Fortuna Police and FBI Served Two Warrants Yesterday to Gather Evidence in Alleged Plan to Release Mustard Gas at School Rally

Chief of Police. William Dobberstein.

Chief of Fortuna Police, William Dobberstein [Photo taken earlier this year by reporter Bobby Kroeker]

Fortuna Police and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed search warrants yesterday in the case of two juveniles arrested for allegedly planning a mass casualty event at Fortuna High last Thursday. Chief William Dobberstein of the Fortuna Police Department explained, “We served two warrants. One just outside of the city limits of Fortuna and one was within the city limits…We were looking for evidence to corroborate arrests that were made last week.”

Dobberstein said that officers and agents are looking for components that the juveniles would have needed if they were going to create sulfuric mustard gas.  According to the chief, Sulfuric mustard gas could be a deadly agent “if several chemicals are mixed together.” He said that their investigation showed that the two 15-year-old boys planned to create “an airborne toxin that could kill people.”

“We had very clear information that the two were in communication about some kind of attack,” Dobberstein said. “They basically had some sort of plan.”

He acknowledged that “it would take a lot of skill and a lot of research” for the juveniles to have created the gas.  However, he said that on Thursday, “one of the components was located on one of the arrestees.” 

The search warrants yesterday were served, Dobberstein said, to gather more evidence including possible the other components needed. Although some items were taken from the residences, he explained, “We have not located all the components.”

Dobberstein said that without all the components that it will be more difficult to prove that the juveniles intended an attack last week. This is “one of the reasons we were so aggressive with the search warrants,” he explained. “We searched the school two times. “

“There is a hearing today for the juveniles,” he said. “We are going to have to wait to see what happens in…court….If we can’t prove [the two juveniles] have all the components, then an argument could be made that some components are not all. Merely having some, might not be sufficient.”

Dobberstein said it was even possible that the two youths might not be detained. “If the elements aren’t there for the crime,” he said, “anything could happen today… [W]e are bracing for that, too.”




  • If the kids are let out, should move maybe? Am sure there are parents that would like to “spank” those little boys.

  • Holy crap. That explains the FBI.

  • The fbi has almost 100% conviction rate if all the evidence isn’t there they won’t prosecute, wierd fact of the day for you!

  • “We do believe that they had all the ingredients at the school to make the devices they had planned to make,” Dobberstein said on Nov 11 interview with LOCO.

    Now he is saying they didn’t. Which is it?

  • What about questions the parents about if they removed anything from there homes prior to the search warrant and destroying it before the cops got there not like they would tell you anyway because these are there children. What if anything did the neighbors see? You know how about searching there phones or There computer Hardware drive for information? I was watching a program awhile back ( I forgot the name of it now) but it showed you can go on the Internet to learn how to make all kinds of stuff. Probably how these kids came across this… Children now days are pretty smart about computers and if you Police officers want answers to this awful story then you got to search deeper for the answers your looking for. Myself I think the Internet should Ban this kind of information because all it does is corrupt our kids minds and gives them very bad Ideas. I am very thankful No One was hurt and arrest were made. Could have been very very bad. Thank you parents and anyone else who came forward and stopped this before it was to late. This is just to close to home for comfort.

  • they must have voiced their intent. somebody turned them in. kudos for that somebody. I’m glad those kids don’t live near me. They do need some form of punishment, maybe scared straight, and counseling

    • Look at all the silly people

      So there was no evidence found that points to even the hint of a crime and yet here comes your silly ass calling for punishment.

      the DA was clear, there nothing found that pointed to them creating a device or that they even coordinated with each other. What are you going to punish them for, being falsely accused by a hysterical society of pants-shitting morons?

      • Lack of charges does not mean harm was not done. It means that the DA chose to not file charges after being presented information from the investigators. The teens have privacy rights as juveniles. The DA nor investigators do not have to reveal the nature of the information they discovered or did not discover to the general public. Press releases state that there was evidence found but not ENOUGH to file state criminal charges. In almost all the releases there were statements made that there was evidence the boys had talked about an attack on the school. Also take into consideration not only were they minors, they were (hopefully) first time offenders, and thanks to prop 57, it would be considered a non violent crime. Even if they HAD enough evidence to prosecute, they wouldn’t get much. Do I think we need to go after the kids mob justice style? No. But FUHS is at least doing something, and the boys are not allowed back on school grounds–or “anytime in the near future”. Which means there was at least enough evidence for the school to take action.

  • P.S. if your gonna do a through investigation then do more then just search the homes and also look at these kids backgrounds or the family because there has got to be a reason these kids wanted to cause harm to other people and it is very sad to everyone. Just saying.


  • I have lost 2 daughters on the same day and year not to a bomb or anything like that. It was a Automobile accident at the hands of another person and let me tell you as a parent the pain never goes away ever. So folks tell your children how much you Love and cherish them everyday and give them the respect that you want them to give to you but also tell them if they do something wrong there is gonna be a formof punishment to them for there actions. It is not child abuse by any means unless of course you beat them then your going to Jail.. Kids learn and live by what there taught and it is up to parents to instill that into them at a young age. I am 47 years old and everyone says I am wiser then most people but here is a though for all. Love your children everyday and show them when they do the right things in life how proud you are of them because you may never get another chance I followed my own rules to this but never got another chance to tell them how much I Loved and Respected them but they already knew that.

  • I really hope “J’s” father & grandmother get him & his sister some psychiatric help. These kids’ mother is an abusive nut case, and that is what they were around for years until they were taken away from her & given to the dad! I really hope they realize how serious this is! The abuse these children went through with their mother is bound to mess up any child, so PLEASE get them some help to work through their anger. I hope none of them are allowed back at Fortuna High (or any public school) because they are a threat to other children, the faculty & community.

  • I am sorry for your loss Michelle your daughter’s are in heaven!

  • Must be the result of bullying. Hopefully that gets addressed as well. Being a teenager isn’t a easy thing.

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