Hyampom Once Again the Scene of a Homicide

Homicide investigation

Background photo by Oliver Cory

Yesterday, Hyampom the tiny hamlet situated just inside of the western Trinity County line had it’s third homicide this year. Though the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office refused to confirm the homicide to us, they did tell the Trinity Journal, “[A] male was shot and killed in an altercation early Friday, Oct. 28, off of Kerlin Creek Road, Hyampom.” The Sheriff’s Office arrested Andrew Hamlin, age 74, on murder charges. The victim’s name has not been released.

Hamlin, a Hyampom resident, was arrested in December of 2014 for probation problems and charges related to drug and alcohol.

The town which has a population of 241 people had a double homicide in September where Michael David Sims, age 47, from Samoa and Lawrence O’Connor, age 56, from Eureka were shot to death. No one has been arrested in that case.



  • Why the Trinity Journal and not RhBb? af

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Because they shut down Mark Potts, the only Constitunal Sheriff candidate that Trinity has ever had.

      Waiting to hear who this was, very sad in a very small place.

      Top spelled backwards is pot.

  • All this terrible violence in Hyampom pains me to the core. My first boyfriend and the partner I moved to No Mend with was raised there from 1950. His parents introduced me to the Organic Gardening and Farming way of life. I hate to think of his mother and brother living in the midst of such activities.

  • Don’t just sit there, Kym. Do something about all these goings on!

    • Uhm, really ?! Is this supposed to be sarcasm?! Well, what a ridiculous and sad statement either way! Kim does a great public service by reporting local, breaking news and offers updates as she can. Who in the world 🌎 asks of someone to “..do something..” when it’s apparent that she IS by informing the public and enlightening our community with current news while connecting the dots with previous incidents. A great skill that demonstrates care, forethought, and her understanding of the information she is sharing is important, and can very well lead to positive aspects around the subjects by shining the light on reoccurring issues. Hopefully, your statement was intended to be funny, like some kind of inside joke. If not, stop writing unless it’s regarding what you are doing about it.

      • Amy, If you have it in you to be able to put little pics among your words, why can’t you pay enough attention to at least spell her name correctly?….It’s “Kym”

        • Jeez, you are fast on my way to be my second “favorite” commenter….I appreciate your deep concern for my name but I answer to a lot of names kim, Kim, Kym, kym, Mom, Hey, you…etc. It’s okay. Please don’t bully people in my name though.

  • My thought is if the quality of life is so bad and so much violence with a smart, energetic guy as President then how would ‘Hillary’s America” be? Her campaign motto should read “More of the Same but Less”. Haven’t made up my mind but I prefer the other candidate’s platform as far as economy, immigration, and veterans. I think Hillary may have a stronger Foreign Policy direction with all of her experience. However, now that she has been caught up in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal I feel that maybe distrust will prevail. Thoughts?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Hillary is not perfect. Who is? But if you have observed and listened to both candidates and could still vote for Donald Trump, then what can I say? This is not meant to be insulting. Hillary has been around. She has the experience, is known to world leaders. She was a very popular U.S. Senator and Sec. Of State. Suddenly, she is a demon. Hillary, bottom line, end-of-the-day is, in fact, a patriot. Donald Trump is an arrogant spoiled brat who thinks always of himself, first. A junior high bully who got sent to military school to learn some manners. Like a junior high punk, Trump resorts to personal insults when his brain fails him, which is often. His attitude about women and anyone else deemed inferior has been made clear. As The Father of The Birther issue, his thinly veiled racism is certified and serves as a dog whistle for his base. Tough guy bully in school, but took a pass on ‘Nam like Ted Nugent, etc. How nice for Trump that nobody has pointed a finger at Trump and yelled “He’s a GERMAN!” Because most Americans know such prejudicial comments are un-American. Except Trump and his base. Trump has no clue what this nation is about except as a tool of personal enrichment. Skates on taxes like Hans Brinker. Let other stupid people carry the freight for his empire.

      Whew! Look, I’m tired and have to go shopping. Please, please think it through before your vote.

      • Thank you for the honest, well-thought out reply and the effort that you took to state your opinion. What you said about taking my time and thinking through my vote made a difference. That’s exactly what I will do.,

      • She is a demon it’s not suddenly, I don’t want you to think I’m partial to trump he is an idiot.

        • Clinton was/is running a criminal enterprise along with her husband. She was actively soliciting and accepting huge bribes from foreign governments and individuals, the money being funneled into the “Clinton library”. Beyond that, for walk around cash, both have been accepting bribes of hundreds of thousand dollars for speeches lasting a few minutes given to closed door Wall Street bigwigs. The two of them have made over $100M running the scam while being sec of state of this country. Spend a few hours looking up the trail of dead bodies that has followed Bill and Hillary along the way. This woman Huma will go under the bus or lose her life if she decides to speak up.

          • Your lack of knowledge is showing . The man is a complete liar .Every one of his products have failed .He and his kids clothing line is made out of the country .He used Chinese steel on his building against the law of the us .He is a sexual predator .He evicted little old ladies out of their apartments in ny to make condos .Some of these people had been in their apartments 20 years .The city of ny passed laws against him .Pig chris cristie is his main guy ,He’s hiding out now that he might get indited in Nj . No taxes to the us in 18 years . He also charges his campaign every time he stops at his hotel he charges his campaign .He has paid himself and his family for appearances while running for president. This guy is a complete failure in multitude of bushiness’s look it up .http://www.politico.com/blogs/ben-smith/2010/03/hiring-the-cheneys-025876 They All Get Speaking Fees

        • BREAKING CLINTON BOMBSHELL(Please Read)- and no its not the new investigation into Weiner e-mails. Today CNN parted ways with Donna Brazile for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton before the debate. Hillary should have sensed that this was wrong, I know I would have, and i’m sure that my young children would recognize that as well. Enough is enough. Thoughts.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Clinton says she is going to help each and everyone of us……impossible, but a liar she is.

        Clinton says Women are nasty because they make lists and work at crossing off the work on the list…….Clinton has too long a list and as a result, she half asses and can’t get stuff done right or correctly……so many scandals, lying, dead people on her watch, coverups, not reading 100% of bills, policies – rubber stamping…a charge liberals always made about neo con’s, etc….

        You would vote for a known liar over everyone else not a molestor, rapist, murderer, hardened criminal…….

        McMullen is better than Clinton and Trump on their best days schmoozing each other….

        Compare McMullen with Libertarian and Constitutional platform candidates “Castle/Johnson” choice for the only trifecta of candidates worthy to serve as president.

        Why voters believe POTUS is not a puppet…..

        America would run just fine if there was no president at all……we need no more bills, but could take a time out from new business to deal with the decades old business…………

      • I completely agree with you Henchman of Justice. That is exactly how I feel 100%, chump has no knowledge, he is racist and sexist and it would be a disgrace to all women and people of different races. He is always so hyper about the border and this and that, how many wives has he married that weren’t even American citizens before he met them? including his current one. How shameful to have his wife giving speeches while people are looking at her nude pictures. Im pretty sure the only wife he had who was born in America was probably Marla Maples. trump the chump has had numerous wives and kids from different women, infidelity should be is middle name. He is disgusting and he has no business running this country..after all the bankruptcy’s with his companies how can he plan on running a country. trump is definitely not what we want our kids looking up to. How are we going to teach our kids not to be bullies then they see chump on tv making fun of people with disabilities and weight issues, people of color, he is a poster boy for what we DONT WANT AMERICA TO BE

    • Growler…..My “thoughts” are that you are a troll who has zero common sense, class, or boundaries.

      • Now how could you come to that assumption from my post? It was well thought out, represented both sides, and gave everyone credit where credit was due. I don’t know where I failed to exhibit class, or cross a boundary except maybe you are upset by the new revelations about Hillary and the Weiner connection. But, Trump has had a very last rough month as well. You sir seem as if you are having the usual local rough early Fall time period.

        • The fact that these are the two choices we have speaks volumes that our political system is completely screwed. they are both deplorable human beings and should have never even have been an option, how could we as a Society elect either to lead our country and represent us. Our presidents are supposed to reflect us atleast the majority of us. Any way my 2 cents, that have nothing to do with hyampom

        • I agree with you Growler. Elvis needs to leave the building.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Thoughts…..if you vote for either Clinton or Trump, you ain’t a friend of HOJ.

  • Do something, Fred?

    Hyampom is a libertarian paradise. ;o)

  • Trump!

  • I really do not have much to say. I do not trust either one. They all lie. They say they will do this and then do the opposite. I do not remember anyone running for president doing any of this. What does our youth think??? Were these two the only ones wanting to be president? This is so sad. How about the terminator?? I’ll be back. Could not be any worse. Well, to late now. Em

  • What, Hillary and Donald were in Hyampom?

  • Try Oakland for a weekend. Or any east bay community for that matter. Makes NorCal still look like Disneyland. What it is these days is there’s an information super highway. Rather then hearing about this in a month from community members. We instantly hear about it practically in real time. That’s really the only difference. People have always gotten whacked in these parts. It seems like a lot more these days. But I would be willing to bet its very comparable to days of the past. Nothing near as often as when it was the real Wild West. With cowboys and Indians and the military trying to subdue the natives. Like we all know it’s not always marijuana related either. Although many times it is. This two party system doesn’t sufficiently represent the disenfranchised. Which these days is a large segment of our society.

    • With the new influx of people it’s only natural that crime goes up, more people more problems, sad tho I’m sorry for the family’s involved

    • Jorge Cervantes, “try Oakland for a weekend”? Have you my friend? I’ve lived in Oakland and Northern California and love them both. There are problems all over the state of California and I’m tired of scared people dissing Oakland. It has a lot to offer and I had many good neighbors wherever I lived there. Sure bad stuff happens there but it happens in the hood in my rural neighborhood too.
      What I don’t like about ALL the Bay Area now is way too many people and traffic. But I still love Oakland too. I just prefer living in the country on general principle.

    • Even ten years ago it wasn’t this bad. Too many idiots growing now and screwing it up for the good people. With so much cash flowing around and unscrupulous people it’s bound to keep happening.

      • I believe a large part of the problem is (without being discriminatory) is unchecked immigration. Over-saturation strain on employment, social programs, housing. etc. Throw in impending legalization and arrival of the criminal element within the last 10 years. And there you go you have your big melting pot.

      • 1000 a lb those green rushers won’t be around long

  • So sad that we here in Humboldt have had so much violence.my prayers to the family.and my prayers to all of us to have a safe night,weekend!!

  • Looks like murder rate for Hyampom, CA. 1per 80 Chicago, Ill. 1 per 113. Pack yer bags Ma I found a safer place to vacation.

  • HRC may still win due to what I call the Michael Jackson effect. Where people overlook the obvious deceit, unsavory dealing, failures, and major character flaws of the Clintons, just as people overlook the fact that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, because they like his music.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      As if you investigated any facts……..still think the kid was a “Hillary Mosher\Clinton” bribe con artist.

      Kids for years have learned how ” to act”.

      Comparing MJ to Clinton is impossible…..MJ has done wayyyyyyy more good than Clinton could ever do in a million lifetimes.

  • Report from Hyampom resident: “Mountain Andy” Hamling shot Boe Bennett in the chest. Murder occured on Andy’s property. Boe was working and possibly living on the property. Andy claimed that Boe “wouldn’t leave”. Andy was known to always have a .45 on his hip.

  • I choose none of the above I am not voting for eather one they both suck .And what in the hell is going on in hyampom.sombody put something in the water.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      If none of the above had to be a choice on every single ballot measure it would be a giant leap in liberating occupied North America.

  • BULLSHIT..I live out here..The mountains are safe…when i go to eureka with my kid i dont feel safe sometimes…but if people are getting shot theres probably a story behind it..People that dont live in the hills like to make it seem like its a war zone out here…Im scared more of our goverment than a drive by shooting in the woods.

  • Trump will make America great again.

  • U all should b ashamed of yourselves this was an article on a life lost someone who has family and friends who r reading these & would probably appreciate seeing caring words not a presidential debate what’s the matter with u? All I have to say 2 all who knew & luved him is im so sorry for your loss and I prey 4 u 2 someday find peace although the loss never goes away but it will get easier my thoughts are with u.

    • Amen and thank you. I am an acquaintance of Boe from Florida and was searching for information on what happened to him. Political rants were completely out of place in the comments. There are plenty of spots to spew that endless argument. Thanks to the original writer of the article and those that commented information on Boe’s death

  • I would like to ask a question. Most people i have talked with did not like either candidates ,instead of picking the least likely to do the most damage,could we have ,as the people who are deciding who is going to represent us,decide we dont want either one,bring us a new batch to look over.

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