Did You Shake in the Quake?

earthquake map

Image from the USGS website.

A 3.5 earthquake bumped the Rio Dell area at approximately 9:46 a.m. It was centered four miles west northwest of the town and about 11 miles deep. Did you feel it?



  • All these little quakes are a prelude to a major earth quake.

  • I do not know guys. I lived in Myers Flat area from 1985 – 1995. There has been lots a rockn and rollin in an area in Laytonville now Rio Dell. I remember Myers Flat had 3 quakes in a 24 Hr period. Knocked our trailer finally off its blocks. Damn scary for a girl from WI. The red cross came to help. We had several smaller quakes in a a short period of time. Then BAM. 1 -2-3. JUST PUT YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF IN A SAFE PLACE, stabilize your tv’ s bookshelves. etc.. better safe than sorry. It was hell for me and my 3 boys during that period. Their dad worked in Eureka. Scotia brighe was closed off. I will never forget calln him from myers to eureaka about myers rockin and rolling and while on the phone eureaka finally started to shake. It took him 4 hrs to home. My kids were in diapers and 2 & 4 yrs old. I now how to turn off a propane tank and get the trailer water hearter turned off. uuuuggg. be safe

  • Mountain Lion Lady

    Many scientists would say these are pressure relievers. I’ve lived in the area for going on four decades and while we haven’t had a big rocker in a long while, these little ones are somewhat out of place too. I can’t recall having so many little ones either. I guess we will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, keep your emergency kits and plans up to date.

  • Some of these small quakes are related to the super moon, the increased gravity of the moon affecting the earth. The number of small quakes often increases during the full phase of the moon.

  • It’s all connected!!yes the big one is coming,but when.ive heard that my whole life.stay safe!!

  • I grew up on the San Andreas faultline in So.Cal. Been in 8.5s. These little one’s ain’t nothing!!

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