On the First Day After Recreational Marijuana Was Voted Legal, Three Flown to Davis Hospital Following an Explosion in a BHO Lab

fire by Vivian Graziose

The fire burning behind a home [Crop of a photo by Vivian Graziose]

According to Sgt. John Beauchaine of the Rio Dell Police Department, three burn victims injured in last night’s explosion at a Butane Hash Oil (BHO) lab in the 100 block of First Street were flown to UC Davis Medical Center. As of 10:30 this morning, he said, the young men were all alive.

Beauchaine said that his department and the Rio Dell Fire Department were dispatched to a fire started by an explosion at 6:52 p.m. Two of the victims were located at the “garage-like structure” where the incident took place. “They were found by neighbors who helped them,” the sergeant said. At least one was being wet down with a hose while his clothes smoldered. A third was found two blocks away. The two that were found initially had burns over the vast majority of their bodies. The third, he said, had burns over approximately 40 to 60%.

“They were processing marijuana and butane is very combustible,” Beauchaine said. “I don’t know what the ignition source was but it ignited.” He explained that after an initial explosion, there were “several other smaller explosions.”

 Video by Jacque Torres, Reporter for The Trader magazine.

The structure burst into flames. “The [Rio Dell] Fire Department was able to knock it down within 20 minutes,” the sergeant said. “We have a great fire department.”


Remains of the structure where the incident occurred. [Crop of a photo made by Ricky Sager.]

Beauchaine and others including an investigator from the District Attorney’s Office have been at the scene. Hazmat will be coming to collect the large number of butane containers at the incident site.

The explosion occurred on the first day that voters passed a law legalizing recreational marijuana use. This is the very first BHO Lab explosion in Rio Dell that he knows of, Beauchaine stated.

Earlier Chapter: Structure Fire With Explosion and Injuries in Rio Dell



  • HOPE my source is wrong regarding 2 men not making it. Good thoughts and prayers to family and friends. Can’t imagine the amount of pain and healing to take place.

  • I’ve seen them busy all working on the investigation, but seeing a set of chard clothes lying on the ground; whether relevant I’m glad that this time, only a few injuries. Please be aware of your surroundings. That explosion was dangerous.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Sad that marijuana has injured and possibly killed more people.
    Only a full scale war on growers can save lives and secure a future for children.
    I hope the next president will equip the police with all weather attack helicopters and bring the fight directly to the growers by taking no prisoners and leaving no grower home standing.
    Attack helicopters would crush the growers and drive them from the country.

    It’s seriously time to play the card from the illuminati card game called, Enough Is Enough.

    Check out the image on that card and welcome and end to the evil growers if that card is played.

    I hope the injured recover and stay from drugs so they may amount to something and have a future.

    • These guys aren’t growers. Ask local shops to stop carrying all the stuff to make hash oil, its simple to find with no instructions necessary. Does prop 64 even regulate who can buy large quantities butane? Probably not and thats the place to direct your hateful anger.
      If you hate growers then please don’t reap the rewards they have offered everyone here, including helping fund fire departments to respond to these types of things. Don’t go to any local biz, garden store, concert, and don’t listen to any local radio or send your kids to one of the local schools. You are then accepting assistance from growerd, which if you want them “crushed” would make you get crushed as well as under the law utilizing anything that may have been paid for by “illegal” money will put you under a conspiracy charge. Oh better not drive the roads as we wouldn’t have tax money to pay for roadwork without growers.
      If you wamna be a hater go somewhere else. I hope all the haters get crushed and run out if that’s how you wanna play it. Why live here if that’s how you feel? Go away!

      • Amen buddy

      • Are you saying that growers PAY their taxes!?
        I’m fairly certain, even confident, that we will be financially fine without grower money.
        Seemingly, other people operate business above the table, employ people with benefits, and make a profit–and contribute to this community.
        Conversely, growers seem to have money for nice vehicles, vacas, and lavish living, and yes, even keeping up businesses of their choices where money is laundered.

        • Growers pay plenty of taxes. How do you know about these vacations and lavish living. Did you read about in a comment section?

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          . . . . .a. . .n. . . d. . . .TAXES are paid on alleged “laundered” money. That’s the idea of laundering is to legitimize the money, pay taxes, and use the remainder like, I dunno, everybody else. Property taxes have to be paid, local daily expenses and a possible payroll paid, all of which impact the local economy. Garden supplies and maintenance. You must be out-of-area or a newbie. I am SO tired of having to repeat this. Please make copies for your friends of the Redwood Capital Bank analysis of the multiple millions of dollars that slosh through the County yearly as a direct or indirect result of the cannabis industry. The white paper is by Jennifer Budwig, SVP, etc.

        • Growers have spent an estimated 2 million dollars on environmental clean up and improvment in Humboldt county this year, and none of that was government money.

        • sharpen your pencil

          And I’m fairly certain that you are clueless about the biz and may be better off keeping your benevolence tightly boxed up. Funny that you state growers don’t pay taxes and with the same breath speak about laundering. [edit]

          • sharpen your pencil

            Oh yeah, and now that 64 had passed as well as our local commercial measure, you are even more incorrect. Pot money has been supporting our area for quite some time. Are you really so ignorant as to think this area would make it without the pot biz? [edit]

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        When growers hear the hush kits on the attack helicopters there is only enough time to realize Flight Of The Valkyries is playing for them.

        No prisoners, no shelter, and no quarter!

        They can be forever driven away, running to hide in the darkest pits once the all weather attack helicopters are delivered to law enforcement.

        The iron fist will crush the growers while healing the land they poisoned!

      • Fed up with dirt bags

        What?? Growers haven’t beeen paying taxes! Are you serious! Local trucks shops and dealerships are doing great because of the grow rigs being purchased and chipped. Have you looked at the shape of our schools? No money from growers there. Trimmigents coming into the communtiy and adding to the already high crime rate we have.

    • Draw no plot cards this turn, HBC.

    • Why are you on this website then? You are a hypocrite go away! Wishing “all weather attack helicopters” on any us citizen of this country in this country just shows you are [edit]

    • HBC, you have the right to express your opinion that law enforcement should ARREST growers. However, any more indication that you are inciting violence and I will delete the comment.

    • It’s not the pot that blew up, it’s the butane – a poison that has no business being combined with cannabis.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Their addiction to marijuana caused them to need a stronger high.
        Their addiction to marijuana caused them to make poor decisions regarding their safety.
        Their addiction to marijuana caused them to choose being high over common sense.

        It’s time for the federal government to send the full force of the military internally and arrest every pot grower, load them on planes, and deport them by parachute into North Korea.

        Marijuana is a dangerous, gateway drug that threatens the safety of our children and communties – it’s time the federal government arrests the terrorist growers to secure a future for children.

        Move every single grower to North Korea and watch crime drop.

    • WHAT???? Full scale helicopter attacks? You seem really, really, angry.

    • WOW dude your a real piece of work there i think your comment well speaks for its self (holy shit) who is this guy. Ha ha

    • Drones will be much cheaper. Need to save tax payer money.

    • You should think about your ignorance and maybe put a sock in your mouth,
      Marijuana hasn’t done anything, or do forks make people fat?
      We all do it to our selves.
      Does your car make you run people over?
      Does a knife make you stab and kill?

  • Unnecessary leading title. This has been happening in the area for a long time. Idiots blowing themselves up doing something stupid like making butane hash in unsafe conditions with no training or knowledge. What does it have to do with legalization? You’re creating a vague pathway for assumption that you are making a statement about legalization and it’s relationship with this incident. Maybe it caused it? Maybe these awful situations will be fewer because of it? If you have a statement, then make it. If you don’t leave leading references out of news stories.

    • No, I am pointing out how ironic that on the first day that it is legal to smoke recreational marijuana (and yes it took effect yesterday), that one of the side effects of marijuana prohibition, a blackmarket BHO lab, exploded.

      • Except that it’s not really. And I know very well that some of the statutes of recreational marijuana have implemented, but not the infrastructure that would prevent/or lesson the number of dangerous events like these. Anyway, it seems a little bit early for vague commentary from local news on the effectiveness of legalization when we aren’t to the point where we can actually measure it.

      • You should think about your ignorance and maybe put a sock in your mouth,
        Marijuana hasn’t done anything, or do forks make people fat?
        We all do it to our selves.
        Does your car make you run people over?
        Does a knife make you stab and kill?
        You see your ignorant, put a sock in it.

        • Sockmaster, I’m not accusing marijuana of anything. I’m saying there is an irony to several people being terribly injured in a hash lab explosion the very day after marijuana is legalized and legal hash labs with safeguards that must meet codes are going to be allowed.

  • We all make choices. RESPECT THE LAW. The LAW of unexpected consequences.

  • WTF is going on with this whole BHO business anyway? Maybe I’m just old school, but I’d way rather smoke some nice bud than some kind of weird concentrate. If today’s weed isn’t strong enough for you then maybe you need to back off on your intake a bit. Sheesh!

  • That would of happened whether it was legal or not

  • Ahhh, karma’s a bitch.

  • You can bet your ass they’re all on medi cal. Taxpayers to the rescue yet again.

  • Can’t leave well enough alone!!straight up only way is bud,it won’t blow up your house and everyone survive’s.im sorry for.the pain all the family’s are going thru.god bless you all.

  • Yall act like this first one ever. in reality anyone of Yall neighbors could be doing the same thing u wouldn’t even know tell it blew up.. just like them doing it for what 6 months now atleast.. noone knew tell now. sucks littlest thing can turn it all bad prayers for my buddy an his buddys…

  • It was there garage im assuming they own the property should be able to blow your house up if you want to I don’t think there’s a law against that

  • WOW. All the heartlessness bewilders me. It’s inhumane and completely unnecessary. If this was your child or brother, how would you react? Would you not weep for their pain, or just tell them ‘this is what you deserve’? So many from our community hide behind fake names, solely because they don’t want their negativity to come back to them. Hoping all of these kids receive the best medical treatment and make recoveries. May their families be graced with positivity and love in this time of trouble.

  • Wow!! Yes it is against the law to blow up your house. Also funny to listen to the haters. Lol cannabis isn’t going anywhere so get over it. Lol

  • Hey Honeyew bridge chump. Cannabis just got legalized. Just like Trump won, it already happened. How many people do you know that have died because of Alcohol? I, unfortunaly know many, and have friends who know many more. Would you say, such heartless things to them? Alcohol has, and will, kill a gazillion more people…times ten. Its a fact. Check out facts, they are great. Yes, BHO labs are unsafe, and with all due respect, not smart to attempt, outside of a real lab. But this is a horrible accident. Try not to be horribly crude. We all are here together. And really not that different. Tone it down a notch, or just put that side of you on mute. Until you reflect on your thoughts

  • SIGH…I don’t know why people are still messin with that BHO BS. Quality wise it’s not as clean as using a rosin press, (I don’t care what your method is there’s still at least a fraction of a percent of butane in the finished product) Not to mention theres ZERO chance of blowing yourself up when making rosin or some old school bubble hash. Save up all the money you would otherwise spend on butane and buy a rosin press or some bubble bags. You can thank me later.

  • When will this end? So stupid so dumb. So sad for them, their parents, children, neighbors, etc.

  • These young people’s lives is changed forever. If they are lucky enough to make it, they will have a long and painful recovery, during which they will be charged with felonies including manufacturing a controlled substance, and burning down a domicile at the very least, will spend at least a couple years in prison, and will spend the rest of their lives as felons fighting just to get a decent job… they’re idiots, clearly, but they’re gonna pay for it, so let’s stop wishing ill will towards them. Lord knows there is enough negativity going on in our world already!

  • I have heard a call coming in on a cell phone can set the butane off? Has anyone heard of that?

  • Kym, any updates on the three young men ? A source told me 2 didn’t make it. Hope they were told misinformation. All lives matter no matter the circumstances that caused this horrific outcome. Three lives were changed dramatically.

  • IToldYouSo - NoMorePotLies

    Yep, alcohol causes these explosions every day…. Watch your insurance rates climb – driving, home, renter’s etc. . Society was warned this would happen if you pass Prop 64 – now live with the consequences – you suckers. You trusted pot heads – this is what you get! Tell Gavin Newsome to pay for the burn unit costs – but the TAX PAYER will be stuck with the bill.

    • You act like this wasn’t happening before Prop 64 passed. You should be against legal turkey as well. There are quite a few injuries and fires caused by turkey fryer accidents.

  • Marijuana will always be a lawless industry. Criminals and addicts don’t abide by regulations. Over 40% of pot in Colorado is untaxed underground pot. Prop 64 is a big mistake foisted on us by 2 billionaires. It never would have made the ballot without them paying $7-10 per signature. There will be lots more sad tales coming.

  • Because smoking pot makes you stupid. And paranoid. Stoned people endanger everyone, by operating basic tools, like butane and pickup trucks. Get smart, stop smoking that dope!

  • Put a Butane Tax of 30% on the ballot next time. Mean while emergency ban…sold with valid Id and signed statement not for use in drug production. Way too many explosions, fires, injuries and deaths from BHO manufacturing for nothing to be done.

  • Maybe change the title to ‘Legalization not soon enough for three flown to Davis following hash lab explosion.’

  • There’s a huge difference between mom and pops/people growing small amounts for their own use, and this gang style meth head hash dealers coming in from the city. Jail all the illegal high production BS that’s poisoning our rivers etc.

  • Kym, is there an update for these folks? Did all three make it? Are they still in the hospital? Do they have family/friends with them? Is the burnt shell still standing? I’ve been hoping for a full recovery for them.

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