[UPDATE 10:45 p.m.–Video Added] Structure Fire With Explosion and Injuries in Rio Dell

Breaking news graphicAs of 6:50 p.m., emergency personnel are responding to a structure fire in Rio Dell. Multiple people reported an explosion on the 120 block of First Avenue to 911. There are reports of multiple people with injuries.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: “The male I am out with has burns all over his body,” according to an emergency responder. A woman suspect has fled.

UPDATE 7:01: Two patients with burns over 90% of their bodies, according to reports from the scene.


Photo by Kylie Denby

UPDATE 7:06 p.m.: Another view of the fire.

Another view of the fire by Vivian Graziose

Another view of the fire by Vivian Graziose

UPDATE 7:20 p.m.: There is a report of a third patient with burns.

UPDATE 7:23 p.m.: According to scanner traffic there is a 22-year-old male with facial burns that appears to be the third patient.

In addition, one of the fire department’s vehicles has been involved in a traffic collision on Atlanta and First.

UPDATE 7:32 p.m.: The first patient is a 21-year-old male with burns covering 60 to 80% of body. “Is in severe pain,” reports medical personnel.

The second patient is also a 21-year-old male with burns on his arms and face, according to personnel. There is no information on the third patient.

UPDATE 7:50 p.m.: A video of the fire by Jacque Torres, Reporter for The Trader magazine.

UPDATE 8:15: Another video. This one by Lindsay Todd.

UPDATE 8:45 p.m.: And another video this one by Desirae Wilson:

UPDATE 10:45 p.m.: Video and photo by Ricky Sager show one of the victims being loaded into an ambulance and the aftermath of the fire.


Crop of a photo made by Ricky Sager.



  • Omg..that is so sad and bad!

  • Another hash lab gone bad ? 90 % percent burned…wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy. Hope they get the best medical treatment available.

  • Thank god for oBamacare

    • Enjoy it (and use it!) while you got it! As to whether they have insurance….. The victims are young enough to still be on their parents plans. Cross your fingers for them.

  • 90% sounds fatal. Doubt they have medical insurance, this will be on the tax payers, if they survive.

    • Wow tax payers??? That’s what you have to say?
      What a fucking joke.
      I hope the effected survive to see another day, even if a tiny bit comes out of my pocket to help them live and recover.
      Get a grip..

    • Jeesh Beth god forbid if it was you, or someone you loved…..I cant believe you would say something like that at a time like this. These people are still kids and you have no idea if it was a drug lab or legal ammunition exploding or WTF it was. Who cares if it is on us “tax” payers…. better to pay to save a life than half the shit our tax money goes to.

    • “Beth”Hopefully if you were on fire someone would urinate on you to save the tax payers a dollar… just sayin

  • Thank God we legalized it !!

    • At least it wasn't in a car this time

      That’s sure to increase the amount of these types of things happening. And if anyone thinks fed health care will cover this must be super rich and have a huge deductible. Health care barely pays for anything, they just can’t deny you based on your being sick. Well until the spring at least so if you need med treatments do it now, we will be back to seeing folks diagnosed with cancer & the like denied health insurance due to pre existing conditions by this time next year.

  • Just a little part of more to come with legalization what do u expect, dumb mother fuckers who voted to legalize.

  • They have less than 5% of a chance of survival.

  • Former abuser enlightened

    Expect to see more of this now that prop 64 passed, sure this happened before 64 but just wait….. no one will have hesitation now because its legal right?!?…. what a joke. BHO is poison right next to crystal meth! Think COPD is bad now? 20 years from now you will see oxygen masks everywhere. Lungs cannot handle that kind of abuse. Dab it up dummies!

    • Your wrong . Dabbing is better on the lungs because they smoke less and there is less carbon. It has been around for over 30 years . You have just recently had your eyes opened to its existence . It’s ok though you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

      • Former abuser enlightened

        Better for your brain too right?? And better for the poor uneducated people who’s lives changed forever trying to make some extra money off some shit trim to supply the wax/ shatter/ honey oil lovers. No matter what you say you know there is no excuse for the damage this stuff creates. You are right about one thing though it has been around a long time and is going no where that is the worst part. Much love though and peace to all affected by this! Killapotomus have a goodnight🙂

  • From the video, this looks like it’s actually on 2nd Ave. Any more info?

  • So sorry for all involved.sounds pretty bad.all young,all knew better.god bless you all in a speedy recovery

  • It don’t matter what they were doing. I pray for those that got burned. God bless

  • Oh boy I was walking by the pizza place before fire dept got there & that fire was blazing & popping ! Hope everyone is safe & the injured can heal quickly

  • Mike sounds like a bleeding heart what they were doing omg are u for real, when you play with fire u get burned.

    • And I’m sure your inacente of ever doing wrong. That’s why you hide your name.

    • YOU sound like an F’ing A$$HOLE & that is for real as well!!! As Gazoo said earlier I hope if you’re on fire someone will P!ss on you to put it out!!!! Better still I hope you are burned 2x as badly as these individuals were so you know how it feels!!! You’re going top love the next 4 years when every thing you ever wished for someone else to be harrassed etc comes true!!! Preferably it happens to YOU!!!!

  • my name is shane bramlett. the blond 1. it was my neighbors house. the kids wife and i ran like hell lol. i have a video on my facebook page. they somehow saved my house.

    • Thank goodness, I was worried about you guys, we seen u exiting the building, as the explosions were worsening.

    • So glad you got out and are safe.

    • Glad your family is safe. I have no sympathy for the ones that do this in apartments or places were they put real people in extreme danger. We had one explode in a garage down the alley from an apartment we have and another just a couple blocks away from our house that blew the walls out of place when it blew up because of these brain dead losers. The people that do this are complete idiots and it’s not fair to the people living around them that they have no concern about.

  • Okay. I am only putting this here to get the word out. All of this is unnecessary. A very simple way to make Dab or concentrate is to use a hair straightener and wax paper. No explosives, no flames.

  • Doesn’t anyone smoke weed like they used too!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Attack helicopters fighting the war on drugs?

  • This is heartbreaking. They face weeks of hospitalization and a full year of recovery. It is heart breaking the negative comments. Houses have had explosions long before hash labs, I don’t get jumping to conclusions. I am hoping their burns are 1st and 2nd degree and not 3rd or 4th degree burns. I am hoping their families can be by their sides. I am hoping they don’t have small children. I am hoping they can replace their belongings that were lost in the fire. I am hoping the three will find their inner strength and heal. They are experiencing the worst pain possible. I hope their friends and family have more compassion then found in the comment section.

  • Please someone tell me what is the address of the fire
    Please the address.

  • But seriously, was it a hash lab?

    • I have not heard of many houses exploding in a fire Ball in this area with out drugs being
      involved. This is just my opinion.

  • Sounds like a hash oil lab malfunction. I hope no young children were Hurt.

  • How about the knucklehead s that blew them selves trying to extraCT BHO in a car .crazy now that’s stupidly at its finest .

  • How about the knucklehead s that blew them selves up trying to extraCT BHO in a car .crazy now that’s stupidly at its finest .

  • I’ve just read the “comments.” My gosh, it sounds like Trump won! af

    • Shit yeah he won , amen the campaign adds are over, tired of censoring for the sake of my kids, Especially hillarys ads. Like to see her do some on her husband

  • Word from a reliable source… 2 men didn’t make it. Condolences to family and friends of these young men. Hope people will keep their judgements to themselves. Is such a small community. LIZ…nicely stated. Thank you !!!

  • Are there any updates on this??

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