Rollover Accident North of Weott Blocks Hwy 101

scannerAccording to information on the California Highway Patrol page, two vehicles were involved in a rollover accident about 10 miles north of Weott. The accident is blocking north and southbound lanes. An ambulance is responding to pick up one patient with injuries. According to one person’s account to dispatch, one of the vehicles involved a blue sedan was going over 100 mph previous to the accident.

UPDATE 10:15 p.m.: The patient refused medical assistance.



  • Who can afford an ambulance ride to the hospital from Weott? It must be at least a grand.

  • When people reject the ambulance,they know it’s alot of money.they go on their own.if you don’t have insurance! It’s awful what we pay

  • Getaway vehicle from rhe Mendo
    Murder scene? Color of vehicle matches…

  • Yep 100 mph I think they were in a hurry for some reason and you might b right on the vehicle matching the mendo murder get away car, matches description!!!!!!!

  • Oh wow.that would be almost the end of the story

  • One vehicle matches the description of the homicide in laytonville… 9:45 pm BOLO is announced and 25 minutes later a rollover in weott, 100 mph… Hmmm. Was the second car a white Toyota Camry? The second BOLO car from Laytonville?

    • This is crazy and a bit chilling!!! That car almost hit me. I was driving to Myer’s Flat from Eureka. About 10 miles before Weott I saw a vehicle driving towards me as it fish tailed. The back end was just 10 feet away from colliding into me. I swirled to the right…it was only by divine intervention that the veichle did not hit me. When I looked into my rear view mirror I saw the car flip over. It happened so fast! I pulled over and called my husband to call the police. I was shaking and in shocked.

      I went online to see if there was any report on what happened to who ever was in that car. It was pouring rain and they were going so fast. I found this site and its through these commits that I’m learning about the mendo murder.

      It was around 930-10pm and raining so I did not get a good look at veichle but I do know for sure it as a dark blue maybe black. I’m not good with models so I couldn’t say what make it was.

      If anyone gets anymore info about this please post.

      Goose bumps!!!!

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