A Light Look at Mushrooms…

Magic mushroom

‘Tis the season for mushrooms, from the sublime to the…er…odd. The fantastical photo above was taken by Christina Lombardi. She had to work to get that magical glow. “I took two photos,” she explained. “One with a flashlight to illuminate the mushroom and one without the flashlight. I then blended the two photos together in photoshop to achieve the “Mushroom Lamp” effect.”

The two fungi below are less luminous and more…er…oddly shaped. The photographer, John Sheridan, said that the mushroom on the left is Bear’s Comb or Bear’s Brain. Others identify it as a Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom. On the right is a Prince Mushroom. “Both delicious,” said the photographer. (Please don’t eat wild mushrooms unless you know what you are doing.) He suggests that despite the beer shown in the photo that you not consume alcohol and wild mushrooms at the same time. Other experts agree with him.

Do you hunt mushrooms with your camera or otherwise? Please share your favorite photo or story in the comment section.


Photo shared with us by a reader.



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