$17,000 Damage Estimated to Little League in Arson Incident

Destroyed structure [Photo by Tina Taylor]

Destroyed structure [Photo by a reader]

Press release from Fortuna Police Department: (Earlier article and video here.)

On November 3, 2016 at about 12:30pm, officers responded to Rohner Park for a report of a suspicious fire .

During the course of the investigation, officers and fire personnel determined that a fire was intently set to the single story structure.  A fire at this same structure was also extinguished two weeks earlier. During that incident, the fire caused only minor damage.

The involved building was designed with a storage loft and was used for the storage of field equipment, netting, baseball uniforms and batting practice equipment.  The damaged is estimated to be $17,000.00

Anyone with information is asked to contact the department at 707-725-7550 or the department’s anonymous arson Tip Hotline at 1-800-47-ARSON.



  • How sensless. A baseball storage shed. Wow. I truly hope you find out who did this TWICE!!!!
    I Was a T-Ball coach in the early 90’s in Myers Flat area. Damn sad.

  • That’s so messed up!I’m sorry that lame people did this to little league shed.so dumb

  • Fortuna residents will rally and build it better than it was before. A community of citizens that will donate money and time.

    can’t believe this is happening in our town.
    we gotta do better people

  • That’s a complete sh*** head move, I’m guessing some tweakers that got kicked out of the creek did it. I’m glad Fortuna is ridding the homeless, but unfortunatley may take a few instances like this to do so. I’ve got every tool construction wise and would be glad to help rebuild that shed.

  • From the hills…me too. Maybe we will meet soon ! Feels great to donate time to the community.

  • Nothing to do with this case, Kym, but anything on the Marcy Kitchen case? Pay enough money, escape any punishment. Wow! Total Bull Shit. Been a few months now. How is this happening? Please don’t let this fade away…which seems to be happening…please bring light to this.

    • Sharon, at this point in the case, the defendant begins moving through the court system. That can be very slow. Kitchen is set for trial but when the actual trial begins could be quite some time away. Meanwhile there isn’t much to new to report.

  • Insurance fraud!!!

    Ya but petty crazy that what come’s out of those people’s mouth that live there, I was in Safeway and over heard these people talking that they needed a new one anyways and it was about time someone set it up to burn it so they could get new nets and a cage from insurance but I tell you what I hope they catch the people who set there kids up to this kind of s**t cuz those parents that were talking knew it was a setup that fortuna is talking about witch I hope leads to there conviction!!!!

    • Many people were having discussions about replacing the batting cage because of the damage incurred from the fire set 2 weeks ago. The first fire damaged the netting for a batting cage stored inside the shed. And whoever those people are were not associated with Little League, as they would have known ONLY the building was insured. None of the property was insured! People talk, does not mean they understand the situation.

  • Democracy requires constant VIGILANTES!….Mike Furguson….Charlatans?

  • Scumbags.

  • Insurance fraud’s comment is worthy of having you go to the Fortuna PD and make that statement valid. Without your input, the public can easily place blame on the “punk children or homeless”. I don’t defend the homeless, however here is a rare occasion. In the background of the posted picture is what should have been being utilized-a metal storage container-not a wood structure vulnerable to fire and fairly easy to break and enter. When the parks and rec do meet to determine what to replace the structure with, the public should support a metal container only. Cost runs about $2500. The destroyed contents are the insurance companies responsibility-hoping the parks and rec had insurance. We’ll here about this in the coming weeks/months.
    Please submit your comments to the PD as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • honestly, even if there was a bunch of baseball stuff in it, the building I’m lookin at doesn’t look like it cost anywhere near 17K to build. Typical humboldt county estimates XD

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