Trimmer Tips: Harm Reduction in the Hills

Harm Reduction in the HillsThe Mendocino Voice has some tips for trimmers gleaned from a recent meeting in Redway. They wrote,

Recently a gathering of community organizers, social services employees, and cannabis workers met in Redway to discuss a vital but unpleasant topic: the safety of female cannabis trimmers in the hills. Though it’s something we don’t always like to be upfront about in the Emerald Triangle, cannabis workers — and particularly women — are often vulnerable to exploitation, sexual abuse, or assault while working on remote, debatably legal farms. Last month an article in Reveal, by Shoshana Walter, brought national attention to some of these issues by highlighting certain cases of sexual assault in the region. Since then the question of how to address and improve trimmer safety has been widely discussed.

To read the rest of the article on trimmer tips, click here.



  • This is so ridiculous. 99% of these “farms” are illegal drug manufacturing facilities. Seek work with criminals in a criminal industry and criminal shit will happen to you.
    Serves you right.

    • And yet….thousands of people do it. We could just say that they deserve bad things happening to them or we could help them practice harm reduction. From a purely practical standpoint, society is better off when folks are safe and happy so I say let’s do what we can to make that happen.

      • Society does not stay safe by simply decriminalizing crime on paper. The actions that make those crimes illegal is what harms society. Take the laws away but you’ll still have the actions, only nobody will be held accountable.

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          The action that made marijuana illegal in the first place is the greed of Hearst Publications and Dow Chemicals. Look it up.

          What harms society is a jail full of nonviolent offenders being the excuse for Humboldt’s “catch-and-release” program that allows violent felons to continue robbing and attacking people. Haven’t you been reading the news lately?

          Oh, and people like you who condone violence against the (often desperate) people that are looking for work. Would you rather they hang out on the square and get drunk like the others you complain about?

        • Bright

      • Pot needs NPK,washing out excess nitrogen last month of growth,and added phosphorus.i read 1kg NPK produces I kg makes HAB,domonic,and diseased salmon.fertilizer stor uses brinks trucks two times in money lenders.they acidifying flood plane worse than convential and organic farming and prior animal grazing.capitalism puts retards in charge.grow holes,abandoned,turn alkaline and bacterial,rather than algal,due to evaporation,and no drain.just like PH change in ponds.

    • Larry, in a couple of months 99% of these “farms” will be LEGAL. So dont you think a discussion about keeping the environment clean and people safe is in order? You too will enjoy the tax and regulation benefits legalization will bring to the county you know.

      • I’ll enjoy the benefits of taxation? Are you stoned, dumb or both?
        80% of your local tax goes back into enforcement for the increase in crime that’s anticipated with legalization.
        80% back into a enept government that allowed us to get where where we’re at with crime in the first place. [edit]

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          Increase in crime? Like in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon? Oh, wait- violent crime has actually DECREASED since legalization. Again, look it up.

          A total of $15M (of an estimated 1.3B) is earmarked for law enforcement of the measure. That’s less than 1% of the projected annual revenue. A far cry from your 80%, huh? And that earmark is to be spread over 5 years, reducing the figure to less than 0.2%. The vast majority of the revenue stream will be slated for drug treatment and education.

          Don’t believe everything you think. There’s a website where you can find information. Its name is Google. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

          • just another high idiot

            Change is frightening to most, thats who these people are. The statistics are there from other states but they dont want to hear it. They’d rather enable the decay of society w/ the same broken system that wastes peoples lives & $. Oh wait our opinions are null & void cause we are apparently just high. Im sure there will be many more comments exposing their uninformed opinions

          • 80% Localities dip shit. State is to be determined.

        • f—k these trimers. i have spent 20 years out of country. no other country i have been to puts up with this from tourists. cops put them in jail . big fines and blacked stamped so they cant come back. locals run them off. there not welcome and they know it. when the word gets out on the internet they don’t come around any more. were on the low rent euro trash backpacker list. residents in san francisco are hiring private security for there neighborhoods . they not old men. there serious. security with a dog woks great. i have the perfect solution for these [edit: please don’t use the word “retard” again. First I will delete comments containing the term used in a pejorative way. Then I will ban you if it keeps happening.] don’t come here. go away. its dangerous. im sorry there getting hurt. i dont want this, but they know better and have been warned so they get what they get.

          • My brother is special. How is anyone to take your opinion serious, when you cant use something more clever than a derogatory word, directed at people who are born a certain way, beyond their control. My brother is wiser than you anyday, fool!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          “For the increase in crime . . . .”? Wow, talk about anti-drug fanatics saying absurd things, affected by pot while NOT using it. See, if weed is llegal and then becomes legal, that is an instant, massive decrease in crime! Think very hard. As in Prohibition, alcohol went from legal to illegal to legal again. You can look it up.

        • Government is run by thieves.

      • Seriously doubt 99% of illegal grows are going to pass muster to be legal.

      • Maybe not, you know most growers seem to be voting NO on the proposition, the slight lead it had is narrowing by the lies the anti-64 commercials are spewing…

    • You are pretty clueless Larry. Facts are things you can look up … not just random things you say that are propaganda. …imbecile

  • Most marijuana farms are ethically run operations. There will always be bad actors. In any enterprise. Women should use their best judgement and not hop in a truck with someone they don’t know to go to the hills. Unless it’s a solid recommendation from a friend or confidant. Too many people are ignorant to that fact. Solely because they themselves want to profiteer from this work. Reality is in the coming years human trimmers will become obsolete. Twisters will do the work of a crew of 20 people in less time. With the drop in prices it won’t make economic sense to even pay $150/ pound. Quality doesn’t even really matter anymore. It’s all about the numbers game. If your only getting 1000 – 1200 per pound do the math. I think it’s too little to late to educate women now. But it’s helpful for those here now Mabye. There needs to be a seminar about how to keep the twister blades from getting so gummed up from my og ! That would be helpful.

    • 3rd Degree Dabs Fam

      “There needs to be a seminar about how to keep the twister blades from getting so gummed up from my og ! That would be helpful.”
      My first consultation is free. WD-40, that what keeps the blades from gumming and people love those terps.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “Quality doesn’t even really matter anymore.” Since when? Everybody can’t afford it, but quality always matters. You’re not assimilating well, Jorge. Ever meet a homegrower who said, oh yeah, I’m growing ditch weed hemp from Nebraska ’cause quality doesn’t even really matter anymore? Been growin’ long? Uh-huh.

      • People still grow with osmocote.
        People still grow with maxsea.
        People still use avid and eagle 20. All are used to enhance quality. Haha!
        Quality hasn’t really mattered for a long time if you really think about it.
        If you wait till May to sell last years outdoor for decent wholesale prices. It’s quality has diminished anyhow!
        Essentially quality really doesn’t matter. The trim job by the machine is close to perfect. But big loss in resin. But everyone still gets a similar price. Even if you get 1500 per pound. It’s usually where it’s going that matters. Not what it looks like. Many years of experience is where I gather my thoughts from.

  • I’m all for education!

  • Yes, let’s just get on our high horses and insult people.

  • Igualmente señor veteran amigo!
    Gracias para tu complemento!

  • Trimming is not a sensible occupation.

  • When you add up all the wages paid for trimming it brings staggering amounts of money that spreads all over the county,state,and country.
    Advances is automation will make the need for trimmers a thing of the past very soon so forming unions might be a waste of time.

  • As usual, I’m curious about something that I have no idea of what the answer is. How many of the trimmer people are locals? A lot of foreign trimmer come into our store. They buy a lot of cell phones and Musical instruments. They are very nice and polite for the most part. But, I’m curious how much of the trimmers money stays in the local economy?

    The music concerts that are promoted locally have mostly outside musicians that take their money and leave. I’m sure that the concerts move lots of “cannabis” that is grown locally, so some money also comes in.

    Has anyone studied the economic impact, plus or minus on the local dollar?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, Ernie, Jennifer Budwig at Redwood Capital Bank did perhaps the definitive analysis on the multiple millions of dollars that wash through the Emerald Triangle every year as a direct result of the cannabis industry. I think you will find it fascinating and eye-brow raising.

    • Pay them in counterfeit bills and watch where the money goes.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Costa Rica will go into recession, Toyota just sold 60,000 trucks to Islamic State, so they’ll be okay.

    Property deflation will be the buzz word as prices hit $500.

  • The standard $200 a pound will drop quick when people get permitted. The trimmers are making out like bandits. Their time is coming to an end.

  • It took production 2 years to catch up tothe demand to simply keep any shelf stocked after alcohol was legalized.
    guess what that did to the price Einstein.
    We have too many low life speculators with no clue right here on this site.
    Stop selling your squares for pennies on the dollar, growers unite and stop undermining one another. The herb is the closest thing to gold on this planet.

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