Two Juveniles Arrested for Planning “Mass Casualty Event” at Fortuna High

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Fortuna High School the night that two students were arrested for plotting a mass casualty. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Press Release from Fortuna Police:

On November 10, 2016 at about 1:15 PM the Fortuna Police Department responded to the Fortuna High School for a report of a threat to student safety.

Officers contacted two 15 year-old students that had been detained by high school staff. Officers learned the two juveniles were communicating with each other, planning a mass casualty event that was to take place at a rally at FUHS later in the afternoon. Officers located some components for making an explosive device, however incomplete, in the possession of one of the juveniles. Evidence and items located on the juveniles indicated the threat was very serious in nature.

The two juveniles were taken into police custody and later transported to Juvenile Hall. The Fortuna Police Department is working this investigation with investigators from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office. This is a very active investigation with multiple locations being searched.

The Fortuna Police Department asks the public for any information and assistance in this case. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707) 725-7550.



  • Time to arm the teachers

    • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m really trying to understand this. How exactly would giving the teachers guns keep kids safe from bombs? Maybe there’s something about guns and bombs I’m really not understanding… but unless the teachers anticipated the bomb… and… ummm… deactivated it by shooting it into oblivion (pretty sure that wouldn’t work… physics… chemistry…) then I think you can’t bring a gun to a bomb fight. Please, please, please, correct me if I’m wrong here…

      • This is a point that is very well thought out and voiced!

        On the other side of thought, if it is known that the teachers who chooses to gain the proper license to carry a firearm are there, and willing to defend themselves and their students, well, the law breaking criminals may decide that it is not worth following through with their plans.

        It’s like fire insurance on your home. It’s better to have it, and not need it, then to need it and not have it!

        • I guess you didn’t read about tho two different incidents involving licensed to carry teachers who accidentally shot students.

        • It’s better to turn off th stove before leaving home.

        • Sheila Snow-Croft

          That sounds good, but the facts beg to differ. Introducing guns into situations creates more trouble than good. The mere presence of a gun accelerates conflict. Studies consistently prove this, yet our culture likes to think otherwise. It’s nice to believe in simple fixes, I guess.

          • I have been in a situation where a gun was used, no one was injured and situation was diffused, but I will say the person with the gun has to be level headed and have common sense and a ton of self control , so in the right hands a gun can be very effective .

          • I’m sorry to tell you, but sometimes people deliberately introduce guns into a situation for the express purpose of creating trouble. While armed resistance is no panacea, it is also the only immediate remedy.
            To me, the idea of ‘gun prohibition’ being somehow more successful than drug prohibition is people believing in simple fixes. It assumes that the government could so tightly police us that it could prevent a robust illegal gun trade. I think I prefer the status quo to a police state that could pull that off. Further, if we give the huge given that people could be prevented from having guns, we must also assume that criminals will just shrug and give up and won’t turn to other ways of doing harm that are even more deadly, such as explosives, causing terrible accidents, or poisons, to name a few.
            It doesn’t look like Europe’s gun laws have protected them from mass murder events, even ones using guns. Neither did the UK’s and Australia’s gun bans effect their murder rates for the better. (I checked out of curiosity) Not surprising since even in well-armed America, most murderers use some other means.
            The gun control experiment has already been run and it has failed. Tackle the causes of violence, not one tool that’s not even the most commonly used. But there is no simple fix for mental illness, domestic violence, racism, inner city neighborhoods that are the next thing to failed states. It’s a lot easier for politicians to make guns into a bogey man and then promise to fix the problem with bans. Well, at least we’re moving the right direction on drug prohibition.

      • cowards strike week targets like schools because there is no threat of return fire

      • Your post is freaking awesome!! I love this. It’s seriously the best thing I’ve read all day.

      • your wrong

      • You are correct with “gun to a bomb” thinking. Arming teachers will help deter the thinking of mass casualty planning. It is the same thinking process of having a security guard on site.

    • For sure. Should have several armed teachers at each school. Fucking kids r pyhsco these days.

      • So are the teachers and deans. Janet Napiltano, for one, is one of the main culprits who instigated the boohoo riots happening today. Universities & schools are brainwashing instead of educating.
        They don’t need weapons, they need straight jackets.

        • Ignorant comment. Colleges teach you to make your own decisions using evidence, not Fake fox news.

          • The ignorance of your reply blaming “fake fox news” is the absolute hilarious opposite of what has happened with the boohoo rioters. They’re not fox watchers, they’re MSM and twitter feeders, feeding off of one another’s ignorance, and hate and fear mongering. Lots of “Americans” feeding at the same trough right now, rather than dealing with reality and being part of the solution. Love the humility of the CBS newswriter on the same of the media missing reality big time, this election cycle.

          • Is that why most have taking out critical thinking writing classes?

      • How long will they stay in juvy for this? Probably not long…thats the scary thing. To kids thats just bragging rights & street creds. They will be back to cause more Havoc… beware. This county is in a real bad place lately.

        • no its isnt. this country is a great place. maybe you should get out if its so bad here.

          • You need to reread the comment before making the kind of knee-jerk reactions that would prompt you to say something so asinine, as the person to whom you made your rude reply said COUNTY. As in “HUMBOLDT COUNTY.”

            Furthermore, he (or she) said “this county is in a bad place” (NOT “…is a bad place.”)

            Suggest you improve your observation skills and manners.

        • i feel they should be charged as adults…..once they get these evil ideas in their head, who knows what will happen…. if they’re just given a spanking, they won’t stop

          • Exactly what i was thinking too. Kids like that will end up killing somebody.

            • Prop 57 passed making it harder to charge juveniles as adults. The good news is… A tragedy was prevented. After the year Fortuna has had I feel FORTUNAte to read this. Thank you to all involved in stopping this from happening.

    • Gun free zones are self explanatory. Read ” lord of the flies” , and realize we have been chipping away , not building up, the foundation that our future workforce will have to deal with. It’s hard to put it all together lookin through our narrow perspectives. JuSt imagine a world where morals and values were still instilled and practiced, at all levels of society. Read/ listen to Norman Dodd on tax exempt foundations to understand why our educational system is where it’s at. Eye opening to say the least.

    • Totally.. time to shoot some 15 year olds.

    • Give them the death penalty, mass murder needs to stop! Give parents and friends something to think about

  • What is going on my god the children must be safe.

  • My thoughts are what went so wrong that young kids with their whole life ahead are willing to kill over it. Sure it’s horrible, but only stopping the symptoms may not cure the cause.

    • Trump supporting parents.

      • That’s not even funny to joke about Zippy!! Who are the ones rioting & causing chaos in our cities?

        • Trump camp had huge actions planned if he lost including starting a civil war and taking to the streets with weapons ready to kill if needed.
          Exercising ones rights to protest an election is pretty normal and we need to protect our right to protest. Sure it sux some people want to break window, but it’s pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.
          People feel frustrated that who gets the most votes from the people doesnt get to win. I wouldnt like it any better if it was the other way around, the popular vote should decide the prez esp when its 2 million votes more than the other guy. And don’t forget that we are at a huge crossroads, and the actions planned on the side of big corps will literally poison and kill millions of people around the world, in 4 years it may all be over due to climate change denial and corporate takeovers to the point of nuclear war. There’s more at stake then ever. When the ice caps melt and towns go underwater, well those towns should be full of trump climate deniers with no assistance from govt available.

          From years of protest experience, the ones breaking things and being crazy are usually the undercover cops. The practice became popular in Germany, look it up.
          Plus Trump called for violence so many times, watching black folks getting beat up at his rallies with no repurcussions shows others that they will not get in trouble for that behaviour. He spews hate speech and so people act on it, especially hormone ego driven boys. I’d give it 98% odds their parents supported trump. In case you weren’t paying attention, most stats and figures and general statements out of trumps mouth were false, look it up, it’s sad. These statements make it sound like all the problems in your life are due to minorities and liberals whether the facts behind that blame are true or not.

          A few teenage girls were telling me how scared they are at arcata high, that if they say anything in class opposing what trump says the other students say things like that’s not true you stupid f*ckin hippie. They are scared of the trump kids! The misinformation is incredible, one girl told me that some girls in her class said trumps pro choice and when she corrected them they told her she was stupid and wrong and made fun of her.

          They feel scared that someone will physically assault them, and more to the point sexually assault them. Groping and grabbing are ok by trump, as well as sleeping with 13year olds without their consent. Wait til that trump trial makes it to court!
          One girl said she’s scared all day one of those guys is gonna bring a gun and hurt liberals. There’s that much hate. Mckinleyville must be nuts, 2 Aryan nation gangs there already full of angry teen boys. Ask the teens, they all know about it.

          Whether he meant it to or not, the racist masogynistic folks feel like they can now do whatever they want as the prez has got their backs.

          David Duke said it was the happiest day of his life and the private prison stock value skyrocketed.
          So all that to say it’s more than fair to think these kids come from a trump family, he preaches hate. You’ll see it happening more and more. Some guys robbed a Muslim girl in SF saying this is for trump and deragatory Muslim slurs, and they pulled her hijab off. Nothings happening to them.

          The cops better be looking for trump kids doing nasty shootings and hurting others in the name of American pride. Tho the head of the fbi proved himself a trump guy so they will probably never focus on the huge domestic terrorism potential that’s just been released.

          • Life was getting bad befor the election… Open your eyes….. kids with out a conscience …

          • And having a abortion days prior is ok leaving military boy and girls to die, and being involved with with human trafficking, 3000 or emails are ok. I just don’t think so!! Neither one was great,but she is a security risk!

          • I’d like to remind you that the riots underway as we speak have absolutely nothing to do with trump. The riots are the work of the spoiled hysterical children who controlled the country for the last eight years. It is planned disruption by paid provocateurs and it is 100% The work of Geo Soros and his communist crowd.

            • Commies are scary, unless you’re trump. If you’re trump, then your on your knees in front of Putin, the worlds most famous commie. Who is this Geo Soros guy, Puto’s other boyfriend?

          • I too fear this relates to the hate mongering…..

          • You haven’t figured out the real cause of the protesting yet, and probably won’t if you haven’t by now, [edit]

          • WITH NO ASSISTANCE FROM GOVT AVAILABLE, that one statement tells me alot, I am not for Hillary or Trump and believe if you voted for either then you need to check your morals, as far as government assistance, nobody should get any kind of assistance, get a job , work to pay for your own way, simple .

          • You forgot he eats babies and invented terrorism.

          • Thank you for your well thought out comment.

          • If there are 2 organized White Supremacist groups in McKinleyville (or Fortuna or anywhere else for that matter) and the kids (or anyone else) knows about it, please notify the FBI and sheriff. If you are not comfortable doing that yourself please contact the Southern Poverty Law center and give names. They monitor hate groups and give legal services to some victims. Ask them to notify local law enforcement and the FBI. Give them the local law enforcement phone numbers. Southern Poverty law center; (334) 956-8200 or Toll-Free at (888) 414-7752


            I think they sometimes have volunteers answering the phone, so if you do not get a good response ask to talk to someone else.

            These groups are dangerous, not to be taken lightly and members are usually a bit unhinged… Please report them. They are a danger to the entire community.

            BTW, personally I have talked to MANY Trump supporters while canvassing for Bernie Sanders. Most Trump supporters are NOT racist *ssholes. The vast majority are caring decent people. Not everyone who disagrees with our views are jerks. Jerks are people who try to get try to get their way by intimidation. Or name calling.

          • Trump had nothing to do with this. Most likely the students have been hearing about other shootings and such going on in other schools. Probably mad at a few kids and pissed off at a teacher or administrator. They looked at it as, “everyone else is doing it so why don’t we.” Of course, they were not thinking about the reality of the outcome because being 15 yr olds they don’t have much common sense. But, they do know right from wrong and should be punished severely. Police might want to talk to the parents and find out how the home life is also.

          • Ndma:

            Dang. That was beautifully written and resonates with my wife and I. We are feeling like you and the two of us are the only three people around here thinking these thoughts. These are scary times.

      • I like how you play the Trump card. Wait is it the Trump supporters out causing riots and causing harm to others?

    • What went wrong? It’s humboldt!

  • Great work in catching them early. Their lives are ruined now but many lives may have been saved. At least for them they got caught before rather than after. Their lives would be beyond ruined then.

  • Seriously wtf! Thank god they were caught in time! Now find out WHY

  • Pay attention to your kids , be a great parent, it will benefit you ,your kids and everyone else.

  • Little b@+×$@×%&$!!!

  • Must of been a Trump protest

  • So glad the plan was discovered early! ! !

  • Awesome job fortuna PD as well as the school staff lock those little wierdos up for as long as you can and tell the parents, if they even care, that they need to do a better job at not raising little POS.

  • 15 year olds lack frontal lobe development, which is crucial to understanding the longterm consequences of their actions. In truth nothing is scarier than this.

    • Yes – when I was in jr high in the mid 1960’s, our school was like a war zone – no one wanted to hurt anyone though – just brought lots of fireworks to school. It was totally nuts. Finally, after a “professional” (imagine a 6″ long M-80) went off in the hall, the staff declared anyone caught with so much as a sparkler was expelled….and that was the end of it….

    • I was 15 and I knew the long term consequences of murdering another human. Maybe when I was four I didn’t, but surely when I was 15.

  • The way i was treated when I went to that school my freshman year caused me to hate a lot of my classmates and teachers.stupid jock bully’s and the way they treat people with teachers who turn a blind eye to it like it’s nothing.i wanted to cause them harm like they caused me but I was always to small to do so.most people point fingers at the parents of the kids that do school shootings but why not put any blame on anyone else?the ones that pushed them around and made them feel weak.the ones that made them feel like they were not justifying school shootings or things like that but a lot more factors go into why it happens then just the kids parents.

    • Thank you for that perspective.

    • If your kid is wearing a gas mask to school you may want to get to know him better, and if he is building bombs you should probably take note

    • “It takes a village” Thats what Hillary said. The whole village should take up the responsibility of raising your child. You , as an individual, are not smart enough or care enough to raise your children properly ,so let the state do it for you.
      Of course this is a stupid idea, but it is the best they [liberals] can do. Matter of fact , if they make it through the abortion flesh grinding mill , they are ready to take on the ” Village” That whole scenario is crazy just like the Author….Hillary for nut house.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    When I was in school I brought a rifle to school and kept it in my locker. We had a rifle team and no shootings.

    The Communists taking over try to mold people into the same form and they snap.

    Gun control, marijuana, government unions, media, and faked moon landings are to blame.

    Space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement.

    Actively fighting the war on drugs can save a future for children. What we’ve been doing isn’t working and children need to be kept away from drugs.

    We all need to take responsibility and keep drugs from children.

  • To students, faculty, or whomever reported this, “I thank you! Fortuna thanks you! God thanks you! We all thank you!”. It is well documented in studying mass school shootings that one or more students was either told about it before it happened or overheard talk about it and did not report it. At least two Columbine students knew that there was a planned massacre on the day it happened but, did not believe it. One of the perpetrators told a friend, “Stay home today. You don’t want to be there. Something bad is going to happen”. That boy never reported it.
    Talk to your children and make sure that you know their friends well. Make sure that you engrain it in them to report anything suspicious, even if it is just a rumor of violence.

  • Careful saying communist you will get edited o damn I said it again

    • Calling another commenter a name be it communist, libtard, repuglican, etc results in editing and eventually deletion.

      • Ah got it I should have worded it different thx

      • What about when we are talking about complete scumbag thieves? I noticed one of my innocent comments disappeared. There should be zero tolerance for vermin of this kind. I see sad unhappy faces on locals lately. Its the end of our community as we once knew it.

        • I checked the trash for any comment by you. I don’t see anything. Are you sure you published it? (And no, you may not call a fellow commenter a thief unless they have been convicted of that crime.)

  • Never would I think that the day would come to find that two of my friends would be arrested for potentially murdering my entire school, including me. I want to give a message to them personally, even though I might see them again. I shall not say their names because of privacy.
    My dear friends,
    Once I called you this with pride to know you. Now I believe that I may say this to the police in the case against you. After what both of you have been through, this is no excuse to release your anger. To destroy the place I go to, that my father went to and his before that, I say to you that you would really destroy generations of history of our school because of you fued with others. To kill off an entire generation of people is genocide that you almost committed. And that i on your heads. Until next time,

  • I’m not really surprised now that I know who one of these kids is! Poor kid never had a chance. Abusive mother, pathological liar father & mother, no supervision…. I hope this kid gets the help he’s been needing for years!!

  • This saddens me to my core.children wanting to kill children,you can’t see my tears but I cry for all the children and parents that drop off their babies at school with that thought in the back of their mind.dropping off my grandson makes me wonder alot.this is scary.

  • Fortuna Parent of 3

    Hmmm … Ferndale or South Fork are looking pretty good right now

  • Who cares who thier parents support, trump or hillary. The point is, our school was in danger. Stop pointing fingers at our president and realize that almost hundreds of students lives were endangered today. Show some respect.

  • thank you school faculty.

    Saddens me to say the families will need to move now just so thay are not persecuted, un justly, The entire school knows who they are now.

    I would not want my kids in the same school as them anymore.

    • How about the other school employees? There are more people in schools who actually look out for the kids and they are not teachers.

  • Ndma:
    You’ve got that wrong. We are allowed to exercise our right to PEACEFULLY protest. Protesting with weapons is not peaceful. Furthermore you speak of what is going on in North Dakota with the Dakota Access Pipeline…are you aware that Donald Trump is a major investor in the company building the DAPL? He also has big money invested in various other Oil companies in the usa and overseas.

  • Omg this is horrible, do y’all not have laws against bombs out there?!? I thought CA was progressive…

  • You guys are really having a debate about shooting children. Yes they were going to do something really horrible, but it did not say they were actively being aggressive and it seemed like they were pretty easy to detain. This is an appropriate situation for law enforcement not teachers having to be responsible for shooting a child. But now we know who would…

  • Those little kids might be locked up for the rest of their lives, thats considered a terrorist act when you bring a bomb to school, for the rest of their lives they’re going to be on the terrorist watch list or should be its the law.

  • From democracy now today

    Hundreds of Reports of Racist Attacks in Wake of Trump Victory

    Hundreds of people of color nationwide have reported being physically and verbally attacked, harassed, threatened and insulted in the wake of Donald Trump’s election Tuesday. At Southern Lehigh High School in Pennsylvania, students and the principal report white students calling their fellow black students “cotton pickers” and using the “heil Hitler” salute. At Royal Oak Middle School in Michigan, a video shows white students chanting “build a wall, build a wall.” Another teacher posted on social media that a 10-year-old girl had to be picked up from school because a boy grabbed her vagina and then reportedly said that “if a president can do it, I can, too.” Multiple women reported not wearing a hijab outside out of fear, while others reported hijabs being ripped from their heads while in public. In Woodland Hills, California, a 16-year-old girl told local media she was on her high school campus when a fellow student came up behind her and tried to rip her headscarf off her and then told her, “You shouldn’t be wearing that, you towelhead. You’re not American. This isn’t America.” On a college campus outside of Buffalo, New York, a black baby doll was found in an elevator with a rope around its neck, while in Wellsville, New York, a swastika and the words “MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN” were spray-painted on a baseball dugout. Several LGBTQ suicide hotlines are reporting that the number of calls has risen significantly since Tuesday, and that hotlines are seeking additional volunteers.

    • Any reports on minority crimes since the election? Statistically speaking, the greatest danger to a young man of color with African heritage is another young man of color with African heritage. Caucasians do and say terrible and stupid things, I agree. But I really don’t know anyone really scared of white people.

      • Try being Black or any other minority for a while you WILL be “scared of white people”!!!!

      • Be Leary and skeptical absolutely. Caucasians will plot, scheme, and utilize sacred institutions to oppress and take advantage of everyone. It’s just most of the fat has been cut from the back of people of color. Most of Americas wealth has been built on the backs of slaves or slave economy. Now it’s institutionalize to keep people down based on race and socioeconomic standing. Which, because of long standing oppression, many people of color have also been pushed towards poverty. I’m also pretty sure it was a Caucasian that put small pox in blankets. That’s diabolical. Like I said, Caucasians do terrible things. But not scary. They do it with a smiles and suits now.

        • Seriously? Move foreward in life dude. A lot of people do terrible things. Doesn’t matter their color. And last I checked the small pox shit was what? Two hundred years ago? Sure the slave trade was disgusting. But again, this was 150 or so years ago. When are we going to quit living in the past and start thinking about what we can do positively for the future of all of us? Not just whites but EVERYONE! The first step is to not believe a word that is presented in the media. They have an agenda. Hillary was going to win and the stock market futures were going to tank. What happened instead? Media has an agenda and it’s to manipulate and brainwash. Start thinking for yourself and think to the future.

          • I love your fervor and I completely agree with you. The thread has gotten very interesting and has gone on for a while. I believe my comments may have been misunderstood. I initially commented on the lack of information about all crimes and actions mentioned in the democracy now piece. They only gave the reports of things that whites have done to others. And the stuff they did is terrible. But how do these reports compare to all crimes? I don’t know. They could make up a huge portion or they could be a small portion that has been sensationalized for news reports. I said I don’t know anyone that is scared of white people. Do white people scare you? Me either. Then I was told to “try being black”. I wanted to clarify my understanding of scared. I agree we should let go of the past and try for a better future for each generation of our offspring. Everyone’s offspring. I also agree that oppression has broadened its scope. I believe it is more about money than skin color. They use our few differences to drive wedges between us and keep us occupied while they make money. And for the most part, no matter who wins any election, they make their money. This site is great, I love you guys. And to the guy that did the “fake democracy now post”. Very witty delivery. Seems some thought went into the delivery and point of post. People have well thought out and well delivered post here all the time. Very interesting all the time.

        • Just wanted to chime in with a little fact I got from a history class I took a while back, The US Army never distributed “small pox blankets” to Native Americans. It has actually been a widely misrepresented story of the epidemic, spread about by a Ward Churchill in the 1990s, and has yet to fall out of the lexicon, despite being studied and debunked by many a historian.

          “Every aspect of Churchill’s tale is fabricated. Between 1994 and 2003, Ward Churchill published at least six different versions of this accusation against the U.S. Army. While the Mandans and other Indians of the Upper Plains did suffer horribly from a smallpox epidemic in 1837, Churchill presents no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the infection was anything but accidental, or that the U.S. Army was in any way involved. Fort Clark was a privately owned fur trading outpost, not a military base, and there were no U.S. troops in the vicinity. The closest U.S. military unit was an eight hundred mile march away at Fort Leavenworth.”

          “Historians agree that smallpox was brought to the High Plains in 1837 aboard the steamboat St. Peter’s—which was owned by a fur trading company—as it made its annual voyage up the Missouri River from St. Louis, delivering goods to the company’s trading posts along the way. The disease followed in the steamboat’s wake, making its appearance among the southern-most tribes along the river before it spread to the Mandans at Fort Clark and tribes north (Connell, 1984; Ferch, 1983; Dollar, 1977; Hudson, 2006; Jones, 2005; Meyer, 1977; Pearson, 2003; Stearn & Stearn, 1945; Sunder, 1968; Thornton, 1987; Trimble, 1985; Trimble, 1992; Robertson, 2001).”

  • Are these the kids that burnt down the baseball shack and liked the publicity so they thought they could do more????????????????

  • From Democracy now or tomorrow

    Hundreds of reports of hurt feelings and crying to their mama….

    In the wake of the Trump victory, thousands of liberals and complaining that their feelings are hurt because they have to go get a job and quit living off the gov’t. At one school in Detroit, a student said, “How is my mama going to afford her weed, if she doesn’t have food stamps to pay for our desert?” Meanwhile in western Michigan, a boy was slapped for trying to kiss a girl on their first date. According to the girl (whose identity is being protected), “We were having a lovely time, and at the end of the date, he walked me to the door. He leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek, but all I could think about was the news story about Trump grabbing women by the P*$$*, so I slapped him. Unfortunately, he has told me that he doesn’t want to see me again. I tried to explain that this was entirely Trumps fault, but he refuses to speak to me. I have determined that he is a white supremacist republican, who was clearly trying to take away LGBT rights and is obviously homophobic, racist, and anti-semitic!” Meanwhile in CA, someone got “legally” high, ran into a 7-11, ate all the donuts and ran out without paying. The clerk was quoted as saying, “WTF man, I was gonna have a donut too Dude?!?!?!?” Additionally at a local college campus in CA, a group of students was spotted burning the American flag and chanting “Death to Trump” in a clearly non-violent protest. Parents of the students were overheard saying, “Why the F*** am I paying your tuition?” While, college administrators were quoted as saying, “Whatever we have to do to keep they kids happy…. They are our gravy train!” In New York and other big cities across the US, anarchy is on the rise. Apparently, forcing people to work for the benefits the gov’t provides them is unacceptable to a majority of the people receiving the free benefits. These people are revolting, but the general consensus is that if we stop giving them gov’t support, they will quit causing problems, get jobs, and become productive members of society! The jury is still out on whether on not this will actually work, however this reporter would love to see it happen!

  • why is the election part of this conversation……’s not even part of the actions taken….these kids aren’t stupid…how do you think they planned their attack

  • So I guess for the next 4 years everything violent and negative that occurs will be blamed on Trump? Sure he is an asshole, but he is our president. Deal with it people. Strive to be better people. Rise above the hate and violence. Work together to make this country better in spite of the election. A lot can happen between now and the inauguration. This has turned into a nation of whiners. These boys need serious consequences. Maybe they are sociopaths and nothing will change them. Look at Jason Warren. I think their behavior in Juvenile Hall will show what kind of kids they are. Are they scared? Or are they thinking they are bad asses? Time will tell. Thank gawd their plan was discovered before implemented

  • This is not a political matter. Your stance on gun rights and which party you support is NOT important here. What’s important is that two local children were impacted and damaged enough to want to do this, and that another child was brave enough to report it. Perhaps some compassion could be used to figure out what would drive two young people who wanted to commit such a horrible act, rather than instantly condemning them and throwing away the key.

    Thankfully they were apprehended before they could do any damage to anyone else or themselves, and instead of bickering about leftists or rightists, maybe everyone should go spend some quality time with their kids/siblings/spouses and be thankful that they can.

    • I agree. What would drive such young people to try to harm so many? Whomever is our president, these children were in pain.

  • I know both of the students. Both I shared laughs with and both I’ve tried to help in the past. I want to say that everyone there that day was in danger. I hope that we all don’t end in a place surrounded by our past memories, but instead that we end in a place surrounded by our family. Family isn’t who your born with, it’s who you die for. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I was willing to die for a lot of people who would have been in that gym that day. Stay save out there everyone.

  • Am I the only one here waiting for more information on what the bomb-making components found actually were?
    I’m also waiting to hear if an explanation comes forth as to the reason the suspects were doing all this.
    As usual… there could be more to all this than what’s being passed around the internet and through a single news release…

  • We need to have U shaped schools with one open entrance at front. Fenced perimeter. Security at entrance. Simple solution to MAJOR problem.

  • I think the internet, the information age, has brought the corruption and hipocracy of society to the light of day. Any thinking, caring person is fed up with blood for oil, healthcare for those who can afford it, predatory bankers, stores full of goods made by overseas slaves, and all the other problems our society has failed to deal with. The adults just rebelled by voting Trump, these kids tried to rebel with violent action. As long as the adults keep insisting that kids fall into place in our failing society, they will continue to rebel against it.Unfortunately sometimes in an extremely angry and violent fashion.

  • Access to family planning services would have avoided the terrible embarrassment that this has caused for our community and the parents of these unwanted and uncared for children. Please, Mr. Trump, Don’t let your new attorney general Ben Carson destroy the only institution that can prevent attacks like these in the future world we all must share in harmony. The ancient Egyptians knew this to be true.

  • We're in this together

    With the ridiculous, hate fueling, and totally unrelated comments by the “adults” from the community, it is easy to see how a couple of disadvantaged youths could have enough anger and hate inside to want to hurt others.
    When we choose as individuals to perpetuate the fear and hate by making self righteous, degrading comments to our fellow man, we are teaching our children to hate.
    Do you think that arguing about Trump and Hilary, or trying to place blame is going to help anything? Kids read these comments. The kids at Fortuna High School need our support and gentle guidance in the wake of this near tragic event. They are dealing with a situation that can effect them for the rest of their lives. Please let’s try to remember this and choose our attitudes and words carefully.

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