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Standing Rock fundraising poster

Press release:

Please join us for a benefit concert, “Standing for Standing Rock” to be held on Saturday November 11th at the beautiful Mattole Valley Community Center located at 29230 Mattole Rd Petrolia, California 95558.   Entry Contributions start at $10 but any size donation above $10 is greatly appreciated.  Doors open at 7pm and the concert will continue until midnight.

Featured musical acts include: Asha Nan, Madi Simmons, Sarah Torres and Goodshield Aguilar (of 7th Generation Rise).  There will be a variety of beer and cocktails for purchase. All proceeds will be directed to the Standing Rock Tribe’s DAPL fund (

We hope that you will join us for this important evening of solidarity and music.  For More Information Contact Jane Dexter at



  • Can you provide an address to send donations from those of us wanting to support these noble people but cannot attend the gathering? af


  • Lambert T. Sheeple

    They hate it when you think. They really hate it when you act on your thoughts.

  • I don’t stand with standing rock. Pipelines have an extremely good safety record, and are unlikely to magically completely and utterly destroy the environment. While the land may have been native land at one point, that same argument could apply to just about every square foot of land in the nation. And the vast vast majority of people protesting are, themselves, oil consumers, who by demanding cheap oil, plastics, etc are creating the need for the very pipeline they’re objecting to. And then, being the mattole, there’s all the lifted dodges that will transport one person there…

    • What world are you living in? Maybe you need to look up pipeline ruptures and accidents. There was just one in Alabama a week ago!!!

      And in the 2010’s alone….

      These companies already have many pipelines in the area and we
      ‘re not running low on oil these days, that hype is to get you to pay more money for gas. If you like the pipeline then go live by one, offer your backyard for it, and watch your kids get sick with cancer from the leaks that toxify water and soil and nit being able to use your water as it catches on fire or burns your skin like acid or one of the other very real issues people are facing with pipeline leaks in general.

      The bigger topic here is the continuation of breaking legal treaties with tribes. This land belongs to the native tribe. There is no court for thsee folks to legally stop the land grab, no recourse available. Haven’t we put native folks through enough?????

      Another major issue is the millions of dollars being paid to private and public police forces to protect corporate industry. I don’t feel threatened by the situation or the protesters, but folks like Trump who’ve got their money invested in the company scare me.
      This is protesting in America folks, if you rock the money makers you get a military response. It’s so sad that property and money are valued so much more than life. All those activists being vocal over the last 10-15 years about the Patriot act and violations of civil rights were right. You have no rights anymore, and they won’t think twice to spray a fire extinguisher size pepper spray all over your babies, grandparents, etc.

    • They knew that running the pipe so close to that site was controversial. They knew the feds had suggested at least a 20 mile separation. They chose to be cheap and ignore history. Penny wise and dollar stupid. Don’t buy stock in stupid!

      • Actually the site is not on the reservation and no burial site had been found. The site they are digging has preexisting ground work completed in the 80’s. The reservation gets there water from above the location at the headwaters. I’d rather support a nasty pipeline then a dictator that supports terrorism. I’m not saying the pipeline is right but it is right for right now in my opinion. Hopefully very soon we become less dependent on fossil fuels

    • Bushytails has the only sensible comment on here. I say: F Standing Rock! More pipelines,more fracking, cheaper energy. Drill baby drill, build them pipelines.

  • The rest of the story.
    It’s the ol’ follow the money agenda. Dems vs GOP, tribal oil wells & refineries vs “them”.

    Tribal members demand audit. Chairman him-haws, says wait.

    Aha! The tribal member money has been detoured into lobbying to buy off Congress for all resource rights. Water, forests, uranium, copper, gold, all the headlines of late.

  • And taking their land is absurd.why put people out of work.

  • The official pages are being scrubbed, but the google archives still remain. Read the meetings minutes by the Three Affiliated Tribes, Tribal Business Council, Special Meeting. December 2, 2015 has a lot of aye’s.

    Clean Water is extremely important to every breath of life.
    Natural gas lines already exist under the rivers. No stink?
    Archaeologists can’t find any sacredness to the landfilled pipeline area.
    Their own refinery sits on the other river a few miles away. No problem there?

    When Jessee Jackson shows up the investigators explore, Dems rally, riots break out, media awakens suddenly with propaganda in support of the Dems,
    Go back to sleep, nothing new to see here.

    I demand clean water. Close the refinery.

  • The text of this site names Saturday, November 11 as the concert date, but Friday is November 11, 2016. Saturday is November 12.

    Having this concert is a lovely action to help.

    As for job concerns, the pipeline displaces other jobs of trucking oil or sending it by train to various locations. The most important considerations are respect for the people whose water and land are being abused, and safety everywhere the pipeline is planned to go, including North Dakota, Iowa, Missouri near the Mississippi River, the Illinois River, and through land in Illinois.

    The pipeline will enter an area in Illinois which was heavily affected by the New Madrid Earthquake. The New Madrid Fault is predicted by geologists to quake again more severely than anything our country has experienced. It previously affected 39 of our current 50 states.

    Illinois also has nuclear power plants and coal mines. In addition to interfering with farmland, the pipeline will be near main water sources and near areas which need to be protected from oil in case of spillage or disaster. It will be placed in areas rich in history, including Abraham Lincoln territory and The Underground Railroad if the plan is completed.

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