[UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Major Injuries] Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

Breaking news graphicAt approximately 6:45 p.m., a vehicle struck a 45-year-old man who was walking in the area of Myrtle and 17th, according to traffic on the scanner. The person calling in the accident reported that the man was still on the vehicle. The dispatcher requested an ambulance for an injury accident.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: 17th Street is closed.

UPDATE 6:57 p.m.: The first on scene are reporting that this is a major injury accident.

UPDATE 9:26  p.m.: According to Sgt. Martin Oliveros of the California Highway Patrol, The driver who was heading northbound on Myrtle attempted to turn onto 17th Street. As he did so, he saw a pedestrian wearing dark clothing crossing the road.  Oliveros said the driver tried to avoid the pedestrian but was unable to do so. He struck the pedestrian.

The victim was on top of the vehicle when officers and medics arrived. He was conscious and talking, according to Oliveros. The victim was taken to St. Joseph Hospital.

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

[Photo by Mark McKenna]



    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, reads like the Victim is “milking it” after setting up a random driver.

      The simple fact that he was not ejected off vehicle tells ya the impact was soft….

      major injuries include “stick ’em” glue, or magnets in the pockets?

      • Why don’t you ask EPD youself HOJ? They’re just a phone call away.

      • With the windshield smashed as it is I don’t think this was a “soft impact.”

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Windshields are designed to shatter easily when the head/body hits it. Rocks can crack a windshield easily too.

          We don’t know if windshield was already cracked, making it easier to pop.

          Once watched two guys on a video showing how they simulate getting hit by a car, rolling up onto windshield…..yep, you guessed it, windshield shatters…..it does not take much…..

          Still a set up by a dark clothes pedestrian in the dark…..whether in crosswalk or not.

          Who tralalalalas in dark clothing, in the dark, just taking their sweet ole time crossing the road…..now, had this Dufus dumbass dipshit been in a wheelchair, then what?

          Hope the Victim gets a “head check on stupidity”.

  • Damn not that area again

  • Thairs a badmoon a risen

  • Hope he’s ok

  • J winbag glad I am out

    Any updates

  • From the position of the vehicle in the photo, it appears the pedestrian was likely in the crosswalk crossing 17th street. It also appears the driver was southbound (not northbound as reported) on Myrtle Ave turning onto 17th. The turn is less than 90 degrees in that direction, so it can be taken at speed without slowing down much, especially when one cuts the corner. Notice the car is left of the double yellow line. He cut the corner.

    I see drivers do that often, when they are taking a corner at high speed, especially when they are trying to beat an oncoming vehicle to the turn.

    I’d fault the driver for this one.

    • Well Myrtle Avenue bends around so much, it’s hard to say which direction is northbound or southbound. How about we say the driver was coming from Harrison Avenue, headed towards Redwood Acres, turning left from Myrtle onto 17th Street?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      You’d fault the driver even though your speak proves why you can’t fault the driver.

      Hey, what if the car is where it is because of the fact reported that the driver attempted to avoid the dark clothed 45 year old momma’s boy retard!

      Fact – peds in dark clothes at night have no one to blame but themselves…….can’t yield to a pedestrian dressed in ghostly black in the dark of night.

      Hope the idiot pedestrian pays 100% of his medical costs and takes a fashion design course on what not to wear at night.

  • Ambulance radio traffic indicated that the pedestrian had a laceration on his arm. They also mentioned that he was asking the same questions over and over, which could be an indication of a head injury.

  • Damned obsticals.

  • Wearing dark clothes at night can be VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. Our area is full of shadows.

  • The World We Live In

    Sad State of Mankind when the first thing some people do is bad mouth the pedestrian! Not an ounce of empathy! This is a human being who was struck by a moving vehicle. My first thought is I hope the man is ok!

  • Another poor sole hit in the dark.i hope their ok.folks if your gonna be out in the dark walking YOU NEED TO wear bright cloths,white or yellow etc be seen,glowing stripes,lights something that makes you SEEN

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