Human Remains Found North of Redway

[Photo by Andrew Stephens]

Rain pours down on vehicles belonging to the Sheriff’s Department and the Coroner’s Office as personnel recover the human remains found Sunday. [Photo by Andrew Stephens]

Sgt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that human remains had been found near a transient camp north of Redway today. Humboldt County Coroner’s personnel were called to the scene this morning and the remains were removed to be examined.

Though Swithenbank said that the remains were “not recent.” They had been there “a significant length of time,” he explained.

It is not clear whether the individual fell from the hill near Ravencliff or if something else occurred. “The circumstances surrounding [the] death are under investigation at this time,” said Swithenbank.



  • Henchman Of Justice

    Same as with trimmigrants along 299,

    HOJ not surprised if a dead decomposed body is found….

    • Sounds like someone may have acted unjustly toward HOJ, somewhere along 299, ever how long ago it would take a body until now to decompose.

  • Thats the homeless camp kym did a recent article I think Estell fennel did a walk threw they put up no tress pass signs they must have not looked around to hard they missed a body !!!!

    • Have you been to the site. It is a sheer drop of several hundred feet. Why would there have been any reason to look for a body?

  • There was a time when Redway basically rolled up it’s sidewalks at night, was practically a ghost town this time of year, and the only loud noise on most summer nights was the loud speaker announcements bellowing from Camp Ravencliff.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    RIP departed one. May you be identified and your family notified.
    Pretty sad.

    • LeAnne this is so sad. I hope it was an accident. It is sad to think of being alone and no one could hear you. I hope this brings answers for the family.

    • I live in Oklahoma and read Blackbelt looking for my son that I reported missing early January this year. Until notification I will pray for this family whoever we are. This is Austin. My youngest son. class=”comment-image”>

  • Isn’t it sad that a person could disappear and die and nobody noticed.

  • He is in a better place with no more problems.

  • Some five or so years ago an elderly man wandered off. Sometimes I would see him on Redwood Drive, sometimes on Highway 101 until his family was contacted to have him returned safely home. One day he wandered into disappearance and has yet to be located. My hope is that this is not a victim of wrong-doing, but maybe the answer to a year’s long mystery.

    • My same thoughts..

      This happens a lot. We need reflective or glow in the dark signs that say cliff ahead. This has happened two two locals I know personally. Handfuls of others have died.

      And signs that say don’t poop in the water you drink. We drink this water and so do you!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Walking around this rugged topography at night with no light is an invitation to a broken leg or sudden death over a cliff. Especially if the wanderer is inebriated. I thought they found his wallet (another reporter). Makes me think it was accidental or natural causes. We’ll see.

    • I know who your referring to, his name is bob,and unless this is him he still hasn’t been found

  • R.I.P poor sole.another lost to Humboldt.i hope they can i.d him soon.

  • I know of two people who fell from that cliff over the years. Both survived. Sad that this one didn’t.

  • YO Lost……We need a sign to tell people not to poop in the water? That’s the best one i’ve heard in years! Lets hope that this is Bob Firestone. He was a good+kind man.And his family deserves closure.

  • Went to camp ravencliff as a sixth grader. Now a friggen bum hangout? It was a cool memory. Never cared for or paid attention to the world series, until then. I remember cabins, and a big mess hall. Now bums took it over? Great. So fuckin sick of assholes making shitty choices! Fucking really??? So gross these maggots stole, again, from local youth. Zero pity. At all.

    • Camp Ravencliff is still there. There are several homeless camps nearby though.

    • Sharon – The bums have NOT taken over Camp Ravencliff. We are still open and still serving local youth each summer. We have staff here year-round to keep the bums out. The bum camps are on the cliff across the river. That is where this body was found. If you have kids, send them to camp this summer. That experience is still open to all local kids! Thank you, Kym, for the link.

      • Ravencliff Staff- I am considering sending my daughter there this summer and am a little concerned about this issue. We live in the east bay and I’d like her to have an week of living in the wilderness. If the kids are playing in the river, should we not be concerned about people wandering over to the camp side, or even worse, at night??
        Thanks for any more info you can give me about the security of the grounds.

  • I am this mans family. He’s my uncle and went missing in 2012. He never stayed in contact with his family. We thank God that he has been found even due to the circumstances. Please think before u speak. I’m disappointed in a lot of these comments.

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