Homes Found for 70 People Under Housing First Campaign, Says County

humboldt county department of health and human servicesPress release:

The 30-60 Housing First Campaign in Eureka has come to an end, and more than 70 people have been housed since August.

A joint venture between the City of Eureka and County of Humboldt, the campaign was launched Aug. 8, with the goal of housing 30 local homeless people in 60 days.

The goal was achieved in the first 38 days. By the 60-day mark the total of people housed more than doubled including 73 adults and children.

“So many agencies have worked together to make this happen,” said Sally Hewitt, a senior program manager with the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). “It’s very encouraging.”

The 30-60 Housing First Campaign was a recommendation from Sacramento-based consulting firm Focus Strategies which specializes in helping communities use local data to develop a systems approach to reducing homelessness.

In March, the Eureka City Council and Humboldt County Board of Supervisors passed a joint resolution to collaborate on homeless issues and adopt the Housing First model, which prioritizes rapid placement and stabilization in permanent housing and does not have service participation requirements or preconditions such as sobriety or a minimum income threshold.

“The 30-60 campaign is a vital component of the overall success in reducing homelessness in the greater Eureka area,” said Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks.

Sparks and Hewitt said local landlords and property managers and staff from Arcata House Partnership, DHHS, the Mobile Intervention & Services Team, Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center, Betty Chinn’s Blue Angel Container Village, Eureka Police Department, Redwood Community Action Agency staff at the Multiple Assistance Center, as well as funds from Measure Z all contributed to the campaign’s success.

The 30-60 Housing First Campaign has ended, but Hewitt said the city and county partnership will continue its effort to house the homeless, with a focus on engaging landlords.

“We’ve established some great relationships with landlords and property managers,” Hewitt said. “If you have units for rent, we would still love to talk to you.”

Landlords looking for more information about the program can contact DHHS Program Manager Jaclyn Culleton at 707-441-5526.


Additional data available in the PDF version of the release.

PDF Release with Additional Data



  • Great. 70 more drug houses.
    Just what we need.

    • See you have no idea how these homes are established. The program is being Supervised and the individuals are being assisted in getting their lives together.

      To make a claim “70 more drug house” is demonstrating a lack of knowledge and classifying homeless into one group.

  • Wow, thanks to all involved!!! It’s so east to slip through the cracks these days, one big medical emergency can leave you homeless.
    I am proud to live in a place with so many folks who don’t give up and work to create change that benefits our whole community instead of just complaining and blaming.

  • Tonight they end their legal sleeping program they have done such a great job in the city of Cruelreka. I want to know what they havespent criminalizing these people? We could of really helped them with those millions of dollars.
    Shame on you EPD and City council.

  • Any one of us given the right circumstances could be homeless. The loss of a job, the loss of a loved one causing a mental break, a medical crisis, mental health issues can all be life changing catastrophes causing homelessness. I have lived and worked in homeless shelters in the US and Mexico. It is necessary to see every person on our earth as someone who deserves human dignity and compassion. When you see someone who is homeless, be grateful it is not you or your loved one. Maybe even reach into your heart and think about one small action you could do to provide a small measure of comfort to someone who probably spends many cold, hungry sleepless nights. Provide a word of comfort to someone who possibly has no self esteem and has lost all hope. Please consider changing the attitude from judgement to one of what action can I take to help one person for one moment of one day. There, but for the grace of God go I.

    • Are you available to be penpals?
      Seriously, I have two 14 year old adopted sons and one eight year old psychologically maltreated daughter. They can benefit from interactions with a person like you, however slight. Kym has my email

  • Henchman Of Justice

    How much rent per month do these 30-60 pay?

    Danco and the city take tax dollars to fund over 80% of senior citizen assisted living units after converting stolen motels and hotels.

    Example of Danco ‘s happiness to not have to spend it’s own company wealth, but continue to mooch off taxpayers…..

    “It always feels good to take sort-of-a-bad situation and turn it around and make it something good,” said Chris Dart, Danco Communities president. “And I think a lot of people appreciate that.”

    Money – Feels good to get it for free, no shit Sherlock Holmes…….no doubt a business operated by a liar (Dan Johnson), a fraud (Dan Johnson) a plagiarizer liar (Dan Johnson)….a local Donald Trump wannabe, Clinton surrogate pay to play team member groupee piece of shit never to be trusted.

    Dan Johnson can’t even build, let alone run an honest business…..but, as is the shmoozing in Humboldt is with city officials, Dan Johnson has shown he is great at receiving kickbacks……like this kickback below:

    St. Bernard’s High School
    Crusaders Girls Soccer
    Overall 14-8-2 League 8-5-1
    Home Standings School
    Schedule Roster Stats Rankings Team Info
    CoachDan JohnsonColorsGreen, WhiteLeagueHumboldt-Del Norte – Big 5StateCaliforniaSectionNorth Coast SectionSec. DivisionDivision III

    Now Dan Johnson gets into coaching even though he is not qualified……and locals wonder why people complain about how things really are in our fucked up communities…….Saint Bernards officials are suck ups!

  • I hope they can make a clean break from their oppression and do well. It’s great news they’ve been given the chance.

  • Come on eureka open up some of those empty buildings for the homeless.the old jacobs Jr high Zoe it’s rotting away,fix the inside a little,there’s rooms,bathrooms,kitchen,then it can be will cost a little,but their not on the streets,they have shelter,warmth,and maybe given a little dignity back.get a new start.put in a place for their least the building will be used again,and it’s not another parklet,waste of money.just idea!!we could start something good for a change who knows

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