Almost 25 Years on the Lam and Fortuna Police Caught Him With a Child on His Shoulders

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty :

ScavelliOn October 25, 2016 at about 3 pm Fortuna Police were dispatched to a report of a male subject, with a child on his shoulders, walking through a parking lot in the 3300 block of Renner Dr., pulling on numerous parked vehicle door handles attempting to gain entry.

A Fortuna Police Officer responded and arrived in the area along with Cal Fire Peace Officers who responded to the call to assist. The officers located the subject in the parking lot area of the 3300 block of Renner Dr. Upon contact the subject refused to provide officers with his identity and cooperate with their investigation. The subject began to walk away from the officers and refused to listen to commands. The subject partially complied, stopping and sitting on a bench but he continued to not provide his identity and remove the child from his shoulders. The subject made comment that his wife was in a nearby doctor’s office. Officers located the subject’s reported wife who was also uncooperative and refused to identify the subject. The subject’s reported wife took control of the child.

After many attempts to gain the identity of the male subject or ascertain why he was attempting to gain entry to several vehicles; and for safety reasons, the officers informed the subject that he was being detained.

As officers went to place the subject in handcuffs, the subject attempted to flee and became aggressive and physically resistive with officers. The officers were able to secure the subject in handcuffs and take him into custody for his actions.

The subject had no identification with him and refused and continued to refuse to identify himself.

Due to the subject’s aggressive actions the Fortuna Police Officer received an abrasion to his forehead, a cut to his left hand and his uniform was torn, while attempting to take the subject into custody.

The subject was transported and booked as a “John Doe” into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Resisting Arrest and Causing injury to a Peace Officer. The subject was fingerprinted to ascertain his identity.

The subject was identified as George Louis Scavelli, age 49. Scavelli had an outstanding arrest warrant from the US Postal Inspector’s Office. Scavelli had escaped police custody in San Francisco in March 1992 to avoid prosecution for the distribution of dangerous drugs.



  • What happened to woman and child?

  • What can we say? Good work Fortuna Police! What a creepy guy….checking cars as to rip off people with a child on his shoulders?

  • Totally amazed how naive our citizens are about who wanders in and out of our city every day. Escaped felons,murders, escapees with $50,000-100,000+ warrants just piddling thru our streets and hiding at the creeks,etc.GREAT JOB PUBLIC AND POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!!!. We need to always be watching and be listening for the unusual sights and behavior.

    • all he did was send LSD thru the mail. Maybe if you took the time to read the WHY he had a warrant out you would of realized he never hurt anyone.

  • “A child on his shoulders”? It was his child, wasn’t it? Is that a crime? Very bizarre headline, again.

    • He was trying to gain access to a vehicle that wasnt his…regardless if he had a child on his shoulders

    • Not a crime, just a fact.

      They caught him (rummaging through cars) with a child on his shoulder.

      Prolly more difficult to establish paternity than identity, btw. And it doesn’t look like the guy was cooperating, so there’s that….

    • Doesn’t it seem odd to you that a thief would be attempting to break into cars with a child on his shoulders? It does to me.

      • Glad u asked that!
        I don’t agree with the police actions.
        Seems like they hassled the guy, because he didn’t answer.

      • What did he steal Kym? I just reread the press release and still don’t see any mention of stolen anything.

      • I only said it was a bizarre headline. Oddly, the breaking into cars part is not in the headline, as you opted for the child on shoulders part instead.

        • Let’s try this again… They arrested a guy who was on the lam for 25 years. At the time of arrest, he had a child on his shoulders. He was acting suspiciously at the time. That’s what drew attention to him.

          I think she got the headline right and that someone is being a bit smarmy about the arrest report.

      • it was his car…

  • Wonder what the dangerous drugs were back in 1992, Marijuana? If so, he has a lot of company. Attempting to enter cars is not cool, but maybe he had an explanation. I’ve heard of worse crimes.

  • Once again, I salute the brave LEO’s. Whatever this guy did in ’92, he must have a screw loose, and involving a child during a crime indicates that he does not fear anyone or anything while he acts stupid and crazy in public. It is amazing he was not arrested before, and I can only imagine what he has been up to since his escape in ’92.


    He was involved in LSD distribution. See wanted poster above.

  • Bart, good find on the poster.

    Guess he lucked out all this time and it’s just the postal service looking for him? At least it seems he told his wife he is a wanted man.

  • Look at the wanted poster! Didn’t mustaches like that go down with Adolph Hurtler?………… He ll do 10 years!Maybe hes got acid/ oldtimers just lookin for his car?. BOOKUM DANNO!

  • The child on the shoulder was an attempt to cast a look of innocence on his wandering around trying to rip off cars. I hate thieves much more than deadheads selling acid.

    • He’s certainly not a thief, and carrying his child was not ‘an attempt to look innocent’, he’s a hard working father, great friend, always helpful and positive, and I’m certain whatever they thought was him trying to break into cars, was a just misunderstanding. He is truly one of the most solid, genuine, & honest people I know.

  • In 1992 they were handing out ridiculously long minimum mandatary sentences for everyone convicted of any LSD offense. I don’t blame this guy for running back then. Probably the smartest thing he’s ever done.

    • We Was Mutual Friends

      Agreed. 10 year minimum and added counts per hit. There are people in jail for LIFE because of LSD distribution. The government doesn’t like free thinkers.

    • I agree. What was happening after Operation Dead End with the huge mandatory minimums and federal conspiracy charges was terrible and devastating to many decent psychedelic explorers. Sure, not all acid people were wonderful but many good people got unjustly long sentences in that draconian campaign. I applaud this guy for escaping the feds at that time and heading for the hills! I don’t know what happened since then to get him to casing cars in Fortucky but let’s not forget the injustices of the War On Drugs that led to some decent outlaws arriving in our community. For many of us … LSD was a sacrament and a welcome life-changer. And we remain grateful.

  • That’s how kids get started down the wrong path,having parents like that.and the mother was trying to help keep his id.hidden.shes guilty of hiding a so very sorry for the child.i hope theirs good Grandparents to help take care of the praying the mother is alot better than this story,for that child’s sake.hoping

  • Ahh, happy childhood memories. Foraging with Father.

  • So this guy takes his wife to the doctor and decides to go out to the parking lot to check car doors in hopes of finding one unlocked so he can steal it or something from it……while carrying his child on his shoulders… the middle of the day…..and knowing he has a warrant that could potentially land him in prison for a long time? I’m not buying it! Sounds more like a case of a “concerned citizen” who is way too concerned and probably just called the cops because they saw a guy trying the doors on his own car.

  • Loser not hero

  • Put him away for a long time… a drug dealer and a thief. Steals from the workin’ class. Nice knowin’ ya ! Great job FPD. Thank you.

  • One thing I gotta say after reading these bunk comments is — Don’t believe everything you hear from a police report — George isn’t a creep at all where the facts at? Did you see him breaking into multiple cars OR did the police say someone said that? You try to open your own damn car doors, someone snitches for no reason, and then cops get lucky. This man is a smart man. Consciously aware of the state of this country and has been for quite some time no doubt. Nobody stupid evades warrants and remains off grid in this day and age for 25 years and starts breaking into vehicles while endangering children in plain view. GET REAL because George is the low key, the realest.

  • I’ve known this man for many years and don’t buy for a second that he was breaking into cars. They are good people and great caring parents. This is truly sad

  • George was a great friend of mine when the original incident occurred.. He was a kind and caring person then and I am sure those are traits that he continues to have to this day. Sad that people that don’t know him or his circumstances are so quick to judge. How easy to do when you are sitting anonomously behind a computer screen.

  • Guy wouldn’t hurt a fly…let’s put him in prison and solve the drug problem…give me a break

  • Probably one of the most interesting and kind people I have ever had the pleasure to befriend. Have not seen him in years but thinking about him still brings a smile to my face. Hopefully our justice system can have mercy on him. Sending peace love and understanding your way!!! No doubt many will vouch for his character!

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