Mendocino County Supervisor Arrested for Assault

Mendocino Supervisor Tom WoodhouseMendocino County Supervisor Tom Woodhouse was arrested Friday at his home, according to our sister site the Mendocino Voice. (Like them on Facebook to keep up with their posts.)

They wrote,

The arrest occurred at about 8:30pm, at [Woodhouse’s] home on Meadow Wood Ln. in Willits, with law enforcement responding to a disturbance at the property. Woodhouse was arrested on under 243(E)(1) of the California penal code, which refers to domestic battery against a spouse, cohabitant etc.; and 69 of the penal code, resisting arrest.

Woodhouse has been absent from board meetings since early September, and there have been rumors about erratic behavior on his part.

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  • Wood house needs to go to the big house once a man hits a woman he is no longer a man!

  • It’s the meds he was on…he discontinued them waaaay too quickly, and this is the result. Poor guy. I hope he gets the support he needs rather than a fistful of more prescription meds.

  • Now what about hitting a man? Is it OK for a chick to hit a man? You never know what happened she could have started it.

    • yeah, its really nobodys business but theirs. all kinds of potential scenarios might have played out, its a dirty double standard to butt into this one with pitchforks. here’s of his quotes from the bigger article regarding distribution of govt. raises, giving more to the lowest paid employees…

      “And he threw down the gauntlet to the higher paid employees: “I challenge them to stand up in public and say ‘I need that money more than he needs that money.’”

      i dont know the guy but that sounds really good to me, i hope he makes it happen!

    • i’m equal opportunity. i live in a neighborhood where my neighbors are 14′ away, packed like a sardine.
      i yell & tell ’em “don’t bring that shit where i can see it. if someone gets hit i hit “911”…

      “…he smacked her and threw her down in the gravel…wait, now she has him down in the gravel and is smacking him…” (seriously).

  • As in shaka brah no shaking

  • I just cant abide a woman beater .


  • Resign Woodhouse No Room for Domestic Violence

    Tom Woodhouse is not a Good Candidate for thee Job of Supervisor!
    Time to organize district 3. This man completely turned his back on our community. Calling our small farmers “greedy and selfish” refusing to go to work on the tough issues, now a 5150 hold, domestic battery and resisting arrest…. time to resign. Woodhouse has done enough damage to our local residents, enough damage with his decisions to poison the Eel River with toxic asphalt plant, he took no action and ignored community pleas to stop herbicide spraying in our Ancient Redwood forests, Approving the mountain top removal on the ridge between Willits and Ukiah. Calling small cannabis farmers greedy while supporting industries and projects which are truely very devastating to our environment… Tom Woodhouse continued to support the death and indiscriminate killing by Federal Trapper “Dog Killer” Chris Brennan who trapped thousands of animals including bears, coyotes, mountain lions, racoons, family pets including dogs and cats etc for ranchers while decrying “environmental concerns” for our local small farmers. He betrayed the trust of our citizens who trusted and voted him into office. This land has a spirit, when we ignore that spirit, karma happens

    • Oh yeah the Dog Killler. That guy – Chris Brennan- is sure a piece of work. I feel sorry for any of his neighbors up on Cow Mountain, where he relentlessly searches for word of any weed grows not fully registered and turns them all in. Is it true- that story where he shot a dog that jumped out of a truck at Chevron? Dog was just going to take a pee and well, Dog Killer earns his name. He likes killing anything, for little to no reason. Not a man but a mean little scared wuss.

  • Get him some new meds, and he’ll be fine.

  • I’m guessing he came off his meds too quickly; the *legal* ‘medications’ will kill ya just like ‘street’ meds. He needed to microtaper to prevent stuff like what happened from happening. All those ‘mass shooters’? Most of them freshly on *new* psychiatric ‘medications’ or post a too-quick d/c off ’em.

    Psych meds kill.

  • It all starts with the almighty Weed. Formation of the criminal mindset and its all downhill from there.

  • Concerned citizen

    Did any of you read the police report? its online. He pushed his with intent of the officers and tried to go back in his house to get away from the officers. Other newspapers gave a complete report which also states he is suffering from mental illness. Get your facts right before you make up a bunch of lies and crucify someone who needs help not hatred from a bunch of miss-informed hate mongers

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