Prop. 64 Is Law, Says LA Times

emerald cup joint

Smokers at the Emerald Cup. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

The LA Times says they are calling Proposition 64 as successful. “Recreational marijuana will effectively become legal tomorrow in California. Prop. 64 passes. ,” tweeted the southern California newspaper.

As of tomorrow, 21-year-old Californians will be able to have and to smoke (hopefully, not all at once) up to 28.5 grams (barely over an ounce) of marijuana and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. However, places to buy recreational marijuana won’t be allowed to open until January 1, 2018. Don’t light up in the streets. Only private residences are legal until 2018 when businesses can offer places to partake.

For how Humboldt is voting, check out this first report (remember these are not the final results.)




  • Wow fuck all you voters that voted yes on 64!!!!!!

  • Trump sucks balls

  • I can’t wait to see the great wall of mexico

  • not that i care but...

    how is it all sources reported prop 64 a win while all other measures were still at only 5% count?

    • The Humboldt vote isn’t the same as the California vote as a whole. The link I have at the bottom is just to show how Humboldt voted and the count isn’t very far along here.

  • Will the new regime in DC even allow legalization?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    [edit–you are closing in on being banned. No more advocating violence.]

  • Keep smoking that dope, it does a lot for you. Doesn’t make you paranoid or stupid at all…

  • Pot makes me paranoid an estupid.

  • Come on you really think there’s gonna b deportation on anyone, “No” don’t think so get real and the iron fist is more likely gonna be slamming down and destroy your way of living and all ur illegal workers will not wanna work for you chump and those green houses you have, doesn’t make you any different then anyone else in this county and if not ur best friend or ur family’s involved so don’t wish an iron fist on you or ur family and friends cuz the iron fist will just come back and hit you in the face Just like a bad memory!!!!!!’

  • Goodbye OBamacare

  • Most propositions don’t become law right away, they wait until Jan. 1st. This one is in effect now? Just looking to clarify…

  • Smoking in your home is now legal, growing six plants in your home is legal as well possession of a ounce is legal( with a prescription for the next year) .the rest-retail buying/licensing will take law Jan 2018.
    There is no telling of what the new doj will do or who it will be !will the cole memorandum be thrown out with Obama?

  • I cant believe weed is now legal !!! woohoooooo!!! now outlaw alcohol and this world will be a better place.

  • I’m so happy, I absolutely despise pot growers , you’re all hypocritical scumbags. Good luck getting a real job. I have already turned down growers looking for real employment , you’ve spent years doing illegal shit and sponging welfare and now the game’s up and you’re begging for a real job , nope not gonna happen on my watch.

    • The sky is falling.

      Are you saying that you hiring but just not growers that have gone belly up and are looking for work. Didn’t realize that 64 took the money out and of pot over night and their are 1000s of dirty growers roaming the streets in search of blood and cash. And what business is it that you run and don’t hire growers since your so badass and will never hire growers but won’t actually say what that business is. You probably work a store in a grow town and are just jealous of the things you see. Hopefully you will find peace.

    • Why not tell us your business name so we can patronize your establishment?

    • This humboldt thing you hate so much is going to chug a long for years. You might want to get mental help with your anger issues.

    • sharpen your pencil

      First must you own a business, in order to deny employment. Wafting your farts up to your nose is a job, ask HOJ!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    San Pedro Cactus has always been legal to grow…

  • If you really owned a business, you would know that refusing to hire someone just because they grew pot is discrimination and is illegal. You might get away with it only if they have a felony conviction for growing. Be careful… lawsuits are expensive, and growers have lots of ca$h.

  • Preposition 64 passed for recreational MJ, how will affect in commercial growing operations and the LEND in Humboldt ? What are your thoughts guys ?

  • SoHUm voted blue…you are all the worst…I voted Red…but the crazy hypocritical bullshit, is that your worst than cut-throat capatlistic Trump….quit actin local…when you buy AMAZON…SOCalism means you have to share with people you disagree with…IDIOTS WORSE THAN CAPATILISM_____YOU AAREEEEEEEE who you hate….QUIT BUYING IPHONES IDIOT if you want JOBS…ACTION is WAY GREATER than talk EAST COAST…FOREVER THE USA IS FILLED WITH ANTS WHO GIVE KIM KARDASHIAN 300 MILLION for being NASTY, and your brain surgeon who saves your life you bitch about money…AMERICA IS PATHETIC…and full of HYpocrites…you have the most social mobility platform to do good and you bitch…PATHETIC

  • FYI Hound labs a company that makes breathanalysers has just developed one for pot. It can tell if you have smoked recently.. BUMMER.

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