[UPDATE 7:25 a.m.] Armed Robbery at Cher-Ae Heights Casino This Morning

An armed robbery took place at the Cher-Ae Heights Casino early this morning. We reviewed scanner tapes and have not been able to determine exactly when the incident occurred but we heard it mentioned around 4:15 a.m. and believe it was some time not long before them.

According to a dispatcher on the scanner, The suspect is “believed to be a black male adult– approximately 6’2″, wearing all black with a black ski mask. He brandished a semi automatic pistol and then left. Unknown if on foot or [in a] vehicle. Surveillance is supposed to review and recontact. Unknown amount of cash taken.”

Similar crimes that have taken place this month: (Note: witnesses have described the robber/s in each case differently though. Some have described a white man, others a black man. 

UPDATE 7:25 a.m.: Cher-ae Heights said they will not give a response to media over the phone. Unfortunately, since Redheaded Blackbelt is based almost two hours south that effectively precludes us from giving an update from them.



  • Seems like a robery armed or not, about every other day….sad. No one’s affraid of the law. Or respects it.

  • No good paying jobs….
    Get use to it.

    • Pfffttt…..yeah the first option that comes to mind when I’m between jobs is “armed robbery”. Do some reading, fool. Criminals do crimes because they get off on it.

    • There are good paying jobs, you just have to be willing to learn a skill. Flipping burgers at the krabby patty is not a skilled job. Lazy people are the ones who say their are no jobs out there. I’ve been working since I was 12. No gaps and I’ve worked for many different companies

  • Where was “security”?

  • Sad, does anybody get caught? We never seem to hear of the outcome of all this mess.

  • It seems we should have free heroin. It would be better for them to OD than for an innocent person to get hurt during a robbery.

  • Posted a comment. Where did it go?

    • I see one at the top, the very first one.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It happens a lot for me. Post a comment and can’t find it so you click again and are told that you (neener, neener) already DID that, you dupicate poster, you. Still, the blog is a lot of fun and Kym is great so I live with it.

  • James Blount…..maybe when you have a bullet zing by your head you would have a different position on armed robberies…………really your supporting these thugs because there are “no good paying jobs”!!! Sick, man.

  • there is no excuse for stealing, especially using a gun to steal from people who work for a living. Not only are these people scum, they are lazy scum.

  • What i said was, none of these scum could pass a drug test! They’re ok paying jobs here. Casinos pay okay, but drug test required. I make an ok living, not associated with weed.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You have to pass a drug test to work for Fox Farm!?! What is up with that? It’s always in their help-wanted ads. Hypocrites. Unless it’s a test like: where and when was beer first made? What is the legend of the discovery of coffee? What famous American whiskey is made in a “dry” county? Cannabis was a prescriptive drug in America until what year? That’s my kind of drug test. Aside from a bio-assay of course.

  • I’m actually happy it got robbed. They’ve been robbing the community for years.

  • We went 1day without a robbery , the casino has security. Who’s next, protect your businesses. This is scary, they’re probably reading these comments and chuckling to themselves, about how vulnerable this county has become.

  • No what this County needs is to Crack Down Harder on these Criminals and not just slap them on the hand and turn them Loose. A lot of these crimes should be punishable Felonies but when the Police Arrest them and the D.A. don’t do shit to prosecute them what do they do? They turn them loose. I know a few officers that have said why arrest them when there gonna be back on the street anyway which is a good point but very sad. Every Man Woman and Child have to defend themselves it seems like now days. Our World is Going to He’ll in a hand basket. So Sad.

    • Like I said…

    • Your hyperbole is sad. I challenge you to give us a fer instance of an armed robber being given a slap on the wrist and released in Humboldt County.

    • Michelle, I’m sorry that those officers are your friends! The minute an officer chooses to not respond or follow a protocol is the day he should retire! The DAs office receives hundreds of filings and the filings that consist of insufficient records are the cases that don’t make it to court, get dismissed and or are not prosecutible due to sloppy police work! Stop blaming the public, the court’s or the county! Tell you friends to shape up and do their jobs accordingly! Also remind them that if they fear for their lives so damn much, it’s time to hang up the badge!

    • “Why arrest them if they are gonna be back on the street?” – What should the police be doing while on the clock? Just keep arresting them. Who knows, maybe today is the day he was gonna do something terrible? They shouldn’t be so concerned with what the courts are doing. That should make them more vigilant, not less.

    • Michelle Steele posting about criminals. Funny that.

  • Pfst, finally someone robbing the casino’s instead of the other way around……

  • Linda Hatten Broyles

    Why are you putting the Casino down they don”t make you go to the casino you do it on your own!!!!!! Sometime you win then your happy !! I go to bingo there and enjoy all the people that work there, Cher-Ae-Heights is the best casino we have

  • Smh…. Everyone wants to point the finger of blame at someone or something…. The blame lies on the individual that made the choice to do the robbery. Its not the fault of the business… The lack of “good jobs” is not to blame, it’s not even societies fault. The robber might place the blame on someone or something… But that can be chalked up to self pity. And for the perspectives of the outside parties… The fact that you want to point fingers, (smh)… maybe you have some personal issues of your own you need to face. Each individual is responsible for his or her own actions. Period. You are responsible for you. YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU FEEL, THINK, ACT, REACT, HOW OTHER PEOPLES ACTIONS EFFECT YOU, ETC. ETC…
    This is scary shit that is happening. If you work around money, please be aware of what’s happening around you. Pay attention. Don’t do anything stupid that might get you hurt. And to the robber, if your reading this, please don’t hurt anyone and keep in mind that we all have families to take care of!!!

  • The perps are few. My guess is that the tall white guy has been in trouble before and it shouldnt be too difficult to figure out who it is. The question is do the police want to? More crime=more money and fancy equipment. 1 armed robber doesnt pay like going after petty/victim less crime. And the idiots that think this is because of prop 47 need to actually understand what they are talking about.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    I looked at that logo as someone grabbing a door handle because the other person was holding something above them and needed them to hold it open, but I’m just trying to be positive here.

  • When I lived in Willow Creek I had a job at the bank, and the clinic next to the store. Bensky Office. Well the clinic had an alarm but the bank did not. What is up with that??What is wrong with this picture. ???????????????????????????/ Em

  • sounds like that tall white guy has been busy

  • Kym, you should have a North County correspondent. I know someone in Trinidad who could be good at that and she’d be a great editor too.

  • Humb. Co. version of Oceans 11. Beaches 1/4.

  • No One should be pulling damn Guns on Anyone. The two women that Work there didn’t deserve to be in fear for their damn Lives because some junkie likely need his fix! Shame on you who feel it’s righteous because You’ve willingly turned your monies over to them and then not won your damn free ride. Have some decency and humanity and Know that You wouldn’t want a semi automatic weapon waved around in your face Either!! That’s Effed up of those few of you that feel that way!!!

  • The main alleged robber was an ex-employee fired a day or two prior to the robbery. He found out his house had been searched and turned himself in for interrogation. After questioning the county cops and FBI decided to hold him.
    There has been no word about accomplices yet or if the money or gun has been recovered. No shots were fired.
    At the time of the early morning robbery most of security was out of line of sight of the cage, where, apparently, no guard was stationed. One guard did notice what was happening but the robber escaped. Some witnesses say three other men were with him in the red Nisson-like car that sped off. No effort was made to apprehend or follow the vehicle.
    Presumably, cameras recorded the robbery. It will be tried in U.S. District Court because it is a federal crime. If the money is not recovered the FDIC will not pay but if the casino carries a bankers blanket bond they will recover the loss.

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