How Fire Affects Our Forests: An Hour With KMUD

Jack-o-lantern Carved by Malachi Photo by Kym KempPress release:

All fire goblins on Halloween, please join Chip Tittmann and Jeff Hedin on Monday, October 31, Halloween night, from 7-8 PM on KMUD.  We will discuss Forest Fires, Climate Change and Carbon:  What Can Landowners Do To Foster Good Forest Husbandry. Our special guests will be James Robbins of Cal Fire and Stuart McMorrow, a Licensed California Forester, both fire experts and experienced with how fire affects our forests. This is part of the Institute for Sustainable Forestry’s Radio Shows on KMUD, 911 FM. That’s Monday October 31, 7-8 PM for issues of Forest Husbandry and Fire with ISF on Trick-or-Treat night.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • ALL fired up for this one. see ta in hell.

  • Put huge carbon filters over every volcano. Make the feds fight the wildfires they caused instead of imprisoning those who put the accidental fires out. The entire west is under mismanagement.
    Only you can prevent forest fires.

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    I walk on fire all the time to vist my buddy Fire Walker it is the only way to get to his house to roast marshmallows samors then we might crash a party . When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween we go party at Awarewolf’$ house and party with some goohl friends.

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