New Deputy Assigned to Garberville Station

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County Sheriff Deputy Melendy

Humboldt County Sheriff Deputy Foy Melendy

Sheriff Downey is pleased to announce a new Measure Z deputy position assigned to the Garberville Station! This new deputy position is in addition to the regular assigned deputies for the Garberville Station, and is not filling a vacancy. The deputy assigned to this position is Foy Melendy.

Deputy Melendy was hired using Measure Z funding in December 2015 as a Deputy Recruit. The Sheriff’s Office sponsored him to attend the 117th College of the Redwoods Police Academy, where he graduated on June 16, 2016.

Deputy Melendy was promoted to Deputy Sheriff on June 19th and began the 18 week Field Training Program. Deputy Melendy successfully completed the FTO program on October 19th. He began his first day as a solo deputy on October 24th, where he was assigned to the Garberville Station. Deputy Melendy works from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., supplementing the deputies currently on duty.

When you see Deputy Melendy patrolling, please take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.



  • Strait oUT of the Academy .no experience rookie .wonder how that’s gonna work out is he gonna be good cop? or bad cop ?

  • They’re all good cops when you need help. And, Garberville needs help. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the drought.
    Welcome, Deputy Melendy.

  • WELCOME DEPUTY FOY! I see Duck-lips is loose and free and parading her wares on the kids of So-Hum.She doesn’t have the spring to her step like she used to have! Sober? Maybe time is catching upon her *ss! BOOKUM DANNO!

  • Good luck Pal.

  • Shows us your guns

    Let’s kick some hobo butt!! Oh wait, the local tweakers are the problem, yet always seem to just run around town doing whatever they want. We sont need help, we need to open our eyes. As someone who has spent time in jail I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone but the worst, however it wouldn’t take a monkey with a badge to catch the drug peddlers in gville. Wake up. Do you’re job. Show us you’re not just another beefcake with a gun, fresh outta school. Show us you care about who our children walk by every day (not travelers)

    • I wondered if anyone noticed who the real local nuisances are & not the clean well educated travelers passing thru

      • Um well educated and passing through? Ya right, if there well educated they wouldn’t be here doing drugs and sleeping in the streets

        • Idiocacy never fails!

          Have u met any? Obviously not, otherwise you would realize & know, most travellers are not sleepin on the street and are workin, not high. I see people, who used to function within this community, strung out sleepin on the streets for the past 5 yrs(when i first noticed). Vern, Frank, Inez, Ron, Derrice, Kathy, The Rat Twins & their ma, Zac, shall i keep naming more.

          I also noticed how these travellers speak 3 or more languages. That’s up there with well educated last time i checked. Heck, our kids mostly speak 1 languge and not properly at that

          • Have you! Obviously not! don’t tell me about how great all these so called educated people are, I can’t go to the grocery store/gas station/bank/post office/ without being harassed or asked for money or a job, they defficate all over town, trespass on private property, steal ect. ect. I was born here in the 70s and I don’t know any of them or they would know better than to ask. You should help them out and put them up at your house. Just because you can ask for change in a different language doesn’t make you educated

            • Arent you proving the other ones point? You just said you havent talked to any of them? So how do u know its not a homeless local junkie that pooped in the street vs a traveller? Yes tresspass has happened with travellers whos boss failed to provide them a shed to sleep in or a spot to pitch a tent. Many are promised everything provided, only to show up in our tiny towns at 8pm and no choice but to pitch a tent or sleep in a doorway cause the hotels are full or they are scared of our local junkies who infest the more affordable rooms. Many of them think its all state park. As soon as you point out its private property, they usually have no problem & no attitude, moving on from where they have tresspassed. Simple mistake. Look, I talk to them everyday. I serve them food they pay for in town everyday. I even have to clean the restroom the use every shift and you were saying? I walk thru them everyday on my shift before & after. So where’s your proof ol wise Sherlock? Oh just your rehotric based on no communication but the internet & bias judgement as u rush pass anyone you dont know. I dont need to help any of them. None have asked me for $, a job yes but I answer with a polite , sorry cant help u. Its that Simple. I get more rude attitude from the higher than thou privliged born & raised & i grew up with since the 80s. Oh but i moved here when i was 1yrs old, so my opinion doesnt count cause i cant attach that born to it. Darn! Off to work now. Chew on that for breakfast love, you need some ❤.

            • Who said anyone asked for change in a foreign language? If they speak 3, im sure they would use the english the already know. Who’s uneducated, say in comprehension? Since the 70’s, Been a LLLong time since u were in school, understandable.

  • I hope he is a deputy with good morals and has a safe career.

  • I wonder if he has lived in Humboldt County, for any length of time? IS he native ? I think it would be best if he didn’t know anybody .it might be a good thing a fresh perspective .one man can make a difference,so let’s hope he is that man.

  • Not to be a buzz kill but I have heard he has a real attitude and is very unfriendly even to his fellow officers and correctional deputies. A “my shit doesn’t stink attitude”. I hope this attitude doesn’t drizzle down to the public he is hired to protect and respect. Regardless I hope he works out and works with the citizens of Southern Humboldt. Good luck deputy.

    • “I heard” is a real reliable source to put somebody down. “I heard” He was a great Guy and an asset to the Dept. and Garberville.

  • He’ll probably quit after a week in garb, good luck buddy

    • The hours of the new Sheriff seem strange to me. 12pm to 10pm so they added 5hrs to the regular patrol time (9am to 5pm ?)then he’s a extra officer from 12pm to 5pm. It’s barely dark at 10 in the summer. How about 5pm to 2am. but its better than nothing.

      • imagine working 12 to 5 am every day and dealing with all the bullshit in sohum, you would have to be a tweaker or you would lose your mind

  • Be careful, new guy. Garberville is tough on the psyche. Many run away when exposed to the realities of this supremely messed up town. And the other day, a busker in Goobsterdam warned me about Redway; called it tweaker-town! OK, you are begging and smoking pot in the street, and YOU are insulting other people’s home… Welcome to SoHUm!!

    I am glad to see that Sgt Taylor is getting some help!

  • Housing/ lack of stress, is probably the most effective foundation for human behavioral “correction” and substance abuse recovery (the main driver of violence and complaints in this community). While there are zero places for people to sleep/reside/use the bathroom etc in Southern Humboldt (who work here in town many of them), absolutely no emergency shelter options, or even a single campground within 5 miles, we get another sherif in town with Measure Z funding, instead of a lasting solution to the actual systemic problem of a lack of housing, and resources, in the heart of a booming industry town? Not surprising.

    40-60k or whatever he makes every year, could be very easily used to resolve the lack of housing, making “criminal” activity obsolete naturally, sheerly because people have their basic needs met. The popular narrative for a solution to criminal activity in Sohum, clearly isn’t working. This is yet another bandaid atop of a gushing, diseased wound. This chaos doesn’t exist in the countries who respect their citizens, (Denmark, Sweeden, Finland, Norway) think about it. The hate, violence and unrest on our streets is absolutely unnecessary. If we only think with our hearts instead of our wallets, and consider all of the data, we could realize a lasting solution here in Sohum too.

    Dr. Garbor Matte Professor, Author, Addiction specialist says, “Its no longer [an] honest [mistake] if you keep ignoring the evidence…if you look at the literature on addiction, what you find is that the biggest driver of addictive relapse is actually stress…So when it comes to treatment, you have to de-stress people. You have to give them less stress. That means you have to treat them humanely…Now, there’s no better way to stress people than to criminalize them, marginalize them, and ostracize them, just as this commission points out. So when you’re stressing people, you’re actually promoting their drug use. So if I had to come up with a system to promote drug use, I would come up exactly with the system we have right now…the more you increase the stress on people and the more you made difficult and the more you press these people, the more violent they’re going to be with each other and with the general population. But it’s not the drug use itself that causes the criminality. IT’S THE CRIMINALIZATION THAT CAUSES THE CRIMINALITY. ” (emphasis mine)
    (quote from-

    Looks like we better get to applying for more measure Z funding to build another jail instead of a sanctuary camp. It could be so easy to come to a lasting solution, it could be so humane and peaceful here. Where is the hate for the houseless, the poor, the disenfranchised and even tourists coming from?

  • So they got one guy to watch entire crazyville??
    The guy is going to feel a bit overwhelmed if imagine,…

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