Man Stops Attempted Home Invasion Near Mad River

Though the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office refuses to confirm the incident, (their policy is to only speak through Lynn Ward, Administrative Services Officer, and she is gone until Monday) we have received a detailed account of a home invasion near Mad River which occurred this morning. The details have been confirmed as much as possible from neighbors. We would prefer to have the Trinity County Sheriff’s input but we feel that waiting until Monday could leave the community uninformed and unprepared. So we have chosen to go ahead.

An older resident of the Mad River area who prefers to remain anonymous but with whom we have had several contacts before, told us that he was the victim of an attempted home invasion between 6:30 and 7 this morning. A friend of his and fellow Mad River resident, AJ Calderone, confirmed that the man’s windows were broken out, that someone had attempted to kick in his door, and that “internet” wires were cut to the man’s house.

We are presenting the rest of the story here as much as possible in the victim’s words.

It seemed to me like it was probably four of them. They were coming and going and it was hard to differentiate them because they were dressed in black with masks…They come right at daylight. It was still somewhat dark when they got here. My driveway alert kept going off. I went to my window…I was on the top floor…They were all dressed in black with black [ski] masks. …I saw right away that one of them had a gun. It wasn’t until later that I saw the others [had guns].

They were all right in front of my front door. They were on my porch….These guys were all between 20 to 30 [years old]. I’m assuming by how physically healthy they were….Then they spread out and went all the way around [the house]. They cut my computer lines. They apparently thought it was an alarm…. They broke the front window. Then the side window…They took my driveway alert…[They carried] something like Mac-10’s. No one has them but criminals. [They are] like a sawed off shotgun but instead a machine gun.

I was definitely scared. After I was absolutely sure they were doing an invasion, I grabbed my gun.  I yelled at them, “Why are you picking on me? I’m poor. You’re at the wrong house. I don’t got shit.”

They said, “We’re not going to take everything.”

I can’t tell exactly what time but I called 911 when they were still trying to break into the house….I was on hold for what seemed like forever. I had the gun in one hand and the phone in the other…They were here what seemed like a long time to me. I seen ’em leave and then go up where [we think] their truck was. [They came back.]…They broke my door almost completely down.

I was going door to door [inside the second floor of the house.] I was in a panic. I knew they were going to hurt me…Then I saw a guy right outside my [second floor] window[on a porch.] [The man who was dressed in black and masked did not seem to be carrying a gun.]

I had the gun on sort of angle…I pointed it at him…It was aimed right at his gut…He knew. He knew what was coming. He got real scared. His eyes got big like silver dollars. [He got off the second story.] Not too long after that [all the invaders] left. I didn’t even know they left. It got quiet.


The victim described seeing a ’98 Dodge 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive truck with dull white paint accelerate away from the scene. The truck bed had a black liner and possibly a diesel transfer tank in the back. A neighbor said he had seen a similar vehicle parked at the top of the victim’s land in the area where the victim had seen the men head towards in the middle of their invasion attempt.

According to the victim, about an hour after the invaders left, a deputy from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and a US Forest Service officer arrived on the scene. It is difficult for officers to get to Mad River which is over an hour and a half from Weaverville where the Sheriff’s Office is located.

According to Jada Krueger who alerted us to the home invasion, “We have spent all morning talking to locals-& giving the description of the truck (evidently the white truck & a red [Camaro] were seen driving up & down our street yesterday). Please be alert and report any issues to the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-2611.



  • Bridgeville local

    Scary. It really is the wild west still

  • Both a Deputy and USFS law enforcement live in Mad River. It’s not like the only law enforcement is in Weaverville. The TCSD officer is 2 miles from the scene.

  • Mad Max has become a reality.

  • Alot of processed green out there.

  • was this weed related? (or was that just a stupid question) lol

    • NOT weed related. The victim is a well known local who DOES NOT grow.

      • Weed related, suspects were looking for weed, so it is WEED RELATED.

        • Says who, are you one of the thieves? It’s pretty obvious if someone’s got a pot grow these days.
          I don’t mean to pop your dogma bubble but people do home break ins looking for many other things besides drugs. Jewelry, guns and vehicles being some main ones. Just ask around northern humboldt, lots of break ins in Arcata that have nothing to do with pot whatsoever.
          Thinking that everything that goes wrong is pot related is not only divisive to our community but also potentially ends up ignoring other crimes happening.
          Reading this article makes me confirm my decision to get a gun. We need to let criminals know we will defend our homes.

          • It’s pretty obvious all outdoor has been processed by now and thousands of pounds laying around ripe for the taking. Odd so many gun men out in the hills in the last two weeks, it’s not rocket science, just more weed brings more thieves, and there is definitely more weed, doesn’t need to be a grow , it can be a drop house, you must think we legit working class are idiots, sorry seen it all , just the beginning , going to be a violent month in the hills I suspect , better get a big dog

          • Yes it’s time. It’s getting to crazy. Need more than one dog and guns and traps. Also growers need to really becareful who they let know they grow. Probably people from out of state if you ask me.

        • Troll related, trolls were trolling, so troll related comment

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          You don’t know that, you just enjoy thinking it.

        • if it was random they are scouting neighborhoods looking for guns , next time shoot the bastard

  • Wait 911 put him on hold? Wtf? A few rounds into a tree would of likely made them pee themselves and take off. So sorry this happen to you man!

    • I don’t know the circumstances but usually 911 dispatch has the reporting party stay on the line until assistance reaches them. In this case that would be over an hour. Other calls might be coming in during that time.

      • If you dial 911 from a cell phone you are routed to a CHP dispatch center. The CHP then needs to call Trinity Control (the dispatch center for all Trinity County emergency services). Hence the need to put you on hold.

        Several years ago something similar happened when we lived in Weaverville. I was away on a fire assignment, we had just moved into a new home and my wife was home alone. A man pulled up to our house, put a pistol in his waist band and tried to enter our home. The dispatch asked if my wanted dispatch to wake anyone up. Mind you this was 10pm on a friday and only 10 min away from the sheriffs office. In the end we figured this shady fellow must have known the previous tenants.

        I don’t blame the sheriff, there is only so much they can do given their lack of resources and the enormity of our county. But I would certainly hope, day off or not that Jake would have gone by to see if everyone is ok. I know he needs to be dispatched through Trinity Control, but come on, this is exactly why we have a resident deputy!

        Morale of the story, when in a rural area, call your neighbors first! Doesnt matter if your rig is stuck, you need a cup of milk, or you’re getting robbed, I will always depend on my neighbors first and foremost.
        Sad thing is, these days I dont know who most of my neighbors are…

  • L.E has mac 10s
    Sounds like pure bs to me. MAD river

  • I wonder what a high powered rifle round mid chest to the guy carrying the gun would have done to the resolve of the invaders. Not saying someone should shoot first, but I think in this case I would have shot first. Leave the questions to the lawyers.

    • This is why 10rd limit on magazines is bullshit! I guarantee the people with the Mac had hi capacity mags, leaving the home owner to defend himself against 4 heavily armed criminals with only 10 bullets at max in his gun, it only affects people who need them, criminals will always have access to hi cap mags and “assault” weapons, I’m glad he wasn’t killed, be safe out there

      • Right! There is no reason to prevent homeowners from having the same damn guns as the criminals. We have to protect ourselves from them. We have to match their weapons or better. Or we die. Especially way out in Mad river, where law enforcement can be too far away to save you. You have to save yourself. Kudos to this man for saving his own ass. Hope they catch the jerks in this case.

      • it will be a FELONY after the Jan1st to have a hi cap mag in ca even if it was bought in ca legally pre ban(criminals don’t care), ammo will only be sold with a 50$ fee and a background check! So pick your 10rds wisely you will need them.(criminals don’t care).

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Under the circumstances as described, I would agree. People are surrounding your house, packing heat, breaking windows and kicking in your door. I don’t know what the law says, if you’re not the police and you’re kicking my door in, I start shooting. Not gonna pass a form to you asking about your intentions. Not gonna wait ’til my wife and I are tied up or dead. Judged by 12 or carried by 6.

  • These folks could not have had a mac 10 as they are illegal to possess in the great state of Comifornia. And a little more info for you, as of 2018 you will be required to shoot them with non lead bullets. Wouldn’t want the buzzards getting sick from eating a dope dealer.

    • Yeah your right. They could not of had mac 10’s because they are illegal. The victim must be making this whole story up. Because they could not of been trying to break into his house because that is illegal in the great state of California!

      • Criminals always follow the law, & would never cheat the system by using more than a one shot clip as mandated. They have Dueling Pistols honor!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, and since France has very strict gun laws, the terrorists were unable to smuggle nice new AK-47s into the heart of the country where completely disarmed citizens waited like sheep. Yeah, that could not have happened. No thank you.

    • No they are not illegal in CA, the semi auto M10 and M11 can be bought here at sporting goods stores in CA like Turners in So cal..

  • I totally agree with guest I’m a firm believer in home defense the world has become,so that you have to protect your own property this is getting to be were nobody else is coming to your rescue anytime soon. Aftet you called nine-one-one.

  • Guest…I agree with you !!! We as a society are responsible to take care of our family first and when the law shows up, it’s their duty to sort it out. I don’t advocate for violence but we have a God given right to defend ourselves on OUR property. I would have shot every one of those thieves. They bring a gun and so will I. Guarantee many would have stayed till the coroner arrived. This is just the beginning and we have not seen the worst yet. Prepare for the storm that is coming !!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yeah, and think of maybe of getting the Darwin Trophy for surviving an assault and taking 4 or 5 defective crumbums out of the gene pool. Think Of the savings in court costs and incarceration.

  • This poor man! How terrifying. What if a medical issue? Officer off duty? Why no back up? I sure as hell would have shot too!!! Muther f______! This is outrageous!

  • This is so sad. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that was for him. Mad River is a beautiful place. I hope the community can find these creatures and put them where they belong. Watch out for each other.

  • Better to have a gun, and not need it, than to need one, and not have it. Also, when seconds count, police are only an hour away.

    • I agree, I tell my anti gun friends better to know how to use one and never have to then need to and not know how. I had a gun pulled on me in my teen years and I didn’t even know what a safety was to tell if it was on. It helped me when I learned gun safety and how to handle one.
      New background checks and all these restrictions are just creating a bigger and bigger black market. Look it up, CA & NY have the strictest gun rules and by far the largest black markets for weapons. I don’t think folks get that a lot of guns are bought in parking lots of gun shows where no background checks happen. Adding more and more rules to the gun stores is just silly, they’re not the problem!

  • Mr Heggins don’t fool yourself,criminals will always have guns legal or not that is why gun laws are rediculace,they don’t keep guns out of criminals hands all they do is make honest citizens criminals. gun laws are no good for anyone. iam glad the home owner was not harmed.

  • Wow, kudos to the homeowner and RHBB for the play-by-play. Very happy the perps were shut down without gunfire. That said, what a terrifying scenario – standing off with 3-4 dudes carrying submachine guns is a nasty situation no matter who or where you are. I congratulate the homeowner for their courage and presence of mind while armed and cornered. Those rotten, POS, thieving-parasites need realize how close they came to a miserable end.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      If they were dead through suicide-by-homeowner, the danger from that team would be over and other rip-off teams might be slightly demoralized.

  • star emergency 707-574-6421 . If you live out there and have an emergency call this number for emt and I think it routes to tcsd. My dad had a heart attach and it was 45 minutes before they got there because I dialed 911 . Keep your gates locked and get a big dog , talk to neighbors to make a plan in case your in trouble and your gun is useless unloaded . The local sheriff should never have his phone off .

  • You can buy a mac10 at all sport, it has a mag block and bullet button and holds one round but it looks the same(pretty much worthless), so not just criminals have them but there’s are way better!

  • They came back twice to break down the front door? I’d call 911 too, but I’d tell them to send out the coroner, no hurry.

  • What is worrisome is those perps are still out there. TCSO does not do a very good job of letting the community know when there dangerous armed people loose in the area. They don’t post fliers with descriptions or anything. TCSO goes silent after such incidents while the community has no idea who or what to look for. Get a gun, a guard dog and protect what is yours.
    Thank you to the victim for letting people know what kind of vehicles may have been involved.

  • Why wait to get shot? Shoot first then immediately call Marci Kitchen’s lawyer.

  • Last time Trinity had an active shooter they sent a SWAT team…. and now this very tepid response from the TCSO.

  • Speaking of Marci kitChen is any thing ever going to happen to that cu.. !

  • That made my heart race! I’m glad he’s okay & I hope they catch them & all of his possessions are recovered.

  • Remember the Kettenpom murders? Trinity sheriffs called the neighbors to go check on people reporting a home invasion and they got their throats cut like the invaded home. 2 dead, 2 almost.. People need to protect themselves out there, the cops can’t provide enough help in the mountains…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yeah, hey, can you do our jobs for us? Oooh, ow, you got sliced up? Should’ve gone up there with guns and armor like we have, snark.

  • Agree with many comments here. Keep a gun handy for protection. Have an alarm or a dog. Trust in yourself. Have good neighbor relations. Have their phone number. Have a good lock on that gate. The police are pretty far down that list! That is what being SELF-RELIANT means!! Like living way out of town? Deal with it. I expect these kind of attacks to increase as the weed money dries up around here. The tweakers aren’t leaving. Enjoy that nice safe “legalization”!

  • What troubles me is everybody having to arm ourselfs,because it seems were on our many guns,I was reading their are over 2 million stolen guns out there.and that’s alot of armed criminals.thats just the ones reported,WTF!!time for better locks,bigger meaner dogs,and big bertha!!!

  • “I shot a man in Humboldt, just to watch him die”

  • Perhaps the poor guy should have taken the genius Joe Biden’s advice. Something like, “all you need is a double barrel shotgun. Go out on your deck and fire both shots into the air. That should scare them off.” Smart. Fire your gun empty then try to reload in a panic.

  • If you guys really don’t know who it is then wow.. now there is a house on the golf course in willow creek. The owner is Terrence Reeves. Now he houses criminals like worm.who is on the run… the area is being robbed by them. I put my life on it

  • OnlyOneInTheRoomWithAGasmask

    I’m not sure who the, “victim,” was, haven’t seen that information. However, I know for a fact that the witnesses mentioned in the article are not credible. I’m not going to throw it all out there, but these people do not sleep for a week at a time, they are wrought with an insane amount of drugs, ALWAYS, and have nearly shot their employees with guns because they imagine things as the employee approaches in the dark. I’m not going to bank on this tale being true. It’s pretty out there, and with an amazing attention to detail, even when heavily armed ninjas seem to surround your home… Breaking windows yet never entering, then busts up the door only to somehow climb to the second floor (still not utilizing the window openings they broke?) In time to meet his gaze… Just to point at the supposed alpha assailant ( for some reason now unarmed, even though this masked man knew the victim was armed, confronted him regardless) was suddenly afraid of the person he so seemingly professionally (some serious Combat training) pursued, and not just jumped an entire story… But seemingly decided that the skilled group of henchmen, all fully armed with auto or semi-auto, I’m not sure, were all no match for this lone rebel. Also, where the hell are these witnesses in the story? They were there, yet were ethereal during all this action that… ‘seemed like it lasted forever,’ so just have been some duration, considering traumatic experiences are usually expressed as ‘having happened so fast.’ Of course people willing and intending to kill, especially in the process of executing said action, will undoubtedly take their sweet ass time. Robbery and obviously premeditated murder is definitely a trip to stop and smell the hallucinogens, that may or may not be scattered about.
    That was long winded. I am not sorry. Opinions are powerful. Mine are detailed. My words are open to be embraced or denied.

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