“Joey” Stanley Joseph Mitchell-Uselton 1981-2016: A heart so big it never fit in his chest

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Joey Uselton

“Joey” Stanley Joseph Mitchell-Uselton 1981-2016

Joey came to us on March 16, 1981 in Santa Cruz, CA.  He was a small, but healthy 2.16lb baby boy with a will to live.  He was born as hairy as a spider monkey!  Joey respectfully carried the last name of his grandfather Mitchell, but will always be an Uselton.

Joey started working as a teenager for Tom Whitley at “Whitley Tire,” then worked for his  uncle Greg’s “Big O Tires” shop.  Anytime he could get on a boat to fish he did, this was his favorite work.  Joey crab fished on the Sunlight and eel fished on the Molly Ann.  Recently, Joe was so excited that he had landed a job on The Madeline for the 2016 crab season.

Joey was learning the rituals and traditions of the purification ceremony at the Spring Street Sweat lodge, he was given the honor of tending fire & pouring water during ceremonies.  This brought Joe a great deal of comfort and peace of mind.

Joey loved the 4th of July, thats for sure!  He also enjoyed hunting, fishing, and going to the lake.

With the best intentions and a heart so big it never fit in his chest, he always wanted to help anyone that was in need. He will be an amazing Guardian Angel to his two beautiful daughters.

Joey was placed in the loving hands of God & his awaiting family in heaven as of October 6th, 2016, having spent 35 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days with us.

Father & Mother- Brett & Lissa Uselton

Children- MKinzy Mitchell – Uselton, & Aaliyah Hughes

Sisters- Sara Maurer, Angel Maurer, Victoria Escamilla, & Salina Stewart

Brothers- Branden Uselton, Athan Uselton, & Joshua Plympton

Nephews- Dixon Uselton, Tristen Uselton, & DJ Uselton

Grandparents- Karen Barbour, James Mitchell, Tom Uselton, &  Jim & Sheryl Barbour

Aunts & Uncles- Pam Pretiger, Anna & Greg Shilts, Camden & Sharon Barbour, Audra Uselton – Daniels, Tami & Don Bloom, Rick & Karen Mitchell, Tonia & Wes Oestman, &  Greg, & Karen Mitchell

Cousins-  Pyper Daniels, Alexandria Bloom, Ember Bloom, Heidi Oestman, Ashley Oestman, Chris & Linda Oestman (kids Judah and Olive), Hayden Mitchell, Justin Mitchell, Ryan Mitchell, Chelsea Bunnell, Erica Perez, Tyler, Wendy Cheek (kids  Heather &  Jesse), Jacky McCracken, Trisha & JC Brogi, Alex Barbour, Matt & Kathy Barbour, Danielle & Grace Maddox, Jeremy Shilts, Nick McKeon, & Cheyenne Barbour

Spirit Family- Fred Lewis, Ayela Dawn Erickson, Hawk Erickson, LT Mitchell, Amelia Lewis, Pohliklah Lewis, Destiny Lewis, Antoinette Moody, Katie Holland, Allen Holland, James Holland, Ellen & Barry Buzzard, Terra McCanless, Kacy Carter

Loved ones awaiting his arrival home- Joe Pretiger, Velma Harman, Grandpa Harman, Carol Uselton, Linda Mitchell, Justin Plympton, Hank Johnson, Debbie McCanless, and Brad Tucker

Celebration of Life Saturday October 29th, 2016 1:00 pm
Cafe Marina & Woodley’s Bar
601 Startare Dr, Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 443-2233

Join us to remember the good times with Joe and share some stories.

We will have a slideshow of pictures, songs, and prayers on the Humboldt



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