Jordon Antonsen, 1993-2016: Moderation Is for Cowards

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Jordon Antonsen


MAY 16, 1993-OCTOBER 6, 2016

It is with a deep sense of sadness, and truly broken hearts, that we the family of Jordon
Dennis Antonsen have to announce the tragic death of our Son & brother in Southern Humboldt Weott, California.  Jordon was preceded in death recently (July 31st 2016) by his beloved grandmother Deborah Lynn Hoeffer or Redway, California, and in 1989 by his oldest brother Garrett Michael East also of Redway California,  his great grandmother Dixie Joe Strobbe of Kettle Falls Washington, His grandparents Grandpa Gordon “Skeeter” Antonsen and grandmother Frances Antonsen, and great grandfather Vernon Peterson all of Humboldt County

Jordon Antonsen will be lovingly remembered by his only child and love of his life, “Kendra”, and by his life partner and mother of his daughter, Ms. Stephanie Dreckman, Jordon and Stephanie shared many happy years together resulting in the creation of their daughter Kendra, his legacy.  Stephanie, was a wonderful partner and friend to Jordon, and Jordon loved her…and was proud of his family.

Jordon Antonsen is survived by both of his parents, Gordon & Angela Antonsen (East) and his first and best companion, and big brother Jessie Antonsen and niece Taylor all of Southern Humboldt and Nampa, Idaho. Jordon leaves behind a huge loving family from all over the Western United States, ranging as far north to Kettle Falls, Washington, 17 mile s from the Canadian border and all the way down to San Diego near the Mexican boarder’  Jordon is survived by his grandfather Dennis “Buzz” East and his wife Susan, his younger Uncles Ben, Evan, Jacob, Thomas & MatJordon Antonsenhew East of Kettle Falls Washington, his grandfather “Poppa Jim Hoeffer” of Redway; his Uncle Jason East and partner Rose and their family cousins Bethany, Keenan, a Kiyauna, Cain, Trista and little Jason, his Aunt Tweet and her husband Dan Valk and their family his cousins Kaylee Goff & Laura and Jacob Valk of Vacaville, California, his Uncle Jarod East and his younger cousins Adriaunna, Zachary, Emily & Bella East of Eureka Ca. he is also survived ny his fathers family mostly from the Redding area Uncle Dennis Barnes Glenna Barnes cousins Scott Butler and Todd Barnes, Uncle Vern Antonsen wife Coleen and his cousins Olivia and Keetan Antonsen, Uncle Marc and his cousin Dusten Nizz, of Oregon, his Uncles Dick and Mike Summerfield of Idaho, His Aunty Lisa and cousins James and David Vanhoose and Mylisa “Missylou” Neslen, Aunt Shala & Uncle Shawn Strange, his Uncle Jody Cook all of Southern Humboldt, and several more extended family throughout the Humboldt Nation that he was close to and loved as well.

Jordon had several life long buddies his best friend Jaydhen Williams of So. Humboldt, Steven Edward, Sam Ivey, Kurtis Day, Trevor “T.P.” Porter all of Fortuna California, and Ricky and Johnny Boster of Redding, and more recent friend  Whitney Wyatt of Rio Dell sadly Whitney recently captured a glimpse of a wonderful friend and what might have been, Jordon is mourned by many, many, many more friends,  Jordon will be missed greatly by all who knew and loved him.

“Jordy”, as  he was affectionately remembered by his family, and many throughout the community will be forever missed.  Jordon was a man of deep kindness and will be remembered for his smile, Jordon was a young man full of Integrity.  He was honest and just.  Jordon was full of love, and loved life.  Jordon was a guardian and a warrior amongst his people.  Jordon was a lover and a fighter, meaning he would fight for what ever he loved and believed in.

Jordon also leaves behind his longtime devoted and loyal K-9 family his beloved fox terriers Junior, Sugar ‘Sugie“ &  Shadow.

Jordon had many hobbies he rode motorcycles and enjoyed being outdoors, he loved being in nature, he was born and raised cultivating, growing many different strains, and was a proud connoisseur of the cannabis Industry of Southern Humboldt.  Jordon was big into his fitness and working out and staying healthy, he was an avid runner and competed in several marathons all over Humboldt County and Northern California.  One of his greatest races was the 27 mile marathon, where he placed first in his age division,  Jordon enjoyed his fitness and ran almost everyday, let us find comfort in knowing that Jordy finished his final race, he has crossed the final finish line,  his reward is Heaven… Jordon ranked in the top of all his sports and competitions in all categories, Jordon had a motto he lived by, “Anything in Life worth doing, is worth overdoing…moderation is for cowards…”

A celebration of his life will be held at:

12:00 noon
November 13, 2016
At the Beginnings Octagon
In Briceland Ca.

Please join family and friends in this celebration of his life and memory…
There will be food and beverages served, music entertainment and an open mic, also a jumpy playground for children to enjoy.

On behalf of Jordon Antonsens family we would like to take this time to thank everyone in the community, friends, and family for their prayers, love and support, as we have all been devastated at this time by our loss,  again your support is much appreciated,  Thankyou.



  • I’m so very sorry for your family.god bless all of you,he sounded like a kick ass guy,who had a zest for life!!

  • My heart goes out to all of Jordan’s family and friends!! I know how hard it is to lose a loved one!! God bless you all during these trying times!! I look forward to seeing you all at his memorial!! Peace!!

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