Security Guard at Safeway in McKinleyville Sent to Hospital After Alleged Assault by a Homeless Man

Assault FeatureAn alleged assault by a homeless man sent an elderly security guard in McKinleyville to the hospital. According to Corporal Josh Comer of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect, Scott Crane, had been asked to leave the property around the Safeway multiple times.

He stated, “The security guard, the victim in this, had been dealing with this subject throughout the day.”

Comer said that when the security officer again asked the suspect, Scott Crane, to leave. Crane “punched the victim one time in the face,” according to Corp. Comer. “The victim regained his balance and the suspect struck him again.”

According to someone who came on scene a few minutes later and spoke to us on condition of anonymity, a 17-year-old boy was walking by with his girlfriend, saw the assault, and decided to help. She said, “[He] put the suspect in a headlock and took him to the ground.”

The victim was taken to the Mad River Hospital. There he was examined by doctors. “He had a cut on his lip,” Corporal Comer said.

The suspect was released at the scene. According to Comer, the alleged assault is still being investigated and the suspect “was released at the scene because it was due to the victim not being on the scene to pursue charges against him for the assault.”

The victim, however, has now been contacted and wants to pursue charges. Comer said, “A warrant will be issued.” Crane has been arrested a number of times previously.



  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Evidently this Security Company does not provide any type of duty gear to help with this type of situation in protecting their Security Officers. They should be allowed to carry Mace and/or stun gun (Taser) to give them a little bit of help in this kind of incident. Shame on the Security Company and for the Safeway organization in not making sure that their Security Personnel can protect themselves and the business’s.

    • I used to work for one of those shitty companies, and worked the Redwood Run with a flashlight and a pair of handcuffs when I was 20 years old. Standing up to drunk bikers twice my size with nothing to really protect myself was quite a rush, but no one ever crossed me. That being said, I could have carried anything I was certified for, but this was a second job not intended to be a serious thing. That was the last job I worked for them.

  • Come on, HCSO. The victim went to the hospital. You could have easily stretched that to a felony battery which would have allowed you to arrest the scumbag without the citizen’s arrest. These scrotes assaulting people cannot be allowed to just walk away. Warrants take too long.

    • Totally! There were witnesses! This is a fuck up on the sheriff’s part.

    • 100% agree with you. That’s BS they let the POS walk away after assaulting that man.

    • Maybe too close to a shift change to bother with related paperwork of immediate arrest?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Based on the story……can’t disagree

      And worse, how is it that the story released by Sheriff’s Dept. does not specify if victim left scene before deputy arrived on scene.

      If Deputy arrived before ambulance took victim, it means deputy never gave an opportunity to victim to press charges onsite or victim was not conscious…..nothing proves victim was knocked out cold, so “wth” leos…….

      AND if this dude was the arsonist who burnt down the club in macktown, then what??? Talk about smackdown to macktown…..

      Just like killing a guy, deputies will make excuses, fill out a false report for a poor job done……

  • Thank you for your prompt coverage on the unfortunate assault on the Security guard. You Rock!

  • HCSO why in the heck would you let him go? His victim was at the hospital not MIA!!! I am a LEO supporter but this was a bad call on the officer’s part.

  • Tamara McCullough

    So if someone assaults me, as long as they hurt me bad enough to send me to the hospital, they can go home. They are not detained unless I’m fine???

    • It sure looks that way. Totally nonsense on HCSO with this one. Also, props to the kid that helped out. We need more people like him.

  • Elderly security guard?

    This is a thing?

  • It seems as though the Security Officer, was NON – COMMISIONED OFFICER, which means that he is not able to carry any type of Protective gear? Firearm , Baton , or even a can of Mace? He has to be licensed through the State? Which defeats the purpose of having a Security guard?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Unless the only way to get a perp off the streets is to be a battered victim, then it makes all sense……..

      This is yet another example of why too many cops are employed in a police state……..what they do is generally “nothing in the end”.

  • Let him go, WTF? This is so wrong.

  • Flashlight guards are a thing of the past now a days guards are the first to respond since there already . Its ridiculous to have a security guard not armed now a days . Proper training of guards will deter people if they see an armed security guard . What is a flashlight guard going to do to stop a threat? Call 911 yes that’s all they and everyone else can do the guard is a easy target without proper protection and gear . Stores and apartment complexes think seeing a uniform presence will deter people it doesn’t
    I know I have held high positions in Security and got out once the stores and apartment complexes think it’s safer to have unarmed guards
    When I worked in Security there were many times a cop would have shot the person I always used restraint and talked the person down once they saw I had my 9mm and vest plus my gear they knew I was not going to be an easy target to deal with

  • Liberal California criminals have all the rights

  • Chicken of the Woods

    Cheers to the guy who helped!

  • Do you have any idea the pressure a security guard is under ? .
    I am telling u now unless someone attack u u canot protect ur self it’s like if the Russians attack America then the Americans can retaliate .
    So grow up u mother fuckers thinking this was good .
    What about his family will he live or die.
    How would u feel if it’s ur Family member .
    Stop playing xbox /playstation .
    Theese people are protecting u not just the shop .
    David Foskett

    • sharpen your pencil

      Your anger seems to be directed at someone yet to post….. Are you just another dillusional dimwit mad at the world? Take your happy pill and get on with your day!

  • Concerned Community Member

    Why was he not arrested and charged with assault and elderly abuse immediately. There were witnesses. The man that assaulted the lady at The Stuffed Potato in Eureka was arrested and charged immediately. How is this any different? I hope this sweet security guard makes a full recovery and knows that his community is behind him and supports him.

  • Sad very sad. Last week the same thing happened to Yvonne ‘Stuffed Potato” at her business. She was also beaten.
    Makes me sick..

  • This is sickening, get these people out of here!!!!!!! He’s known to law enforcement just like the guy that beat up the 76 year old owner of the restaurant in Eureka, he is also known to law enforcement. What’s happening with all this? Prosecute these people.

    • You cannot “get these people out of here”. They are everywhere. Blame the policys of our government that is willing to spend trillions on wars but pennies on helping people with mental illness & poverty.

  • This is tragic in many ways. We probably need to replace a few prisons with mental health facilities. That this stuff happens so frequently is tragic in many ways. I can believe they didn’t arrest him because… then what? There’s no space to keep him. He’s probably a ‘nut case’ not a criminal. There are enough serious criminals to fill the jails…. sigh.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      [edit]…..if not, then Cooskey says FOAD because it is only a joke whereas name-calling and other invented, perceived or actual insults are real threats not allowable on blogs, but FOAD is allowable…….from the hammer attack thread……where the perp was not a man…..

  • Thanks for helping kid. You are more effective than leo’s. Cops expect people to fight it out gladiator style. Surprised the didn’t arrest the security guard. That concealed carry permit is looking better all the time. Don’t forget to give back the Sheriff’s uniform after Halloween.

  • he just needs help a place to live so he never leaves .Free food some clothes maybe a free phone .The reason most of these horrible vagrants don’t have anywhere to live is they are terrible people,That s why their family and friends wont have them.

    lazy loser druggie with no respect for any thing or anybody.

    The police could and should of have detained him until talking to the victim.To lazy to go to the hospital. Maybe almost done with his shift.Terrible policing .The community should hold law enforcement accountable.

    .Now they wont be able to find the suspect because he will just move to the next town probably Eureka Wilits maybe Crecent City ,and be a burdone on the next community.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Increased taxes for cops = worse and worse results……

    Defund, take cops off the streets if perps just go free anyways…….

    • You do not sound like you are very good at ‘thinking things through’, are you?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Insider supporter or just not honest enough to comprehend the system as it is?

        How’s catch and release working out?

        Headed toward more vigilantism in society…….or, are you not very good at thinking things through with headphones on?

  • glad comer doesn’t work in fortuna anymore, thank you to the bystander!

  • Guard might benefit from a tetanus shot.

  • Scott Crane should have been arrested! Now they’ll have to search for him. He is known for wearing a ski mask while riding a bicyle and harassing stalking and scaring young women walking to work in morning in McKinleyville. Let the Sheriff know he has recently been seen coming up from the creek on Mckinleyville Ave,, where the pedestrian/bike lane was built between Murray and Gassaway and he’s been carrying a bag of recycling around his neck recently. Scott Crane is dangerous and unpredictable. He should have been arrested for assault!

  • can we have a picture of this guy “known to law enforcement?

  • Kudos to the young man who got involved ! [edit]

  • Underpaid Security Guard

    My experience as a Security guard over two decades is “you can not underestimate this individuals, They are very Strong and think because they live on the streets they are bad assessment Regardless they are good fighters some of them are veterans. I always take the defensive when dealing with them specially women they are more dangerous them guys.threat them with respect if doesn’t work the fight is on but not let them to take the offensive over you.if not find another job and Regarding our brothers in uniforms they have their hands are the one who can change the course of the events based and your training and life experience and understand they need help.when they know that Recognized kthose elements about them.They get scared scared.always be professional and Remenber of they are going to call the paramedics on make sure one ambulance for you and another one for him.

  • Great job by the 17 year old kid to take down this punk loser!

  • Humbled in Humboldt

    I spent 17 years working for companies like this one. Most of them offer only unarmed guards, which means you carry nothing but a flashlight and have no powers to arrest…citizens arrests only. I had a four cell Mag-light that was on my shoulder any time I walked up to something and felt threatened. Sadly, many retirees are doing this kind of work to supplement their social security checks these days. it’s a minimum wage job and then you get to deal with thugs like this one who show no regard for your position of authority….not a good situation.

  • If you’ve never been in a physical altercation and have never knocked another human being out, stay out of these jobs. The reason that the cops are shooting all of these people is that most have never been in someone’s face before and definitely never hit anyone. If it comes to fighting, who gives a shit what the law will do? The guy whipping on you won’t stop, you must take charge of your own deal and he who hesitates is lost. Walmart doesn’t give a rats ass if you die. Safeway is really chicken shit. Last guy I hit was in Vietnam and he didn’t wake up at first. I thought he was dead, his tounge was hanging out about 7 inches. I didn’t know a human tounge was that long. Now altercations are few but in slow motion.

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