[UPDATE: Monday] Bold, Masked Thief Breaks Into Fortuna Business This Morning

Masked burglar

Burglar outside the restaurant. [All images from surveillance tapes]

A man wearing a clown, Misfits or scream type mask burglarized the Double D’s restaurant in Fortuna at about 8 a.m. today. “He broke the back kitchen window,” explained Kelly Valentine, an employee. “He stole money and the tv.”

Valentine said they had extra money tucked with the bank deposit and the burglar went right to the drawer where the money was kept. “After watching the video footage, this guy seemed to have knowledge of where to look. The place where money is kept is the first place he looked.”

The alarm went off when the man broke the window. “He was here for just a few minutes,” Valentine said. “He understood he had a certain amount of time to get out. Maybe just a few minutes. The owner lives just like a mile or so away.” He did take time, Valentine said, to drag out a new television that had just been purchased.


Burglar coming through the window.

According to surveillance tape, the owner showed up just a few minutes after the burglar left. “The guy had just walked out the front door,” Valentine said. “The owner walked in maybe two minutes later. She did not see him.”

Valentine said that she is glad the owner did not show up while the burglar was still there. She is worried that the owner could have been assaulted.


Burglar dragging the tv still in the box.

The burglar appears to have parked at least a short distance away from the business. “None of the outside cameras caught a vehicle,” she said. “We are assuming he did have a vehicle because he drug a rather large tv out the front door….We’re hoping somebody can recognize him and give us an idea of what direction to go.”

If anyone has information, please contact Fortuna Police Department: Evan Beechel 707 725 7550.

UPDATE Monday: Two Children and a Woman Found Hiding Under a House as Fortuna Police Serve Warrant Last Night



  • I’d start with employees, past and present, because of how sure he was where the money was kept.

  • Just an FYI kym, that’s for sure not a ‘scream’ mask. It could be a clown or misfits mask though. Wonder if anybody has been fired from there recently? Seems odd he knew exactly where the money was. My guess is either an ex-employee or was told by someone that has or does work there where to look. and here’s what a ‘scream’ mask looks like:

    • Always good to get different views. Thank you. Readers often have sharp eyes and different experiences that can really help figure out details like this.

      • Looks here more like a skull mask than clown mask. Misfits mask is a possiblity.

        Seems he’s holding the mask, unattached, on his face. First photo and third photo, he’s a hand on the mask. Third photo, he’s pulling at the box with his right hand while holding the mask with his left.

        The shoes might be the most identifying feature; more images might reveal make and model. He’ll dump the clothes but not the shoes.

        Wearing gloves; has priors. Right-handed.
        Height can be figured relative to the signs posted on the door. (Guessing he’s 5’10” – 5’11”.)

        Should be easy to solve. Likely a inside job, likely a friend of an ex- or current employee. If ex-employee, quit or fired recently; they knew about the tv:
        both loot and tv steals seem pre-meditated. The perp’s been in there recently; they cased the spot even if there was an accomplice that clued them in.

        Likely though possbily not an inside job. If the hiding spot for the loot isn’t in a back room or somewhere completely out of sight of customers, possibly the perp noted someone putting money in the spot while there as a customer and saw the brand-new tv box at the same time. Inside job is more likely, though.

        Check older, recent footage for guys of similar height and shoes. Go back only as far as when the tv first arrived.

  • The burglar is very thin, any chance it could also be a female?

  • when can we shoot at these people?

  • Man fortuna s going crazy just like the rest of humboldt. Kids trying to bomb the high school .now this .cop s too biz checking seatbelt s.

  • My first impression of the last picture of the person by the box was that it looks like the stance of a female.

    • Stance due to hunching while trying to keep the mask on face with one hand.

      Stance and posture in first photo say ‘male’, as does apparent movement of perp entering the window.

      ^Could be incorrect, of course.

  • This person has very small feet.

    • Doesn’t seem like that here.

      Check photos two and three; feet don’t seem tiny, especially in three. First photo, camera seems fisheyed and warps the image a bit.

  • look at the shoes [ style,the way they’re tied color pattern etc. ]

  • I hate thieves 🙁

  • I can’t tell if he’s wearing gloves or if racial over-sensitivity is preventing report of identifying features…

  • Id look for the boots on this thief for sure

  • Most definitely an inside job. I am an ex criminal……. take it from me, it’s either somebody that at one time worked there, a current employee or, an acquaintance of somebody. If the video footage showed this person going directly to a secret spot then it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down.

  • Isn’t Fortuna the “Friendly City”?

  • I would definitely say girl on this burglar. Girls plan (all dressed up, mask), new when, knew where to go, new what was in there. She’s also struggling with the tv, a guy would just pick it up and go.

    • Struggling with the tv due to using one hand while keeping the mask on face with the other.

      Deffo inside job. Knew about the loot spot and new tv, plus knew about the various cameras, hence the mask.

      Not deffo female from this perspective; likely male.

  • A floor safe that employees don’t know the combo to works wonders in protecting your money rather than putting it in a drawer. This is Humboldt, home to many thieves. Protect yourself.

  • My first thought was this is a female, (although chest does not indicate), strong to carry out a tv (but they are lightweight nowadays)… but the shoes puzzle me. Not the same, are they?

  • Bryan from yesterday’s post: You were right on every point! Trade in your criminal past to being a real detective & HELP THIS COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT OUT! We’re hurtin!

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