Eel River Valley Agencies Will Be Practicing Earthquake Response on Saturday

What if I told you this is only a testPress release from Fortuna Fire:

To prepare for the ever present possibility of a natural disaster; fire, police, and public works departments in the Eel River Valley will be practicing their earthquake response skills on Saturday, November 5th between 9 and 11 AM. By responding to over one hundred simulated emergencies first responders will have the opportunity to hone their skills not only by dealing with individual emergencies, but also at controlling and tracking emergency resources. Humboldt County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) teams will be assisting throughout the valley as will HAM radio operators.

According to Public Safety Officials, the need to prepare for the next natural disaster by developing and implementing a preparedness plan cannot be over emphasized. Make sure your home and workplace are earthquake safe by securing refrigerators, wood stoves, mirrors, pictures, electronics, water heaters and book cases so they can’t fall or move. It is always a good idea to have a designated contact outside the immediate area and carry contact information with you at all times. A supply of water, food and necessary medications are recommended to be kept on hand that will last at least seven days and have a disaster kit at your workplace and in your car.

If you are in a tsunami zone go to high ground right after the earth stops shaking.

Have a plan and remember to Drop, Cover and Hold On during an earthquake.
For more information please refer to Humboldt State University’s “Living on Shaky Ground” at,, or the Great ShakeOut at .



  • Cool pic of Larry fishin Morpheus right on kym say hello to merna.

  • Wonderful.if you live in earthquake zones you need to know all you can in case that BIG ONE does hit!!

  • Tidal waves move at 500 mph. So say a biggie large enough to shift the plate upwards (again as in the 3-7.0s) happens 15 miles off the coast, no human around can outrun the wave. You’d only have 2 minutes. We never had a quake tsunami from either of those 7.0s.
    On the other hand, a quake 50 miles off the Oregon coast would realistically allow more time for the public’s escape.
    So all of these touchy feely local drills are really useless and serve as fearmongering and OES manipulation. Have fun little ants.

    • amimissingsomething

      Brain Dead Idiot with nothing better to do than slam people who don’t get paid but practice saving your life. You’re a Jerk and when I say this it is with lots of restraint. What an AH

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