Trinity County Woman Missing

Stacey SmartA Trinity County woman, Stacey Smart, has been missing from Lewiston “for weeks,” according to her daughter, Nicole Santos. “None of her friends have seen her in Lewiston or in Weaverville.’

Stacey SmartSantos explained that her mother doesn’t have a car or driver’s license. “Also, she can’t walk very well due to an injury to her left leg,” Smart’s daughter said. “I have tried social media to get the word out that her family is looking for her…[N]o one has seen her in weeks. It is out of her Character to go so long without contacting her family.”

Santos said she filed a missing persons’ report with the Trinity County SSheriff’s Department on Wednesday, November 2. She asked, “If you could please spread the word that her family is looking for her, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Smart is 52 years old. She is about 5’8″ with blue eyes and pixie cut hair–slightly shorter than that shown in the photo above. “She likes to wear hats,” Santos said. “She has a lower-back tattoo of a red lotus blossom.”

Anyone with any information please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department at (530) 623-3740.



  • This time of year she could be holed up with a nice trim job. Hopefully so.

    • I hope so too. After the big storm maybe someone was scrambling for some help and knew she would be available and they left quickly. Who would think to leave a note to self saying I’ll be back when the work is done.

  • Any word on missing teen?

  • TCSO incompetence

    It’s shocking that the trinity county sheriffs dept are actually going to look for her. Last year a man went missing and they wouldn’t touch it with a 100 foot pole, probably because he was from Kettenpom and she’s from classy Lewiston. Best of luck to her family and loved ones.

  • Kym please keep this story active. We need to keep it front and center. All missing people deserve it! You have done well in representing Trinity County in ther past. Keep it up. Thank you.

  • There will be a ground search for her tomorrow morning at 10 AM at the Pine Cove Marina in Lewiston. Kym I sent you an email with the updated information. We are in need of volunteers.

  • Best of luck. Pray she’s safe at home soon.💓

  • We are praying for a safe return. Wish we could be there to help. Thankful for the updates.

  • I don’t understand the first sentence: “This time of year she could be holed up with a nice trim job.”


    With regard to Smart, who was she last seen with? Where was she last seen? Have all the last eyewitnesses been interviewed and put through lie detector tests?

  • I send my prayers and thoughts that she returns safe.

  • There’s got to be a motive.
    Kidnapped for organ harvesting? No. Too old.

    Besides Halloween, motives anyone?

  • Casey may be correct. You aren’t really helping. You deleted my comment re that Stacey could have been kidnapped and held to Halloween for the blood sacrifice on hallows eve. A murdered sacrifice to satan.
    Kyme only posted 2 of my very ‘vague’ posts. That was a test, Kyme. You flunked.

    Interesting. Only a genuine witch would withhold that info.

    I wouldn’t depend on this site to help anyone find their missing family if I were you.
    Hire a private dick and make sure u know he/she is not a witch/Satanist etc. or they will hinder your case and say there is no evidence out there. Right Kyme?

    If anyone gets on the right scent (witch is what I suspected the minute I got on this site), this site is apt to delete the info. I should, as we all should, thank Kyme for this important insight.

    Monitoring this sight = censoring….deleting.

    Here’s another one for Kym to uhhh censor.

    Bye Bye.

    • If Kym were a witch she would be the good witch Glenda . Only she’s not , she is obviously a black belt …..anyone who is anyone knows you can’t be a witch and a black belt . Have you ever heard of a ninja riding a broom ?
      Anyone looking to berate Kym should first look long and hard in the mirror and ask themselves if they could do the job she does with a modicum of her grace while doing it . Seriously the answer is no you can’t .

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