Social Media Posts Alleging a Third Kid May Have Further Attack Planned for Monday at Fortuna High Not Credible, Says Fortuna PD

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Press release from the Fortuna Police Department: (See earlier post here.)

fortuna policeThe Fortuna Police Department is continuing our investigation on the threats reported to us on Thursday afternoon, involving two students who reportedly had the intention to commit an act, or acts of mass violence at Fortuna High School’s Pep Rally, scheduled for that afternoon.

Both individuals were arrested, and found to have items in their possession which lent credibility to those threats.

We have also become aware of further allegations of planned violence on social media by other individuals.  These allegations and reports are being taken very seriously and have been followed up by investigating officers.  These allegations have been found to not be credible.

However, our department continues to work closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Attorney’s office on this investigation.

As an added precaution, there will be a strong law enforcement presence at the High School on Monday to help allay any fears that students, staff and parents may have following Thursday’s arrests.

As more information becomes available to us as result of this investigation, we will provide pertinent facts to help dispel any unfounded rumors being circulated on social media and by other means.

We ask that citizens call the department, at 725-7550, with any information that they may have regarding Thursday’s incident, or any rumors regarding any threats to students or other citizens.

Earlier Chapter: Two Juveniles Arrested for Planning “Mass Casualty Event” at Fortuna High



  • Would be nice to declare the sex and race of the kids responsible. Would re-direct a lot of hate if they’re Caucasian.

    • It really doesn’t matter what race they are, were all in this together, I have a nephew that goes to that school and I feel the same way regardless of their race or sex.

      • I agree. I think it’s best to know their motives. Why did they want to do this? It’s troubling to see this happening here. Guess it’s true that this can happen anywhere.

        • Very true. I’m not local to the area, but I have friends that are. I would like to know that motives behind these attempted attacks. Just my personal opinion, but I think we need to have retired Military personal at all of our schools that can legally carry firearms so we don’t end up with another Sandy Hook! Again, just my own opinion..

      • I so agree with you what the heck does race or sex have to do with it!? How about obviously they are very angry individuals who want to do severe harm to others? That’s it that simple not a race war how about a self esteem war!

    • Both kids are Caucasian.

    • I think they were Americans, same as you I presume

    • To my knowledge white males. One sat behind my daughter in class.

  • Let’s have some extra police presence around all the high schools please!!! Unfortunately these things often inspire others 🙁

  • Should we get homeland security involved maybe…this could have gone to homes in the area as well!?!?

  • What kind of parenting these kids have were they get the idea to blow up the school .something is seriously wrong here , bill Murry said in the movie stripes .

  • why so cagey about the motive for this?

    it will come out, I am pretty sure George Soros didn’t order them, neither did DTrump.
    pretty sure.

  • This heartbreaking so close to so sorry for the rest of the student body.”never ever let hate win”

  • This heart breaking. Are the parents to blame? ???Or are the kids today just so messed up?. I’m so glad no one was hurt.

  • I cannot imagine any kid wanting to hurt, or even kill another human being if they have been taught the true values of life along with love. There has to be something underlying in a kid to make them have those kinds of feelings about human life or any life for that matter. Face it, it not normal behavior. There is a lot of anger there. These kids need to really be evaluated mentally and should never be allowed back into a public school ever again. If they are 15, then they only have 3 more years before becoming adults. They knew what they were doing, they took the time to organize it. I thank god nothing happened to any of the students or faculty, but it is also a huge wake-up call. Nobody can walk around in fear, but you sure have to be paying attention to everything around you and listening. Kids have to go forth if they ever hear anyone making accusations about hurting someone else.

  • Some Peoples Kids

    I would guess these kids lives are pretty much down the drain after this. I’m sure this will be on record,forever. Their social life is toast as well. Hopefully they can spin a 180 in life and make good things happen. Maybe they can get on a better path. Hard to say because this wasn’t just a bad mistake or lack of judgement. This was premeditated with intentions on killing multiple people. This would have been the killing of their classmates. Kids they see every day. I’m not sure what happens next for these two, but they are in for a wild ride.

  • I don’t believe race has an issue here. This behavior starts at home. It seems to me that MOST of these kids don’t have the supervision at home that they need. Again, just my opinion.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Video games, goth music, and marijuana terrorism will most likely surface as the reason for them plotting this.

    Video games desensitized them to violence, goth music encourages destructive behavior, and marijuana leads to terrorism.

  • It could have all just been bullshit. I mean, until more information is known, I’m going to keep an open mind. This could just be a couple of idiot kids that said some stupid things. I haven’t seen an actual list of the alleged materials they had. I think a list will be very helpful in assessing the motive and intent. Kids are fucking stupid. Having said that, I do agree however that all threats must be taken seriously.

    • Yeah they probably said they were going blow the place up, but in reality, they were in possession of Mentos and 2 liter bottles of soda.

  • As a parent if your listening to your children you’d see a change in them.who knows this could be a video game kid,or a kid who was picked on,bullied.I listened to my kids,met their friends and got involved in their have want them to be kind and respectful,honest people.and to never let hate win!!

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