Yesterday’s Amber Alert Child Found; Mother in Custody

Henry MasseyHenry Massey, the 7-month-old boy, who was the subject of yesterday’s Amber Alert, has been reunited with his family and his mother has been jailed. The boy had allegedly been taken from a crib at his grandmother’s house by his non-custodial mother on Sunday.HANNAH ASHLEY

According to The Dispatch, Hannah Ruth Ashley, the boy’s mother was recognized by a store clerk in Downieville. The clerk contacted a CHP Officer. The officer located Ashley walking along a road carrying a duffel bag.  The Dispatch reports,

Authorities say the officer heard the baby crying from inside the duffel bag and arrested the mother after a struggle.

Earlier chapter: Amber Alert Issued for 7-Month-Old Boy

Hat tip to John Chiv for pointing out the story on his site.



  • Kym, thanks for providing this update on the Amber Alert. Too often, we do not learn the outcome of these cases. It is good to know that this child is out of the duffel bag and back in the arms of his grandmother.

  • In a duffel bag??? Will that PLEASE be her next home for several years???

  • I have been hoping to hear. Thank you!

  • Please do not Judge this Mother!
    None of us know this story of a family in another county do we?
    Why would you ever want a Mother who could have done nothing at all spend one night in jail?
    You do not know her story!
    If you have children??? Imagine your husband out of nowhere beats you up and your 7 month old baby is right there when this horrible event happens to you by a man who is the father of your baby and your husband.
    Do you know what happens next?
    After the police show up you are stitched up arm set etc.
    Guess what happens next?
    CPS shows up and takes your 7 month old baby.
    Do you know why?
    Because the law & CPS will blame you for putting your child in a dangerous situation.
    You are now a bad Mother because you allowed your child to be around a dangerous situation.
    Now imagine they tell you that you aren’t getting your child back they are giving your child to a person who raised you who you know to be an alcoholic or worse but CPS will not listen to you.
    What do you do now if you have filed all of the paperwork taken any class they tell you to divorce the husband who beat you and yet they will not give you back your child! They leave your baby with this parent who raised you and you know your child is in danger but nobody will listen to you.
    You lay awake night after night prayer for your babies safety and for a miracle.
    What do YOU DO?
    If you leave your baby in danger then who should be in jail?
    You or the Mother who risked her life for her child?
    Do you know what This Mothers story is?
    None of US do yet!
    I would always take a bullet for my child!!!!!!!
    Shame on everyone of you who sit on the sidelines and let our family courts continue to commit these crimes daily!
    You don’t want to make waves or feel uncomfortable or be inconvenienced. You do not want to get your own lives any messier than they already are do you.
    Do you think that this New Mother in jail tonight who’s baby was again taken from her today needs someone to judge her or help her save her child and save her life?
    If you have time to be on the internet and gossip then you probably have the time to give a little back to the community and save a few innocent people or change a few bad laws written by a few bad people and allowed to remain in place because of ignorance of most because who cares about other people as long as it doesn’t effect us or disrupt our lives!

    • You sound like a fellow tweeker, sorry chicka…

      • And putting the baby in a duffle bag is ok because… ?!?!?!??

      • But speaking generally, Sharon, Jennifer is correct. Even if the mother reports the father for child abuse, if its determined to be as reported, the mother will be blamed for “allowing it to happen,” and any child or children will be removed from both mother and father. Maybe Jennifer is a tweaker, as you say … or maybe she is writing in a flood of painful emotion of things she knows first hand, shaking and crying from the memories. Jennifer is right, the system is broken. We need to fix it.

        Im just thankful the baby is safe and out of the duffle bag.

      • I doubt that. Look at how well written her post is. Come on, no tweaker writes like that. And she’s right……You don’t know. I think we should take into consideration everything she says.

    • You did hear the part about a baby in a duffle bag? Do you see this person? I feel for kids stuck with people like this.

    • You can't be THAT stupid....

      Don’t judge her??? You have to he joking right…. please say you are joking, and are not really that stupid! If not, you are part of the problem this world is facing!!! It’s just never going to be right to put a baby in a duffle bag!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! EVER!!!!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      “Authorities say the officer heard the baby crying from inside the duffel bag and arrested the mother after a struggle.” ~ caption

      How is it that caring parents stuff their infants inside a duffle bag…….

    • You sound like a cry for help if this is your situation you need to get help and they don’t just take your child away and not give it back unless there is a good reason and usually it’s drugs are involved Jennifer

    • this argument about not judging this “mother” is totally irrelevant because i was hit by my ex husband and he also hit our two year old son with a ruler and left a welt on his butt from it. i called the cops pressed charges he was arrested and i to this day have FULL custody of BOTH our kids. if you as a mother did Nothing to deserve being labeled as a bad mother and you know in your heart you deserve to have your baby with you then why hide it? better yet WHY PUT YOUR LIVING CHILD IN A DUFFLE BAG?!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Good grief, are you serious, or seriously deranged? As a parent I couldn’t imagine having my children taken from me, and at the same time I can’t imagine EVER putting a 7 month old inside a duffle bag! This alone speaks to the stability of the “mother”, which isn’t speaking much positive! You wish to defend this individual? You must be out of your damn mind as well! She has the look of Smiegel hunting for the precious, crack rock that is!

    • Marci Kitchen was a mom too

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Update on mom?

        Update on hotel alleged rape of a woman?

        Update on old lady rear ended cuz she stopped in the road?

        Update on lady punched in the nose?

        Update on the ladies of a cheaters affair that ended in death at the hand of a hubby?

        Update on the lady who is accused as being a political con artist and bribe taker for Measure V?

        Updates are needed to complete the set of facts so the community won’t be mired in the mud of wtf ever ended up happening……

        Updates, updates, updates……Kym is one busy body for sure

    • Jennifer, DO NOT make up lies to defend a “mother”!!! Your rant makes you look as cray cray as the “mother” you defend. Roughly a quarter of the people on this planet are mothers. Does giving birth make you perfect? Incapable of doing wrong?? You are hideous for defending this “mother”! She stole a baby, and was carrying him around in a duffel bag! If the baby was dead, would you still defend her?? Kidnapping and child endangerment have nothing to do with being a “mother”. She is a sociopathic monster, as are you for defending her! Thank god for Amber alerts! CHILDREN FIRST ALWAYS!!!

    • Thats just something you think could be the sitch but then again it may not be, what is she is just a tweeker and a horrible mother ? then what?

    • If she was a great mother she would go through the process, visit the baby at grandma’s house & stay legal. Not kidnap the baby and run and hide the baby in a duffle bag. I appreciate your passion, but it is misdirected.

    • Actually Jennifer, if you open your eyes a little or, I don’t know, get your head out of the sand, you’d know that occurrences such as the one you have presented are as little or less than 1% of cases. Especially in California–which is referred to in the CWS world as a “mommy state” (in case you didn’t know-that means mother is given favor over the father). My parents were foster parents for quite a long time. I’m also with a man who has children from a previous marriage, who we have full custody of, because of her actions. 99% of the time it’s a mom who lost custody of the child/ren because of putting their child/rens life in danger by either partaking in drug use, DUI, being abusive to the child directly, and so on and so forth. Now unless they were physically abusive to the child, DEPENDING, the mother STILL gets chance after chance to rectify her actions over and over and over. CWS is no longer CPS because their main goal is to “keep families together” not “protect children”. We don’t know her story, you’re right about that. But what we do know is it is pretty much non existent for CWS to take a child for no good reason. Especially because they don’t have the resources to care for/place all these kids. So they try their hardest to keep the kids with the families, even if that means giving a million chances to a parent who will most likely never change. If you’re in an abusive relationship and you stay there, then yes, you are putting that child in danger. If she had straightened her life out and wanted to get her child back, she would just have to take it to court. It would take some time, but its better than shoving your infant child into a f***ing duffel bag and walking around.

    • I was once one of those mothers.. never done drug.. wasn’t old enough to drink alcohol and with a very controlling and abusive husband and father of my first born.. old enough to be married but to young and naive to realize the dangers I put myself and my first born.. I too endured a beating or two before I realized what was wrong and who I should put first… it was when after I escape from my third abusive attack from thin man I thought I loved with all my heart did I realize while screaming for help out side on the street, had no one opened their door to help or look out their window to see if anything was all right. .. no! They didnt!.. I remembered a show off cops arresting a mother for leaving her child in the apartment with her abusive husband so she can escape from her attacker. .. I then ran back into my home knowing my child would not be harmed by her father.. but I would have to survive something fierce… therefor I put myself back in danger to secure my first born’s situation .. I finally with a struggle was able to call 911. The police came and arrested him and advised me to got to the hospital… my child was unharmed sound asleep in her crib.. I believe of I has stayed out side to wait for someone to help me and when the police came I would be put in jail along with her father and she too would be taken by cps. .. needless to say, it was only him that the police took.. because I went back into the hand of danger to protect myself and my child.. and her father (my ex husband ) served time in jail and a year in a program called Man Alive. He no longer abuses after that nor could he image he was in the place of mind. I can never forget that day of not knowing what to do while fear for everything race through my head, wishing and praying for help but terrified I would get the wrong help..

  • What a sick woman. God she needs help. And punishment. I wouldn’t put my dog in a duffle bag. I understand the strong pull, feel of a mother. She must make a choice. Now. Meth or her kid. My sister chose meth, I took her kids. Prayers to the granmom who stepped up. No one at a older age want’s to start over raising a child. I want to cuss…hate that shit!!! Checkout her before and after pics on fb. So sad. Prayers all around.🙏💖


  • The main thing in all this is the child’s safety.

  • But… a duffle bag? That was a conscious & physical act to put this tiny baby in a duffle bag & then endure even a whimper. I want to understand but a duffle bag just saddens me.

  • Red Head give us their story, thank you.

  • Family court take away children from *good* mothers ALL THE TIME. Maybe not in this case, but ALL THE TIME. “Justice”? Follow the money.

    “The main thing in all this is the child’s safety.”

    Yeah, who gives a shit about the mom…/s

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Mom is a victim of her own circumstances…..nuff logic for now….

    • No. They don’t.
      You have an odd definition of “good mother”

    • Nice try. You must have your head in the sand as well, or know people who’ve had their children taken away but only know the story they tell. California is called a mommy state for a reason. If you are not or have never been involved with CWS, then you really have no room to talk. Kids are pretty much never taken from a mother, for nothing. Especially in California. And when they are, it’s for good reason, and it doesn’t take much for them to get their children back. CWS doesn’t have the man power to care for/place all these kids in the system, so they do whatever it takes to AVOID taking them from parents. Even if that means continuous chances for the same offending mother.

  • Thanks to the folks who were paying attention to the amber alert,bless your heart you saved a baby from who knows what.and the cop who heard the cries.your awsome.Lets all hope the real story will help this family.god bless you all!

  • She could have been on her way to sell her baby for drugs. Treating her baby like a “thing” in a duffel bags speaks volumes. So glad the baby was found. Who know what horrible fate he could have been awaiting.

  • There are some pretty nice duffle bags on the market today. Most can protect your electronics, so a kid should be no problem, they tend to be more “bouncy”. People carry dogs around in purses and bags, is that abuse? Bag seems more comfortable than those huge plastic “kid totes” that move in and out of a vehicle. Most of the time the kid is completely covered in those as well. What about the pappoose style “kid totes”? Just a backpack turned the wrong way, and a much more reckless way to carry a kid. It shouldn’t really go around the front. Puts the wearer of balance. Creating a situation that in the event of a fall, almost ensures that you are smashing it grape style. Duffle bag sounds alright. Didn’t say it was pieces of a baby stuffed in a duffle bag. The most danger of injury probably occurred in the struggle initiated by law enforcement. And somewhere out there, I’m sure some kids quality of life would probably be raised a bit by sleeping in a duffle bag. I believe that’s where our outrage should be focused.

    • Haha, some might think you’re being sarcastic, but seriously… i was thinking the same thing. Obviously, if the duffle were some sort of airtight plastic that could smother the baby, that’s one thing… but a duffle bag with blankets and clothes, how is that different from a soft cloth sling? Some babies relax better when they can’t look around too… it’s like blinders on a horse.
      NOT to say that this mom isn’t crazy, and her motivation for the duffel bag wasn’t to avoid law enforcement, possibly with no concern for the safety and comfort of her baby–that is, she sounds crazy.
      I just think it’s funny the things people fixate on. NOT a certified plastic child protection carrying device? Wow, i used to put my babies in laundry baskets… when my mom was a baby they kept her in the oven as an incubator–open door, though… What about bottom bureau drawers? OK or not? If the bureau is screwed to the wall against earthquakes.

  • Thank goodness he was found, safe & sound.
    For my own peace of mind, I’ll presume the duffle bag was not zipped all the way closed. Don’t tell me different or I will be forced into CAP LOCKS. Fair warning.

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    What a cute little baby Blue Angels are watching over him from heaven.

  • Sorry, my crazy logic goes duffel bag? I’m judging. This mother should be nowhere near this baby. Duffel bag walking down highway = bad mom. Call me crazy

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