Vehicle Into Parked Cars; Southbound Lane of Little Fairfield in Eureka Blocked

scannerAt approximately 8:40 a.m., according to the scanner, a vehicle ran into several parked vehicles on Little Fairfield. One patient is reported to have moderate injuries. Please avoid the area for a little while why the incident is cleared.



  • Moved to little Fairfeild about 4 months ago. Started off with a grow house robbery then the mystery death on the next street over. Then the squatters took over the figas property. My car being broke into. Now parked cars being hit.

  • Kym was there any more info about the death I think on Lewis Ave?

  • Same question, after it was determined suspicious i dont remember any more news on the lewis ave case, kym?

  • Wow live around the is going on around here.hope everybody is ok.

  • happened a few houses down from my folks place, they said it looked like a bad one. but i have to agree with everyone that street and surrounding neighborhoods has a lot of crime. happens day and night, ive caught someone attempting to sneak around their house after hoping a little fence at the front trying to reach a shed in the back to break into…but me and a mag-light sneaking up on the little thief yelling “get the hell off our property kinda sent him running down the street to what ever hole he crawled out of.

  • How about an update on this story? My car was one of three that was damaged by this guy. The police wouldn’t give me any information about him, other than to say they suspect he was DUI and they couldn’t find any proof of insurance in his vehicle.

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