Horses Trotting Down the Avenue; Be Alert

Two to three horses have been reported on the Avenue of the Giants near Phillipsville multiple times today. Three were reported around 5:30 this morning and a reader reported seeing two just south of Phillipsville at 11:30 a.m. Please be on the alert. If you know a possible owner, please let them know.



  • These are the same ones that always get out of fence. It’s super dangerous. One of these days someone is going to get seriously injured and so will the horses, when a vehicle hits them on that blind corner before you come into ptown

  • The same horses that keep getting out?! What the hell is wrong with the owners of these horses?!! Who owns them and where do they belong… I hope they are safe soon before something terrible happens!!

    • As a horse owner, I have to say that horses are very smart, I have had a few that know how to unlock gates and untie ropes. Some horses can jump eight foot fences easily. I hope they get back home safely. It not always a bad owner, sometimes it is a naughty horse.

  • The owners name is Lonnie

    • Are you sure these horses arent the ones on dottis property in phillipsville. They have gotten out several times recently and over the years. Nothing new. Poor fencing. They end up on the avenue until either she deals with them or someone in the community puts them back. It needs to get delt with before someone and the horses get hurt, not after. I have never heard of lonnys horses getting out or ending up in phillipsville.

  • Horses and cars don’t mix. Are these horses from the place near the trailer park that has the flimsiest electric fence set-up I’ve ever seen? I cringe every time I pass by there. Not safe.

  • Lot of liability for the horse owner if someone gets hurt

  • These horses get out regularly now and I’ve even seen one of the spots they use to escape. There are too many horses and the owner doesn’t have the proper resources to care for them. It’s a bad situation for the area and I hope no one is hurt, including the animals.

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