Major Injury Accident on Hwy 101 North of Willits

chp major injury featureA medical helicopter removed several people from the scene of an accident north of Willits around 3 p.m., according to the Mendocino Voice. “[A] routine traffic stop in front of Pizza to Go on Commercial St. in Willits escalated into a car chase,” the Voice is reporting.

The suspect vehicle, a four door Hyundai, rolled over on northbound 101 and the occupants were seriously injured. For more on the story, click here to read the Voice’s post.



  • Crazy shit out there it’s getting downright dangerous .to go anywhere these days .

  • Jeeeeezzz, totally inconsiderate of the fool driver. It’s 1 thing to take risks that compromise ones own health & safety but I was taught that when I am the driver & have passenger(s), I am carrying “PRECIOUS CARGO”. If it’s just the dog, the same applies. Shame on that self entered moron. Some kids nowadays!

  • I was driving the car they passed on the right at a good 70-80 mph,he slid sideways on the shoulder over corrected and hit a tree.The car bounced off the tree more than five feet in the air.The Sheriff had stopped the pursuit was a ways behind. The d/s of the car was pushed in clear to the dash on the d/s. This piece pos should be dead, he was wining and crying like a baby, there was a girl in the back seat not injured, the passenger in the front was flown out, he is the turd that killed the brooktrails owner years back. The driver just got out of jail.

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