the people elected Hilary Clinton. The electoral college is expected to trump that choice. (Yep I meant to)
          And when I asked my nearly 100 year old, souther-rasied, lifelong Republican voting mother if she intended to vote for {the mobster,} she snorted with a scowl and said “that man is not fit to lead a parade much less our country.”

          • Keep dreaming. The electoral college has worked for 200+ years and the first time some people who believe in doomsday democrat rhetoric about Trump can’t handle it ? For you leftists ,are system has a direct democracy for one part (Congress) , each vote counts! , for the President it’s indirect democracy as we use appointed representatives for areas casting one vote on the behalf of many. Lastly , SC justices are chosen by the other 2 branches , with many other factors left out for time sake. Read up on political philosophy so you can understand the thought and foresight the framers had and then stop whining , it’s getting old. We put up with Obama , false promises ( I didn’t keep my doctor , now my plan is also voided as a single payer plan !) now shut up, sit back, and give the guy a chance. Giving him a chance is the American way !

          • What parade? How many girlfriends has Bill had, is that called an open marriage, what great morals , or is this the norm these days, I’m only pointing out the obvious about Hillary , got to be a great life.

          • its actually a myth that hillary won the popular vote, Please look at the final results. In the end donald trump won both popular vote and electoral college. We just didn’t know for a few days until all votes had been counted.

          • sharpen your pencil

            Oh good grief. Would you asshats get off the popular vote bs. HITLARY lost, Trump is going to be OUR president. The sooner you people wrap your contorted views around this, the sooner WE can get back to moving forward. For you dumbass ass lefties, not everyone that voted for Trump is a racist, many people believe we need extreme change in politics. HITLARY IS NOT CHANGE. No matter how she marketed herself. The white trash Trump’s supporters need to cool it down with the “wall” shit and shipping folks out. Obama deported more illegals than any other president……. Can we agree to disagree, quit the petty bs, and hope the plane doesn’t crash? Or are you going to continue to grasp at straws!

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Eisenhower may have beaten the Obama record for deporting Hispanics in 1954 with Operation Wetback which the Mexican government approved of.

              Obama has been actively deporting criminals of Mexican origin. Of course, all the bleeding-heart Trump conservatives refuse to give Obama credit for anything, but we have to immediately embrace Trump.

              Not all Trump voters are racist, I agree. But Jeff Sessions is a dyed-in-the -wool racist from Alabama. A definite Neo-Confederate, anti-voting rights, pro-segregation, white nationalist.

              . . . . And then there’s Steve Bannon. You do the research and get back to us.

              BTW, Sessions is a devout Christian who will gladly smite the pot-growing legions with the Sword of Christ. Gay folks don’t get married and “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

              So, all you Emerald Triangle folks who voted for Trump as a protest vote, waaaahoo! Way to screw yourselves and the rest of us with you.

        • He is a lucky fellow. I’ll give him that!! But seriously I think it’s a shame he got elected and it’s really going to affect us here. He is going to favor farming interest over us in regards to dams (did you hear what he said about that on the campaign?) and probably appoint some rigid drug czar that will take us backwards on the cannabis front.

          • sharpen your pencil

            We could sit around and speculate on the things Trump says. He has no filter. I was more concerned about all the crazy shit Hitlary had bouncing around in that dense object she calls a head.

            • What was the ‘crazy shit’ Hillary was talking about? She seemed very informed and level headed to me. I don’t know where all this anti-politician stuff comes from. If you ask me, you hire a politician to do politics, just like you hire a plumber if you septic is f-ed up. Politics is not a particularly noble profession, but leave it to the pros! I think Obama was an excellent prez. And Hillary really should have won. We are going to get supremely screwed. I hope you(sharpen your pencil) and everyone else checks back in 4 years, cuz I’m pretty sure I’m going to be right.

              • Obama signed a lot of legislation designed to imprison Americans, and strip us of constitutional rights. The many executive orders signed will be enforced on an unknowing public by threat of violence and or imprisonment. I suggest that you read up on all the bs unconstitutional laws that were very quietly snuck in on the American public.and the wikileaked emails that point to mass corruption in the whitehouse and dem party.

    • You mean like the Republicans supported our president for the last eight years? You mean like effigy’s
      of blacks and nooses? “Apes in heels”? Like that you mean? Yes! Everyone knows those on the right are blameless, never hypocritical, and would NEVER have behaved like this had Hillary won. Right?….Right?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Well, yeah, and how much of a break did Obama get from extremist conservatives? Ten minutes? You must be very young to forget McConnell’s pledge to oust Obama rather than work together. Opposed anything and everything Obama proposed.

      Sure, I hope Trump succeeds, but at doing what? He’s assembling a scary team. He seems like a nasty, rude, arrogant in-law that ruins family gatherings.

      But that’s over. He will be president and I fear for our nation and the free world. Congratulations on your electoral victory. I hope, for all our sakes, it is not a hollow and Pyrrhic victory.

      • Let’s all hope for the best. He’s definitely easily swayed by those around him, so hopefully he pulls in a few smart people. Not looking good so far. If Jeff sessions becomes attorney general, everyone who signed up for permits is going to be very nervous. Google this guy. Reagan drug warrior

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    Ain’t no love in the P.V. just the usual B.S. at the jigty Junction!

  • Bummer. A sad low thing to do. One jackass always ruins it for the rest of us.

  • Racism, prejudice, and anti-gay actions are based in ignorance, mostly congenital, and reflect a jealous loser’s way of looking at the world. Donald Trump is the Presidential embodiment of this phenomenon.

  • I love this site. That being said, it is run by a feminist. Politics aside, accept it and move on you morons. It’s not like anything you do or say on this site is going to change anything! Bannon is coming for you losers and so is Trump! [edit]

  • [edit] #AmericanFOOLS. ….. 2016 Darwin is coming soon…..

    • Dammit, you found me out. I know it must be horrifying to think that I actually support women getting equal pay and not having strange men think it is okay to slap their ass. Good heavens, next I’ll probably go all radical and think husbands don’t actually own their wives’ bodies.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Wow, run by a feminist. I about fell out of my chair. Holy Freedom, Batman! What next? I guess we’ll have to elect a cruel, narcissistic megalomaniac who brags about his female conquests and taunts people about their appearance. You know, the kind of commentary that would have got your boys a quick ear-grab and trip to the coat room for a lecture.

        53% of women voted for this? WTF? Too close to the Supermoon? Stockholm Syndrome? (First international release)

      • LOL! Well said!

  • Stockholm at it’s finest. Better recognize…….Darwin Iza cuMin…….

  • What in the Bloody Blue Haes are you tripping in dude??? Must be tasty to produce such vivid hallucinations as well as acute parnoia caused, ramblings & excess use of expletives for no good reason!!! Party on Dude whatever it is is likely rotting your brain, what little you may have left!!!

  • There’s always a rotten apple in the bunch!!Brats

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