Man ‘Severely Injured’ in Hyampom Logging Incident

Helicopter at landing area for rescue transfer

The two helicopters at the landing zone where the patient was transferred. [Photo from the CHP]

A man was “severely injured in a wood cutting incident” yesterday, according to the California Highway Patrol. The man had been working in the Hyampom area when the incident occurred.

Personnel from the United States Forest Service and Trinity Life Support assisted the injured man from the ground until a CHP helicopter, H-16, flew in to the remote area to do a tricky 150 foot hoist rescue.

The helicopter hovered over the area while crew members pulled aboard the patient in special rescue equipment. They then flew the patient to a safe place to transfer him to a REACH 5 medical helicopter was waiting to transport him to Mercy Hospital in Redding.



  • Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

  • Oh hoping their going to alright.such a dangerous job.god bless this family.

  • My grandfather had the misfortune of being nailed by a tree back in the old days, I hope this gentleman lives on to tell the story like my Poppie did ♡

  • Wow. Look at everything else in the picture. Looks like someone dropped a bomb. Looks like they are tearing up the landscape pretty good. Mudslide coming soon I’m sure. Strange I don’t see any greenhouses or pots. Everything I’ve heard says the cannibis industry is the evil in the hills. I’m sure all of that heavy equipment is solar or biofuel and they never let any fuel or sediment make it into the waterways. Wonder what their water board permits look like?

    • Not so black and white.....

      Hey Pooh, take another look, that is clearly fire damage from a few seasons ago. Save your grower apologist agenda for when the facts back it up (or maybe agree that it isn’t either/or, and admit that both cannabis and logging cause environmental damage). Why must everyone be so aggressive and not see more than one side of an issue?

    • Well, that is a burned area, caused by fire, which is hot and kills things. You blew it with your comment.

    • Well you got your name right. You don’t know what you’re even talking about. He was salvaging wood left over from a forest fire. Duh….

  • I love you guys. Always makin’ the sun shine through…

    • Well you spouted off what seemed to me as a pinned up response. You are defending grows, I get it. If you would have taken 1 minute to look at the photo, the obvious would have become clear and you could have avoided the ole foot in the mouth. While I have the soap box, unless you live a “wood free” life, don’t knock the very thing your dollar supports.

  • The picture shows what was initially burned in the Sims Fire in 2004 and then again last summer in the Saddle Fire. The injured man is part of a migrant crew that are doing a Forest Service contract to brush and pile the old plantations so that they can be replanted next spring. The money is coming from a legal settlement with PG&E that was blamed for the Sims Fire.

    Don’t know if the man was injured from a tree that he or someone else was cutting or from a large snag, of which their are many surrounding the old plantations.

    I hope he is OK.

  • Treebones
    Thank you for the information and insight into the location. I used to hear advice about avoiding ‘widow makers’ and had to ask what that meant. Forests and trees might look
    friendly but safety first is a necessity.
    If he was part of a migrant crew, perhaps the training wasn’t the best. Wish him the best
    and thankful they were able to evacuate him as quickly as they did.
    Hope to read a positive update about him soon.

  • Thanks,,,,,,,,for,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,info,,,,,,Bones…….Hope,,,,,,,he,,,,,,heals,,,,,,,,,quickly.

  • Hey Pooh head do you live in a glass house? I can only assume it’s made out of wood like the rest of ours.

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