Three Vehicle Traffic Collision on Eel River Drive

At about 8:31 a.m. three vehicles collided in the 1300 block of Eel River Drive [near Loleta.] One vehicle contained children. The ambulance is on its way for one person with minor injuries. Two tow trucks are needed. At this time it isn’t clear how the roadway is impacted but it seems likely. Please avoid the area if possible.


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  • HI.. love your reporting… but it seems like most of the time you only give a street name or the name of some hill in the area and not the town or some indication of where the incidents are. I have only been here for a couple years (as I am sure many others have also), and I am not familiar with just street names…. so where is Eel River Drive ??? Eureka, Fortuna, Garberville ? I don’t have a clue as to what area to avoid.
    Thanks, and I look forward everyday for your timely reporting.

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