HSU Students Gather Somberly After Yesterday’s Election

Students are gathered at the University Center Quad. [All photos by Oliver Cory]

Today, students gathered at the Humboldt State University Center Quad. [All photos by Oliver Cory]

Over 100 students gathered on the quad at Humboldt State University today. Microphones and speakers were set up so that those interested could step forward and talk. Initially, the mood was a little raucous but students quieted down and discussed everything from the political climate to the rising cost of tuition.

Kelly Karaba, an environmental management and protection major, addresses the crowd at the University Center quad at HSU.

Kelly Karaba, an environmental management and protection major, addressed the crowd.

A student sports a Bernie Sanders pin on his backpack.

A student sported a Bernie Sanders pin on his backpack.

Marion Sherman, a Native American Studies professor, used a boxing analogy to tell the crowd that they needed to be strategic. He said that if they just start swinging violently, there won’t be any progress.

Marlon Sherman, a Native American Studies professor, used a boxing analogy to tell the crowd that they needed to be strategic. He said that if they just start swinging violently, there won’t be any progress.



  • Just stay in school and let the adults keep you in the dark. Reality is dark when you look closely at the options. The left and right are working to keep your options limited. Learn a trade or join the dark side, pretty much a rigged game.

  • Did William Casey (CIA Director) really say, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”?

  • Buckle up crybabies it’s going to be a hellava ride!!

  • Suck it up Sally’s.

  • Study hard , find a job . Don’t be a crybaby because you didn’t get your way . You’ll have plenty more elections to participate in .

  • Hey, how about the taxpayers stop supporting your sorry asses and you pay FULL tuition?

    • Life is Good, my daughter attends HSU and we pay FULL tuition, so don’t talk out your ass, please. I think it’s great that these students, our future workers and concerned citizens of America, care about the world around them enough to take time out of their busy days to speak and listen to the issues.

      • Tuition costs rise when the government foots the bill for most to go to school. If there were more students not collecting government money for school education would be cheaper.

        • maybe if the government wasn’t getting paid more than their worth, it wouldn’t be so expensive to get a good education. government is just trying to hold everyone down…I bet their kids don’t have to worry because the tax payers pay for their school.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Bunch of muckety mucks, used to inflicting terror on Humboldt property owners…

    Hope they move to Canada or box Profit Muscle.

  • You poor people, things are so rough because you’re candidate didn’t win? Elected into office is a man who wants stop outsourcing of labor to foreign countries, cut taxes to jumpstart manufacturing and hiring, repeal and replace Obamacare with a better system, reduce immigration and secure our borders at the same time, repeal poor trade agreements such as NAFTA, and stop payment of billions of dollars to Iran to stop enriching uranium. The list goes on. And you people are protesting because you think there may be cuts to your PellGrants and doesn’t always use language that you approve of? Get real. Check the popular vote totals and see how many people didn’t see it your way.

    • Well! Look who drank da KoolAid! Check back with us in a couple years (or maybe just 1) and tell us about all the things DT promised that he’s done/doing.
      Oh. And yes. If YOU check the “popular vote totals” YOU will “see” that Trump’s opponent won! (Meaning the majority of people ‘saw it’ the way ‘the college kids do’). It’s only due to that arcane Electoral College that he was anointed.

      • Well Old Timer, is it “arcane Electoral College’ only in a bad election or have you always felt this way? As far the popular vote, it is very close and getting closer by the day as votes are still being counted in some states/precincts? I am not surprised at all that there are a lot of votes out there for the opponent. Stirs me up though when I see mass protests. What’ the scenario that Pell may reduce from 5775 down to 5335 annually. People get crabby when they may have to cut back on trips to Starbucks?

    • Hey Growler, just curious if you know that the popular vote went to Hillary Clinton. Currently 98% of the ballots are counted. Clinton has 60,122,876 and Trump has 59,821,874. That means 301,002 more people didn’t see it your way.

    • actually all he is, is a racist, sexist p.o.s. who has been married numerous times to illegal immigrants, has a bunch of kids, doesn’t share his taxes (because he has something to hide) doesn’t care about anyone but himself and like bush he has cheated his was into office and will probably cause problems with numerous other countries. I hope that the other countries know that we are not all bad and most of us are not backing this freak show up.

  • Oh! All that? Cant wait. Good luck.

    Trump 47%

    Hillary Clinton 48%

    • I suggest you look into fractional magic.
      Bev harris has been working on exposing the rigged system of electronic voting machines. Dirty tricks on both sides. I remember bush v gore. Strictly speaking, the Sooner you focus on why opportunities are limited, look to both main parties that work together to keep hammering the middle class. We have much more in common than we think, I hope people really understand how historic that a non establishment candidate resonated with people who’ve been around long enough to see the Bernies of this world sell us out. Be strong and never forget we are all in this together. Parents , children, we need this kind of energy from the students to speak truth to power…or the abuses of our incredible system. Your hearts are in the right place, you just haven’t lived long enough to understand the pendulum effect and how they distract you with mis information and bright lights and loud movies. Wake up to the global elite and their plan to enslave us all.

      • Shouldn’t they be asking “what happened to our nursing program “, at least pick something positive and constructive that these young kids can actually find a solution to so they feel better about our local community and themselves. Pretty simple, have a nice day pickle

      • Pickle: Absolutely correct. Obama and his group want us to be a misinformed benign mob who follow orders. These people have a plan for global dominance that moves us into easy to control mega cities. This process must have a disarmed population to work. Europe is the model, Tokyo is the model city.
        For people who think that the election was rigged: everyone and their cousins were against Trump, no mainstream people wanted someone who wasn’t going to submit in power. The salient point for the upset kiddies to ponder: $19Trillion debt and growing by billions every day. The gravy train of free shit has to stop and load up some real money before continuing.

        • The only president in recent history to leave office with a budget surplus was Bill Clinton. What did Bush do with all that money? Facts are facts. Trump is a POS and everyone knows it.

          • You do realize that Obama spent twice as much of our money as Bush did right, he also caused more armed conflicts in more countries than bush. Not that Bush was a good president or anything but let’s be fair.

  • Keep studying,be somebody,do something with your life.my kids both graduated from HSU,you get out of it what you put in!!good luck to all

  • Goodbye LGBTQ rights; goodbye affordable healthcare; goodbye environment; goodbye middle class; goodbye civil rights, hello Jim Crow; goodbye equal pay for women; goodbye affordable education; goodbye social security; goodbye decency; goodbye first amendment; goodbye campaign finance reform; goodbye womens reproductive rights; goodbye Klamath Dam removal; hello oligarchy and facsism

    • I missed that memo.
      Milo missed that memo.

      Lifting the ban on free market health insurance will help drive healthcare ins back down over time.
      Sensible environmental protection without the hyperbole will be refreshing.
      Civil rights might return for all finally.
      Women have always had the right to ask for a raise.
      Education hasn’t been affordable since govt got involved.
      New workers will not be forced to deduct, they will be free to collect the interest from their bank account. Old workers will be grandfathered in. SSI will no longer be constantly threatened by politicians.
      Decency comes & goes. The last time it was seen was during President Coolidge term in office.
      The 1st A might finally be saved from the pc criminal society we had yesterday.
      Political reform promisers never pull through. It’s as old as the SSI pull threats.
      PP will be curtailed, not banned.
      Dam’s help life live when managed properly.
      Oligarchy & fascism is what is being abolished.

      But then again, he is a Democrat when he’s not being a Republican. God help us all.

  • They protested peacefully. It’s their right. It’s better than sitting on their butts and bitching about it like most.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Tiananmen Square comes to mind…..

    • Why don’t you crawl back under your bridge? It is indeed a sad day for America. A reality tv host has been elected president. Who can look at this guy and say they want him in control of this country? He’s so damn thin skinned.

    • My friend was at Tiananmen Square when that went down. It was a very tragic situation and really nothing to joke about.

  • Dj Trump is gonna change things crooked Hillary would just keep things going in the wrong direction …..suck it up and you will see this is for the best!

  • I suspect the buses,planes,trains will be full of those people moving to Canada!YES.this might help out the homeless problem here!!!

  • The party of STUPID won.

  • Apparantly HSU received the same memo Janet Napiltano sent out. I wonder if Janet received a memo herself before sending hers out.

  • spelled Marlon wrong

  • College snowflakes melting across the nation.

  • Funny, over the years I watch how government non enforcement of illegal immigration has destroyed the trade unions with cheap labor, now unions exist mostly in government and wages have been stagnate for years. How government subsidies inflated tuitions to ridiculous levels. Close to 1/3 of the population does not have employment yet the government reports low unemployment. So how will a college education help you if there is no jobs, except in the government whose numbers now exceeded those employed in manufacturing. Why can’t people see the obvious?

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