Another Armed Robbery; This Time in Ferndale

Breaking news graphicAn armed robber held up the Red Front Store in Ferndale about 7:45 p.m. According to scanner traffic, the robber is carrying a handgun. Reportedly, the robber was last seen headed south on Shaw Avenue wearing a hoodie and a mask.

According to an officer speaking over the scanner, a witness is reporting that a maroon vehicle last seen heading towards Fernbridge may be involved. The witness believes there were tribal stickers on the back of the vehicle.

Earlier similar crimes:



  • pretty ballsy since there’s only two ways in and two ways out, unless it’s a local…

  • Serial robbers?they know where the cops aren’t

  • We need to change some laws. The prison sentence should be much longer for those who are younger more able to work. Better yet, the store owners should have the right to shoot them dead on the spot and kick them in the gutter for trash pick up… end of problem.

  • We need to change to stand your ground laws, if you see an armed person rob some one you should be able to shoot them without going to jail for the rest of your life, otherwise there is really no deterant from committing these type of crimes here

  • Its just money people…why all the vigilante talk? Have we completely lost our humanity? There are already laws on the books regarding the ability to protect life and property. Are a couple hundred dollars worth taking a life? Most of these businesses likely have insurance to cover theft.

    • Big talk from little Trolls.

      • You mean eastside trolls?

      • Dan , with your reasoning we should buy more insurance to cover these robbers and their bad habits. , and you state we have lost our humanity because we want to shoot the robbers, the humanity was all ready lost when the robber made the decision to pick up a gun. I think a good idea is to drop the Liberal speak talk, When one uses a gun to rob a store they are placed into a situation where they are going to use their gun to protect them selves from danger [ like getting caught ] hence a murder just around the corner. Your cry for more Humanity falls on deaf ears when peoples lives are in danger.

        • That wasn’t my reasoning at all. I was simply saying that most of these robberies are for a couple hundred dollars. If they are more than that you are not doing it right. I do not believe a person’s life is worth that trivial amount. Additionally, if a robber thinks his life is in danger, what do you think he is going to do? That’s right, he is going to shoot first. Unless a clerk has a gun pointed at every person that comes in, whether a threat or not, it’s likely a robber is going to have the drop on them. Do we really want our businesses to become killing zones? If a robber brings a gun, there is a high likelihood they have already decided to face lethal force. Shots have already been fired in a couple of these robberies. Escalation is not the answer. 99.9% of these people have prior convictions and are likely on parole/probation for felonies and are not allowed to own a gun or ammunition. Police need to spend more time policing criminals i.e., doing parole/probation visits/searches. Most of the crime is perpetrated by a very small number of people and the number of criminals committing serious acts like armed robbery is even smaller. Yet, we have police spending their time harassing the homeless who are committing petty crimes or victim-less crimes like using drugs and alcohol or sleeping in public places. Look at the daily arrest logs: a significant number of arrests each day are associated with the homeless under the guise of “drunk in public.” This “broken window” type policing does not work and only takes resources away from dealing with real crime.

          This country has some of the highest recidivism rates in the world. We are also one of the most violent of the “first world” countries, if not the most violent. WHY? Because we have chosen to implement a system of an “eye for an eye” to control crime and criminals instead of dealing with what creates a criminal. Our prison industrial complex, local/county/state reliance on petty crime for financing policing, and the increased militarization of our police are the problems. Why are things different in other developed countries? Because they are focused on reducing the development of criminals through economic and drug control policies that focus on people that are most likely to develop into criminals and, if that fails, they also focus on reducing recidivism. We spend more money and incarcerate more people than any other developed country yet we get a horrible return on our investment. We need to put our biases aside, treat all of our people with humanity, and completely change the way we police and punish people.

          • The argument Dan puts forth is as full of holes as that robber should have been. When someone is waving a gun at you for a couple of hundred dollars it means he is willing to kill YOU for it. If you start the thought thread at this point , it makes sense to meet force with force. Is your life only worth a couple of hundred dollars? Is mine? Sometimes the robber shoots first and then takes the cash so there is nobody to testify. I could keep shredding, but I don’t see any reason to argue with anyone who thinks their own life is only worth two hundred dollars.

            • Agreed, although I can relate to Dan’s humanity and compassion.

            • So you say it is full of holes yet you have no argument? If someone comes into a business and pulls a gun the store clerk will somehow have to pull their gun and shoot before the robber has a chnace to simply pull the trigger. I know you guys watch a lot of tv where this type of bs works out, but real life ain’t tv. Police are ambushed and killed or wounded all of the time and they have more training than your average store clerk. I know some of you have limited ability to actually think about problems because you are so filled with hate and the need for vengeance, but try it you may actually come up with a good idea once in awhile.

            • Don’t give the clerk a gun, hire a security guard. They may go looking for an easier target.

    • And the two most Liberal states are— Minn. & Calif. so lets shoot the government first.

    • Fed up with dirt bags

      As as a law abiding citizen, I for one am sick and tired of all the dirt bags getting nothing but a slap on the hand! A store owner/employee should have the right to protect themselves and their property. Crime in this county is completely out of hand and the police can only do so much until the court system pulls their head out if the asses and start handing down some stiffer penelites. So if citizen’s have to take matters into their own hands so be it. To many softies in California!

      • You don’t have any idea whether this crime was because of someone just getting a slap on the hand or not. Nothing changed with regard to prosecuting criminals for armed robbery. Get a grip.

    • when a business is robbed or stolen from,they have to meet a deductible just like you do.if the loss is less than the deductible then you are out of luck. I know from experience.But of course every one thinks small business owners are rich.

    • It’s not just money. That was my friend who was working at the store when this thud pointed a gun at her. Now she has nightmares about this. Thus guy has done this multiple times and I’m sure each victim has been affected by this and will be for years to come.

  • This shit is crazy!!! Poor clerks everywhere! Glad my kids are safe so far in they’re jobs, not handling cash drawers. Wtf!!! God people, pray for our community. We MUST overturn prop. 47! Let’s make a difference, change this prop.! Now! We have jail space, also I don’t give two shits if these pieces of shit are piled two deep! Not one of em care about the law,wtf is wrong with humbolt voters? Wake up. We made this mess!!!

  • Gotta love the Jail comments like that. “I don’t care if they’re piled 2 deep”…goes hand in hand with “I don’t care if Jails are just a training ground to make more criminals”….Seriously? You hate the crime but you are okay with perpetuating it?? WTF? I get it, you want the people punished. Me too. I’ve been a victim. You want things to change, then we have to change the justice system to help these people after they are punished. Or, you can tell me how that’s bullshit and you don’t care, and then cry out about it the next time this same person does this same thing, after being incarcerated. Piled 2 deep.

  • Prop 56 changed all that… Lots of crimes are no longer violent felonies. And the new “non-violent” ones will knock your socks off….

  • The second someone defends themselves to the fullest extent is the second this shit starts to subside.

    • It will subside cause the armed robber will be deceased, then his family can file a wrongful death suit, because he didn’t choose this life and the public left him no choice . On and on and on, got to love them politicians and attorneys, they make this world fabulous

  • It’ll make cops paranoid, but pass an ordinance for open carry in all Humboldt county. The Lib’s “gun free zone” crap has gone on too long and the patriots need to reclaim their right to carry. Go to your councils and request this ordinance.

  • Last I looked, may open carry in Humboldt but not where alcohol is served or sold. Clint Eastwood is just around the corner for this robber or robbers. Let the liberals cry foul when an owner or employee serves justice. The attorney that defends this criminal or his family needs to be run out of the state.

  • GUEST, you are my friend. Time to protect our community and our business’ with force. Dan sounds like a bleeding liberal.

    • So what does that look like Homer? You sound like someone who can’t articulate their thoughts well enough to say something relevant. I am proud to be an empathetic liberal who cares for his fellow humans.

      • Too bad they dont care about you. emPATHETIC enaberal. You have good traits but they dont work in this world anymore.

  • Enabling them is putting them in prison and not giving a damn about recidivism…

    • Well..if we cant shoot them or put them in prison, then what are we supposed do with them?..invite them in for dinner & give them a hug? that the liberal way?

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