Collision This Morning on Redwood Drive Between Garberville and Redway

About 8:30 this morning two vehicles collided on Redwood Drive near the Caltrans’ yard. There were only minor injuries but the road was blocked for a short time. Luis Ruiz sent in this video of the aftermath. The area is still being cleaned up as of 9:30 so use caution in the area.

UPDATE: A witness says there were three vehicles involved: a blue Dodge truck, a black BMW and the silver car shown.



  • That intersection needs a southbound left turn lane or there will be many more accidents there..

  • Good idea all the equipment is right there!

  • Does anyone want to bet it was some idiot turning towards renner, (probably didn’t use blinker) and the person behind didn’t stop in time? I Have literally witnessed countless times someone ALMOST getting rear ended because of trying to turn into renner. One time in particular it, it was a big rig that almost rear ended someone. Dude in big rig slammed brakes and left some pretty nice skid marks. (Saw this a year or so ago)

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