[Audio] Eureka homeless on short-notice evictions, Kym on new High Times piece

wharfinger_building_eureka_caDisclaimer: The audio featured here is explicit.

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week, two of many recently-evicted homeless people in Eureka answer questions about how they feel the city is handling the short-notice end to their temporary sleeping program, the resources available to them, perceptions of homelessness, and what they plan on doing next.

In addition to that, Redheaded Blackbelt journalist Kym Kemp checks in to comment on the top question that comes to mind after reading her most recent piece for “High Times” on Prop 64: How should marijuana growers prepare for legalization?

Also covered: The vandalized church in Fields Landing, a casting-call for reality TV, a homeowner police think may have gone too far protecting his property, ice-skating, HSU’s busted sign, and more.

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  • Kym Kemp thank you for all you do. You’re a breath of unbiased air!

  • folks should see the mess the homefree left behind.looks like hell.I guess taxspayers will pick up the tab.
    I have never seen anything quite like it .I wish i would have taken some pictures.

  • Not sure WTFreak is going on but I can’t get teh Soundcloud part to open, I click on it but it just sits there!!! I wanted to hear what she had to say, BUT…!!!! :-C

  • If they would just pick-up after themselves, they would receive a lot more support from the community. I knows its a pain to haul trash around before you can properly dispose of it, but that’s what I did when I was homeless.

  • If the trash-can is too small, why not pile the trash around the can? Bullshit excuse.

  • Betty chin help’s sue miller just to put her out on the streets agen in a big storm with all her belongings . Yet she gets a horen actic a week in a motel when she kick them out

    • Christopher Michael Miller

      Sue miller is my mom Betty chin told me when my time was up don’t worry your mom won’t be put back on the streets

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