$4000 Reward for Missing Dog

White dog rolling overThe owner of a dog missing for almost two months in the southern Humboldt area is heartbroken. “She is our family dog and dear friend, pretty much our little girl,” Shaun Robinson said. “We raised her from an 8-week-old pup.”

Robinson is offering a $4000 reward with “no questions asked” for the return of Wizard. The two-year-old white German Shepard has a black spot on her tongue, a reddish nose and light brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a peacock dealer print collar.

Call (619) 850-5837 if you have any information.White dog in truck



  • Damn I hope I find that dog. I could live for months on that kind of cash.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      I would like to think I would decline the reward. Reuniting a missing family member is its own reward. Hope Wizard teleports back home soonest!

  • Get out the spray paint.

  • Missing TWO MONTHS ago? And were her license tags on that collar? Her rabies tag will have the vet’s registration number. She may not have her collar anymore, so of course this family member has an ID chip, right? af

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      ID chips are not GPS like your cell phone. They don’t work like that. They only work when scanned and give back registrant info, not location. It’s a tag so that if their collar is gone, the owner can be contacted. However the pup has to be found, and scanned for one first.

      • Dogs do not need collars to scan the number. As long as there is a chip ,it Will have all info if owner registered it. I have been chipping my dogs for years. Last year a dog I placed 7 yrs ago was picked up no collar etc. They scanned it and found my info.

      • You can get dog gps chips for their collars for only $30.. Trackable by smartphones

  • Gorgeous dog. She looks like mine. Shared and hope that she gets home!

  • Where was this dog last seen?

  • Who the fuck would collect an award for doing the right thing in a situation like this? Maybe some compensation, depending on the circumstances, but if you collect that much, you’re essentially collecting a ransom. People need to do the right thing. Period.

    • It IS a ransom offer. That’s implied in the “No questions asked” part of the arrangement.

    • You’re right but what the message the owner is trying to convey I think is directed to the person that stole the dog if it was in fact stolen. 4k no questions asked.

  • What area/where did she go missing? So Hum is a large area

  • I hope you find your baby soon.

  • I think most people wouldn’t accept a reward for returning a family member. I know my wife and I wouldn’t, our pets are members of our family. She is a unique dog. ( white german shepard w/ a red nose is easy to spot.) I hope she finds her true home. KEEPING MY EYES OPEN.
    I like dogs more than most people.

  • Even if the reward was a word of kindness, I still would like to see Wizard find home.

  • Anyone who wants to find wizard only for the reward money is Nuts. Dogs are a man’s best friend. She belongs with her family who misses her and may have kids that are also Heartbroken. I would never except reward money for doing the right thing period so have a heart people.

  • Also I hope nothing bad has happened to her and I also Pray she is not being Mistreated. Please whoever has her return her back to her rightful owner. Thanks she is a beautiful dog. If my dog was lost I would want her back safe and sound and in good health. Just saying.

  • I so hope that I see that dog I would be so happy to get her home to her family theirs no amount of money you could pay me wouldn’t even compare to the joy I would feel returning to her home .I can’t imagine your sarrow .I have one stay cat I adopted she was Ferrell cat she is still kinda scedish ,and a male siemese from Miranda’s I adopted my girl chole she is a giant chessie the smartest dog I’ve ever know ,and the most loyal loving kind she is .,and last but not least my weiner dog mopar ,so I completely understand .I would move heAvenue , and earth if my dogs were missing .I would love it if I could return her to you .I wish you all the luck in the world funding wizard .

  • I had been hoping that the injured white dog that was spotted a couple of weeks ago was her! Was anyone able to help that one out?

  • Heart breaks for your family & Wizard. I will pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint of things lost – he pulls through quite often. Dogs ARE family. 😔

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    What a cool dog white German Shepherd’s have always been one of my favorite types of dog.

  • animallivesmatter

    There is a female wolf/Shepard cross and Humboldt County Animal shelter. Picked up in Miranda. ID A076448, If this is someones please claim.

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